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AES67: Two More Ships Set A Course For Interoperability

Two weeks ago in this space, I posted “AES67: Are Two Ships Passing In The Night?,” an interview with Aidan Williams, CTO of Audinate, regarding AES67 and the ramifications of having four separate system discovery options as part of the audio-over-IP standard.

The underlying issue, according to Williams, is that having different system discovery options can lead to problems for end users of AES67-enabled equipment because they expect it to be essentially plug-and-play.

As I wrote at the time:

Understand, Williams and Audinate have settled on one of the four discovery options specified in AES67 and would like to see the whole industry do the same. Other vendors selecting other discovery options undoubtedly would like to see the industry support their selections.

Not surprisingly, I have begun to receive other points of view on the topic. Today, I present the thoughts of Andreas Hildebrand, senior product manager at digital media technology at ALC NetworXand Kevin Gross, founder of AVA Networks, on system discovery and AES67.

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MNA To Host AES67 Panel At InfoCOMM15

The Media Networking Alliance will hold a panel discussion Thursday, June 18, at InfoComm15 in Orlando, Fla., on the new AES67 audio-over-IP standard.

Entitled “How is AES67 going to change our industry?” the panel will be moderated by Rich Zwiebel, VP of systems strategy at QSC and chair of the alliance.

Other panelists will include:

  • Johan Wadsten, software product manager, Merging Technologies
  • Phil Wagner, president of Focusrite Novation
  • Ethan Wetzell, platform strategist and Bosch Communications Systems
  • Andreas Hildebrand, senior product manager for Ravenna technology.

Click to learn more about InfoComm15.