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Octopus Newsroom Partners With Traco Systems

Octopus Newsroom has partnered with software developer and system integrator Traco Systems to introduce the Traco Media Bridge plug-in to allow users of its NRCS to browse and deploy content for Avid Interplay using a drag-and-drop graphic display, the company said today.

Media Bridge offers Octopus-based newsrooms an optimized video production workflow. It supports the creation of story-specific placeholders to allow content like video to be added directly to a selected story.

More information is available on the Octopus Newsroom website.

PMI-TV Replaces Video Servers With CloudNine

PMI-TV in Pittsburgh has replaced its video server system with new NVerzion CloudNine broadcast video servers, the company announced today.

The syndicated TV distribution company decided to replace its video servers when the maker of its existing severs discontinued support, NVerzion said.

One requirement of the new installation was to work with its existing automation system, which NVerzion engineers were able to deliver without interrupting the PMI-TV workflow.

More information is available on the NVerzion website.

Ooyala White Paper Examines The Integrated Video Platform

What are IVPs, and what role will they play in the future of video production workflow?

Those are among the questions Ooyala has set out to answer in its new “IVPs are the Future: Workflow Control” white paper.

An IVP, or integrated video platform, is a new data-driven approach to video production and delivery, according to the company.

IVPs leverage data sets and metadata to orchestrate workflows, reduce labor and publish to various screens. The goal is to boost profits, Ooyala says.

To access the white paper, visit the Ooyala webpage set up for the download. Registration is required.

Intercom Mobility, Standards Trend Over Past Year, Says Browne

Simon Browne.

When it comes to intercoms for use in television production, the ability to move from fixed positions while doing video and audio production work and the development of audio-over-IP standards are the two most important trends over the past year, says Simon Browne, director of product management at Clear-Com.

“Some of that is being solved by conventional belt pack wireless, and some of it is being addressed in a less conventional manner using smartphones,” he says.

Growing reliance on the ability to be mobile with intercom communications reflects changes in production workflow, says Browne.

“More people involved with productions are doing different things, and I think today’s intercom capabilities are enabling that kind of flow,” he says.

The other major development is growing interest among intercom users in interoperability of systems between vendors.

“I think there is a lot of interest,” he says. “You are seeing it in things like AIMS [the Alliance for IP Media Solutions], and the fact that Dante has become pretty much an established audio standard for interoperability.”

“It’s now supplanting MADI, which was the previous technology for establishing an audio link to intercom consoles,” he says.

But what about AES67? Isn’t that the audio standard enabling AoIP interoperability?

Actually, that’s one of the reasons Clear-Com jumped on the Dante bandwagon.

“Once they [Audinate, the company responsible for Dante,] committed themselves to AES67 compatibility it closed the deal for us because we are keen on AES67,” says Browne.

AES67 is “the likely glue” between Clear-Com’s products and other audio-only and audio-video devices, he adds.


WTAT Streamlines Closed Captioning Workflow

WTAT in Charleston, S.C., has streamlined its closed captioning workflow with the addition of ENCO’s enCaption3R3.

WTAT, the Fox affiliate in Charleston, S.C., has accelerated its closed captioning workflow and improved accuracy after adopting ENCO’s software-defined enCaption3R3 system, the company said is a press release today.


The station broadcasts 21 hours of live local newscasts every week. The news schedule also includes FOX 24 News Now, a newly launched live news-lifestyle-entertainment show.


The enCaption3R3 speech-to-text closed captioning engine accurately converts the spoken word into text in near-real-time, the company said. The station sends the audio of its live news program to the enCaption3R3 for processing, and feeds the closed captioning data to an HD/SD-SDI encoder. That encoder embeds the captions into the vertical ancillary portion of the SMPTE 292M HD-SDI video stream for live broadcast, the press release said.


More information is available on the ENCO website.


Dalet To Present Latest UNO Innovations At NewsTechForum 2016

Dalet will present the latest innovations in its Unified News Operations next week at TVNewsCheck’s NewsTechForum 2016 in New York City, Dec. 12-13, the company announced today.

Unified News Operations, or UNO, combines traditional news production and distribution functions in a scalable, comprehensive solution designed for flexibility and agility, the company said.

Broadcasters around the world have deployed UNO, Dalet said. The news solution lets broadcasters rethink how they work and to deploy new collaboration models. With UNO, data-driven news strategies are easier to employ and response times to fast-changing audience viewing habits decrease.

Dalet counts Euronews, NBC O&Os, Time Warner Cable’s NY1 news channel in New York City, Russia Today, Metro TV in Indonesian and the Record News regional stations in Brazil among the broadcasters that have deployed UNO.

Dalet, the title sponsor of NewsTechForum, will discuss the latest UNO innovations at event’s opening session, “Imagining the Newsroom of the Future,” on Dec. 12.

More information is available on the company’s website. For more info on NewsTechForum, click here.

Beach House Pictures Upgrades Workflow

Singapore-based Beach House Pictures has eliminated its content silos, bringing continuity across media production workflow, with a new media asset management, shared storage and tape-based archiving from EditShare, the company has announced.

Beach House Pictures, which produces series such as the David Attenborough-narrated Wild City, has added the EditShare Flow MAM, 235TB EditShare EFS XStream shared storage and EditShare Ark tape-based archiving.

The facility replaced its existing attached storage units with MAM-enabled tiered storage environment giving it a media infrastructure and control layer that supports production and post activities from ingest to archive.

More information is available on the EditShare website.

M&A, Strategic Investment, Collaboration Abound at IBC 2016

IBC Welcome Pic

Collaboration and recombinations are taking many forms at IBC 2016.

IBC 2016 has seen the announcement of several interesting investments, acquisitions and strategic partnerships by vendors eager to improve their existing offerings, attack new markets or do a little of both.

Among the announcements:

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NYC-based Chinese-Language Broadcaster Selects Octopus

Tang Dynasty Television in New York City has chosen OCTOPUS for its newsroom system and the OCTOPUS App for reporters int he field.

New Tang Dynasty Television in New York City has chosen OCTOPUS for its newsroom system and the OCTOPUS App for reporters in the field.

TV and online journalists at a 24/7 Chinese-language news broadcaster based in New York City will begin using the Octopus newsroom system.

The newsroom system project at New Tang Dynasty Television includes many Octopus app licenses, the company says.

The app will give the broadcaster’s journalists in the field access to all wires, rundowns and assignments via their iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

Journalists also can file from the field, edit stories and preview teleprompter text with the app.

“Using the Octopus app, we can send assignment notifications to specific television reporters,” said New Tang Dynasty TV Chief Engineer Russ Siew.

“They in turn can use their mobile phone or tablet to capture audio and video content and then edit stories in the field. They can then submit stories for approval complete with stills, full motion video and sound.”

More information is available on the Octopus website.

WTIU Updates Automation, Storage Management

WTIU, the Indianapolis PBS station owned and operated by Indiana University, has installed a complete NVerzion automation and storage management solution to streamline operations.

The station is relying on NVerzion’s Component Level Automation System Solutions (CLASS) platform to control its entire file-based workflow, from recording to scheduling, playback and non-real-time (NRT) delivery..

“WTIU airs programming on four digital channels 24 hours a day, in addition to producing local, regional, and national programs,” said George Hopstetter, station director of operations and engineering.

The station’s previous automation system had reached the end of life, and WTIU was looking for a replacement that would support “legacy third-party equipment with minimal complexity,” he said.

WTIU’s  CLASS solution consists of a variety of hardware and software components, including:

  • NControl on-air playlists
  • NGest dubbing and recording software
  • NPoint  video preparation software and media events capabilities
  • NBase SQL media database manager
  • NView database viewer
  • NCommand machine status and control
  • NConvert traffic interface
  • NTime time-driven event scheduling
  • NGenius and XPansion storage management solutions
  • Ethernet Machine Control (EMC)
  • CPIM creative protocol interface module for XML traffic communications