GatesAir To Assist WTTW In Repack With Transmitter, Planning

GatesAir is providing a Maxiva ULXTE high-efficiency, liquid-cooled UHF TV transmitter to WTTW for its move to ch. 25 as part of the FCC TV spectrum repack.

WTTW, the primary PBS member station in Chicago, has chosen GatesAir to meet its FCC TV spectrum repack requirements, the company announced today.

The station will use a GatesAir Maxiva ULXTE high-efficiency, liquid-cooled UHF TV transmitter in preparation for its move from UHF ch. 47 to ch. 25, the company said.

Owned by Window to the World Communications, WTTW carries PBS on its main channel, with WTTW Prime, Create/World and PBS Kids on its secondary channels.

The FCC has assigned the station to Phase 6 of the repack. As such it must relocate by Oct. 18, 2019.

GatesAir has provided a range of technical service to assist the station in its transition, including transmitter evaluation. It also has provided a full transition plan for WTTW, including replacement, installation and commission.

More information is available on the GatesAir website.

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