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Canal 13 Selects Blackmagic URSA For Telenovelas

Canal 13, one of Chile’s oldest television stations, has upgraded its broadcast cameras to Blackmagic Design URSA Mini 4K digital film cameras, the company said today.

The broadcaster is using the cameras along with Blackmagic 3G-SDI Arduino Shield camera control to shoot its popular telenovelas.

The Chilean broadcaster also is using DaVinci Resolve Studio to edit and color grade and Teranex 2D Processor for standards conversion, the company said.

More information is available on the Blackmagic Design website.

F&F Productions Rolls Out 4K-UHD OB Vehicle

F&F Productions has acquired 17 Fujinon 4K UHD lenses from for its Sony HDC-4300 4K camera system used on its GTX-18 4K HDR mobile unit, the latest in the company’s fleet, Fujifilm announced this week.

The new lenses onboard the vehicle will include:

  • Eight UA107x8.4BESM 4K studio lenses
  • Five UA18x5.5BERD 4K portable zooms
  • Three UA14x4.5BERD 4K portable zooms
  • One UA22x8BERD 4K portable lenses

The mobile unit can produce 4K-HDR, 1080p-HDR, 1080p, 1080i and 720p. According to George Orgera, president-CEO of F&F Productions, it is important for the signal to remain native 4K UHD throughout acquisition and distribution process.

F&F Productions unveiled the new vehicle to clients during an open house July 26 at the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif.

More information on F&F Productions is available on its website.

More information on the Fujinon lenses is available on the Fujifilm website.

Immersive Audio Plays Role In ATSC 3.0 South Korean Launch

South Korea launched 4K UHD TV using the ATSC 3.0 next-gen TV standard as a 24/7 over-the-air broadcast service on May 31.

A contact at Fraunhofer passed along a blog the company has written about the event that is informative. The piece, “South Korea Launches UHD TV With MPEG-H Audio,” focuses on the immersive audio system, which is understandable because that’s what Fraunhofer brings to the table as relates to ATSC 3.0.

The ATSC 3.0 standard allows regions -in this case a country- to select between MPEG-H and Dolby’s AC-4 audio system for next-gen TV. In the United States, the decision has been made to use AC-4.

However, the blog is an interesting read for broadcasters, regardless of where they are located.

Fox Sports South Deploys 4K, HD PTZ Cameras

From high atop One Ballpark Center, a Panasonic UB300 4K outdoor PTZ camera captures a unique view of the home of the Atlanta Braves at SunTrust Park.

Coverage of home games of the Atlanta Braves this season on Fox Sports South has a noticeable addition: beauty shots throughout The Battery Atlanta at SunTrust Park from new 4K and HD cameras strategically positioned around the facility, according to Panasonic.

The cameras include the Panasonic AK-UB300 4K box camera, the AW-HR140 outdoor PTZ and AW-HE130 integrated PTZ.

“We required an outdoor PTZ camera to mount on the roof of One Ballpark Center, an office building located just outside of right field. This camera has a unique vantage point of the inside of the ballpark, the Braves LIVE! set and other areas of The Battery Atlanta,” said Fox Sports South chief engineer Christopher Benton.

“It would need to capture superior quality images and also have a very large, image-stabilized lens. Our selection was the UB300 multi-purpose 4K capable box camera paired with a Fujinon HA42x13.5BERD super telephoto lens mounted in the AW-PH650 outdoor housing,” he said.

The idea for the cameras at The Battery Atlanta, a new mixed-use development adjacent to SunTrust Park which is owned by the Braves, came after Fox Sports South SVP-GM Jeff Genthner visited Ballpark Village outside of Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Panasonic said.

FoxX Sports South added the AW-HR140 outdoor PTZ camera on a rooftop with a view of the Battery Plaza where FOX Sports South’s Braves LIVE! set is located. The camera is a prototype. When it becomes available as a production model this summer two more will be added to cover the bullpens.

The sports broadcaster added the AW-HE130 as an in-game booth camera.

More information is available on the Panasonic website.

Viaccess-Orca, ContentArmor Partner On UHD, 4K Content Protection

Viaccess-Orca, a provider of content protection and enhancement services, and media watermarking technologies provider ContentArmor today announced a partnership aimed at strengthening protection of UHD and 4K premium content, according to Viaccess-Orca.

The ContentArmor watermark technology has been integrated into the full range of Viaccess-Orca’s Sentinel content protection solutions, including hybrid card/cardless CAS and proprietary DRM products for multiscreen TV, the company said.

More information is available from Viaccess-Orca.

Panasonic 4K VariCam LT Hits The Hardwood

Malka Media is using Panasonic VariCam LT 4K camcorders for a new series on high school basketball coach Bob Hurley.

Malka Media in Hoboken, N.J., is shooting an episodic digital series for Showtime on Jersey City’s St. Anthony High School and its basketball coach Bob Hurley with Panasonic VariCam LT 4K cinema camcorders, the company announced today.

Called Legacy: Bob Hurley, the series with a new weekly episode for six weeks will begin Feb. 20 and be available via Sho.com and the Showtime Sports YouTube channel (@shosports).

While the show will be presented in HD, it is being shot in 4K because series director and Malka Media CEO Louis Krubich envisions putting together subsequent documentaries, the press release said.

More information is available on the Panasonic website.

Seoul Broadcasting System Goes On-Air In ATSC 3.0

Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) aired its first UHD TV broadcast in December 2016, introducing ATSC 3.0 to the peninsula in preparation to meet the nation’s commitment to telecast the 2018 Winter Olympics from Pyeongchang, South Korea, in 4K, Rohde & Schwarz announced today.

The over-the-air broadcast of a world cup short track speed skating race was transmitted with a Rohde & Schwarz liquid-cooled R&S THU9 transmitter system located on Gwanaksan Mountain south of Seoul, the company said in a press release.

It was the broadcaster’s first transmitter to go on air using the ATSC 3.0 standard. A nationwide network will be expanded with sites on Namsan, Yongmun and Gwanggyosan Mountains, Rohde & Schwarz said.

In August 2016, SBS decided to deploy an SFN-based ATSC 3.0 transmitter network using technology from Rohde & Schwarz with a 1+1 passive standby configuration.



Vista To Build 4K, IP-based Studios

Vista Studios a start-up broadcast and production studio in Playa Vista, Calif., west of Los Angeles has selected SAM (Snell Advanced Media) for the new state-of-the-art 4K, IP-based studio it is building, SAM announced today.

The new studio will house four production stages and four production control rooms and will offer conversion services, routing, camera recording, editing and playout origination.

The SAM 4K and IP technology at the core of the new facility includes:

  • Sirius 850 multi-format router and IQ modular equipment
  • Kahuna 9600 production switcher
  • Morpheus and Momentum automation
  • ICE channel-in-a-box
  • Alchemist XF format and frame-rate conversion software

More information is available on the SAM website.


Exclamation Propels TNDV Into Big Truck Market

TNDV selected monitors for Exclamation from Flanders-Scientific and Boland Communications after holding a monitor shootout.

TNDV selected monitors for Exclamation from Flanders-Scientific and Boland Communications after holding a monitor shootout.

TNDV, the Nashville, Tenn.-based mobile production facilities provider, is known among the sports and entertainment TV communities as a go-to source for remote productions where six or fewer cameras are needed, says Nic Dugger, owner and president of the company.

Since May, however, when the company hit the road with Exclamation, its latest mobile production vehicle, that notion has been changing.

“We’ve been in business for 13 years now and have the reputation of being the small truck guys, which is not a bad thing,” says Dugger.

But TNDV has been hearing from clients for the past couple of years that they would like to give Dugger’s company more production assignments, if only he had a larger mobile facility.

“I said, ‘OK, you want big. Let’s go big.’ ”

Exclamation, the company’s eighth vehicle, is a 53-foot, double-expando Class A truck built for native 1080p and 4K production.

Exclamation, a double-expando, is big enough for 30 production people.

Exclamation, a double-expando, is big enough for 30 production people.

The expansion feature allows one complete side of the truck to be pulled out, making way for a hallway that otherwise would eat into the space available for production.

It also enables the eight-foot-wide monitor wall in the production control room to be expanded outward by 24 inches.

The net result is Exclamation has enough room for 30 people, 15 of whom can be seated in the production control area.

But size is only part of the Exclamation story, says Dugger.

Another noteworthy aspect is the unit’s support for 3G 1080p production, including signal routing, switching, graphics and monitoring.

That’s largely a function of TNDV’s client mix, says Dugger. About 60% of the time, the company provides facilities for entertainment production.

Frequently, those multi-camera shoots go to post production before being aired.

“We find that when we are shooting an event that is not necessarily live — a music special in particular — that clients prefer the progressive option, particularly with the 24p option,” he says.

“They prefer that higher resolution and greater color space in post production,” he says. “It allows them to do more color correction, and with the 24p option we can match some of their more cinematic footage.”

Exclamation is equipped with Hitachi SK-HD1300 camera systems. It can support up to 20 cameras.

For the relatively small number of clients needing 4K-UHD, the truck can easily be configured for quad-link signal transport and production.

TNDV chose quad link HD-SDI baseband signal transport and production technology rather than IP because “that’s what’s out there,” says Dugger.

“I can buy a camera; I can buy a recorder; pass it through our Grass [Valley] switcher today,” he says.

“The IP alternative is clearly where the industry is going. It’s just not there yet. If we were designing a truck for two years from now, this might be a different conversation.”

Exclamation’s 4K complement of equipment includes a Grass Valley Kayenne 4K-ready switcher and AJA Video Ki Pro recorders.

The truck’s routing backbone is based on a 512×512 Imagine Communications Platinum video router and a PESA audio router with support for 128×128 analog I/Os, 128×128 digital I/Os, and up to four MADI streams.

The Platinum router includes four Imagine HView modules and 12 quad split cards, for a total of 24 multiviewer outputs.

Production monitoring is done with 25-inch Flanders-Scientific monitors and 42-, 49- and 55-inch Boland Communications OLED production monitors with true 3G inputs.

TNDV selected Flanders-Scientific and Boland Communications monitors after holding a monitor shoot out involving multiple vendors at its headquarters, says Dugger.

Exclamation is equipped with a Studer Vista X Series console.

Exclamation is equipped with a Studer Vista X Series console.

Being based in Nashville, TNDV is frequently called upon to provide production facilities for music awards  and entertainment shows as well as music videos, so a special emphasis was placed on Exclamation’s audio setup.

“It’s everything a Nashville recording studio would have on wheels,” he says.

A Studer Vista X Series console with 128 inputs and an onboard DSP that can boost the number of inputs to more than 300 is the centerpiece of the audio room, which is big enough to hold five audio engineers, says Dugger.

Everything is wired for 5.1 and 7.2 Surround Sound, and audio monitoring is done with top-of-the-line JBL monitors, says Dugger. An RTS ADAM intercom matrix facilitates communications among production personnel.

Exclamation rolls out into a production world in flux. For TNDV’s clients, 3G 1080p HD and live HD for 1080i distribution are the mainstays, but 4K is growing in importance.

Designing a truck to meet these varied requirements wasn’t difficult for Dugger because he was guided by an underlying approach he’s taken since the beginning of his company 13 years ago.

“My philosophy going into to it is prepare for today with the best options out there –the highest quality people are asking for today– and currently for us that’s 1080p.

“But don’t be foolish and think it’s not going to change,” he says.

More information is available on the TNDV website.

Turner Esporte Interativo Trials 4K Contribution

Brazilian sports channel Turner Esporte Interativo has deployed ATEME Kyrion encoders and decoders to feed a new national video headend in São Paulo, the company said today.

As a first trial, Turner is using the solution to receive a major European soccer tournament in 4K-UHD from the International Broadcast Center in France, it said.

Based on the ATEME fifth-generation STREAM compression engine, the Kyrion encoder and decoder provides baseband video quality at minimum bitrates. This solution has been designed for contribution over satellite and IP networks.

To learn more, visit the ATEME website.