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TSL Products Names Eric Olsson Regional Sales Director

Eric Olsson.

TSL Products has appointed Eric Olsson its director of sales, Western North America.

Olsson will be responsible for key customer accounts and partners across the West Coast of North America,  TSL Products said.

Prior to joining TSL Products, Olsson worked in sales management and engineering at Telemetrics, Telecast Fiber Systems and Grass Valley. Olsson will report to Karlie Miles, worldwide sales director at TSL Products.

TSL Products specializes in audio monitoring, surround microphones and processors, broadcast control systems and power management tools.

More information is available on the company’s website.

Audinate Releases Dante Firmware Update

Audinate has released a major update of Dante firmware, version 4.0, for Brooklyn II Dante modules.

The new firmware provides support for Dante Domain Manager (DDM), performance improvements and bug fixes, the company said.

The firmware release allows manufacturers to provide field upgrades for products they have already launched so they can fully participate in Dante Domains.

More information is available on the Audinate website.

Tom Menrath Joins ASG

Tom Menrath.

Audio industry veteran Tom Menrath this week joined Advanced Systems Group, the company announced today.


Menrath will work on the audio aspect of ASG’s video-centric projects and provide key account support, the company said.


Before joining ASG, Menrath was managing director of Cutting Edge Audio & Video Group. Prior to that, he spent nearly five years with Vintage King Audio as director of strategic development.


Menrath may be reached at 510-654-8300 or [email protected].

Immersive Audio Plays Role In ATSC 3.0 South Korean Launch

South Korea launched 4K UHD TV using the ATSC 3.0 next-gen TV standard as a 24/7 over-the-air broadcast service on May 31.

A contact at Fraunhofer passed along a blog the company has written about the event that is informative. The piece, “South Korea Launches UHD TV With MPEG-H Audio,” focuses on the immersive audio system, which is understandable because that’s what Fraunhofer brings to the table as relates to ATSC 3.0.

The ATSC 3.0 standard allows regions -in this case a country- to select between MPEG-H and Dolby’s AC-4 audio system for next-gen TV. In the United States, the decision has been made to use AC-4.

However, the blog is an interesting read for broadcasters, regardless of where they are located.

Al Jazeera Adds Loudness Management Tech

Al Jazeera head of transmission Imad Naef Ninaah (right) and Ibrahim Alawin, supervisor of transmission, in a central apparatus room inspect the news network’s new Jünger Audio D*AP8 audio processors.

Al Jazeera has chosen Jünger Audio’s loudness management technology to control and regulate audio across four of its main television channels in its new central TX area constructed as part of the Al Jazeera Workplace Transformation Project (AJWT) in Doha, Qatar.

The international news organization has installed 10 D*AP8 Slim Line Digital Audio Processors in the TX area, which has five transmission booths — one each for the Al Jazeera Arabic, Al Jazeera Mubashir, Al Jazeera English and Al Jazeera Documentary channels as well as a spare.

Located in a central apparatus room, the audio processors are controls via a Jünger Audio X*AP RM1 remote control panel, the company said.

The eight-channel D*AP8 enable adaptable digital audio processing and a choice of I/O formats, including AES, SDI, MADI, Dante and analog, the company said. Various audio procession options, including loudness management, are available on the unit.

Al Jazeera respects the laws of various counties and regions related to loudness, which is particularly important given its reach into many different countries via satellite, the company said.

More information is available on the Jünger Audio website.

Details Surface On 3.0 Audio Watermark Test

More information emerged today on an over-the-air test being conducted by broadcasters of ATSC 3.0 audio watermarking technology as first reported by TVNewsCheck on Feb. 9 (3.0 Watermark Test Is Foundation For Future).

The Pearl TV business alliance of eight major broadcast groups; Fox; NBC’s WVIT Hartford, Conn.; Univision; and Verance are working together on a test of the software company’s audio watermark as part of their existing ATSC 1.0 transmissions. The 3.0 audio watermark is compatible with ATSC A/53 DTV.

In 3.0, it will enable “the foundational data protocol that triggers … interactivity, personalization and even advanced emergency alerting” on ATSC 3.0 receivers, said a release jointly issued by the parties involved in the test.

“One of the great benefits of next-generation broadcast TV will be the ability to customize content and merge the capability of the Internet with broadcast programming,” said Pearl TV Managing Director Anne Schelle.

Viewers in Phoenix; Orlando, Fla.; Montgomery, Ala., and Hartford, Conn., currently are receiving the audio watermark as part of the test, she said.

Broadcasters involved in the testing will evaluate how the watermark is being deployed, examine how it is retained from transmitter to receiver and look for other pieces of information that the test may reveal, Schelle added.

“The Verance solution activates broadband capabilities on broadcast content, providing viewers with advanced features uniformly across devices and platforms,” said Verance CEO Nil Shah.

Intercom Mobility, Standards Trend Over Past Year, Says Browne

Simon Browne.

When it comes to intercoms for use in television production, the ability to move from fixed positions while doing video and audio production work and the development of audio-over-IP standards are the two most important trends over the past year, says Simon Browne, director of product management at Clear-Com.

“Some of that is being solved by conventional belt pack wireless, and some of it is being addressed in a less conventional manner using smartphones,” he says.

Growing reliance on the ability to be mobile with intercom communications reflects changes in production workflow, says Browne.

“More people involved with productions are doing different things, and I think today’s intercom capabilities are enabling that kind of flow,” he says.

The other major development is growing interest among intercom users in interoperability of systems between vendors.

“I think there is a lot of interest,” he says. “You are seeing it in things like AIMS [the Alliance for IP Media Solutions], and the fact that Dante has become pretty much an established audio standard for interoperability.”

“It’s now supplanting MADI, which was the previous technology for establishing an audio link to intercom consoles,” he says.

But what about AES67? Isn’t that the audio standard enabling AoIP interoperability?

Actually, that’s one of the reasons Clear-Com jumped on the Dante bandwagon.

“Once they [Audinate, the company responsible for Dante,] committed themselves to AES67 compatibility it closed the deal for us because we are keen on AES67,” says Browne.

AES67 is “the likely glue” between Clear-Com’s products and other audio-only and audio-video devices, he adds.


Stephen Brownsill Joins TSL Products

Stephen Brownsill has joined TSL Products as audio product manager, the company said today.

Brownsill, who will report to Mark Davies, director of product technology, has been given responsibility for product definition and direction for the flagship audio monitoring range.

Prior to joining TSL Products, Brownsill was solutions architect, production, at Grass Valley. He comes to TSL Products with nearly 30 years of broadcast experience.

Wheatstone Appoints SCMS As Exclusive U.S. Distributor for PR&E

Wheatstone has appointed Southern Coastal Marketing Services (SCMS) as its exclusive distributor in the United States for the Pacific Research & Engineering (PR&E) brand, including its audio consoles and networking gear, the company announced today.

A week ago, Wheatstone acquired PR&E assets and intellectual property from GatesAir. SCMS was one of Wheatstone’s dealers in the company’s early days as a console manufacture. One of Wheatstone’s goals with the PR&E acquisition is to restore the PR&E console brand under its umbrella.

More information is available on the company’s website.

Wheatstone Acquires PR&E Assets From GatesAir

Audio console and IP-audio networking specialist Wheatstone today announce it has acquired the assets and intellectual property of Pacific Research & Engineering (PR&E) from GatesAir of Quincy, Ill.

Included in the transaction are PR&E audio consoles, its networking system, furniture lines, all designs, trademarks, engineering files and tooling, Wheatstone said.

“Our intention is to not only restore the PR&E brand, but to grow it and give existing as well as new customers the mobility to easily transition to IP networking,” said Wheatstone CEO Gary Snow in a press release.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.