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Open Interoperability Road Map Evolves

The organizations behind development of the Joint Task Force on Networked Media, also known as JT-NM, announced they have updated their road map to open interoperability.

The groups, which include the European Broadcasting Union, the Advanced Media Workflow Association, the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers and the Video Services Forum, are on record as endorsing open interoperability in professional networked media.

The JT-NM road map will evolve and be revised on occasion as standards and specifications evolve to make possible the JT-NM Reference Architecture, which will help to make possible the transition from SDI to IP in media.

More information on the road map is available here.

AES67: Two More Ships Set A Course For Interoperability

Two weeks ago in this space, I posted “AES67: Are Two Ships Passing In The Night?,” an interview with Aidan Williams, CTO of Audinate, regarding AES67 and the ramifications of having four separate system discovery options as part of the audio-over-IP standard.

The underlying issue, according to Williams, is that having different system discovery options can lead to problems for end users of AES67-enabled equipment because they expect it to be essentially plug-and-play.

As I wrote at the time:

Understand, Williams and Audinate have settled on one of the four discovery options specified in AES67 and would like to see the whole industry do the same. Other vendors selecting other discovery options undoubtedly would like to see the industry support their selections.

Not surprisingly, I have begun to receive other points of view on the topic. Today, I present the thoughts of Andreas Hildebrand, senior product manager at digital media technology at ALC NetworXand Kevin Gross, founder of AVA Networks, on system discovery and AES67.

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Alliance To Present Ways To Integrate AES67 At NAB

The Media Networking Alliance will conduct a presentation and product demo at the 2015 NAB Show on Sunday, April 12, to lay out ways to integrate the AES67 audio-over-IP protocol into products.

The 90-minute event, “Possible Ways to Integrate AES67 into Your Products,” will be conducted by alliance members ALC NetworX, Archwave Technologies, Lawo and The Telos Alliance.

Andreas Hildebrand, senior product manager ALC NetworX; Arie van den Broek, CEO Archwave Technologies; and Greg Shay, chief science officer of The Telos Alliance will deliver a presentation on the ways to integrate AES67 into products, and the lessons learned by other manufacturers who have done so.

There will also be a demonstration of AES67 interoperability featuring networked audio devices from various vendors, including ALC NetworX, Archwave AudioLAN uNET RAVENNA / AES67 modules, and Genelec IP-enabled speakers.

More information is available on the Media Networking Alliance website.