Klover MiK Parabolic Microphones Are Not Only for Sports, but News Too

After running a small article recently about a parabolic microphone, I was surprised to get a note from Paul Terpstra of Klover Products in Janesville, Wisconsin about his company’s product. I had no idea there was so much competition in this narrow space.

Paul’s product is the Klover MiK, a parabolic mic system that has been used for the past two years  in many broadcasts by Fox Sports. The 26-inch diameter version is the standard size that has long been used for sports broadcasting. It picks up normal level conversations up to 500 feet away. It is also available in a “Lite” version, which reduces the total weight of the unit.Mics

A smaller 16-inch version is great for more confined spaces where less reach is required. With this model, conversations can be picked up 200 feet away. It has been used for events like the World Series.

What’s unique, though, is the latest model, which is only nine inches in diameter. Its size is small enough to be mounted on top of a video camera or concealed in a corner.

KM-09-Square-200x200The small model allows customers to use the lavaliere microphone they already own. Its performance is comparable to a high-end shotgun microphone. Because the lavaliere is located within the parabolic dish, it tends to be more wind resistant. While it has a wide range of applications, this system is especially well suited for EFP and TV news applications.

Terpstra said the Klover MiK mics differ from those of competitors because they are designed to break apart upon impact much like a modern car is designed to crush in order to absorb the impact and protect the occupants.

“Our handles and microphone support yoke are constructed of carbon fiber, not only because of its light weight, but because when it reaches its breaking point it fails catastrophically – it basically crumbles,” he said. “Metal bars or PVC pipe can cause serious injury to not only the operator, but also the athlete that ran over the operator.”

Also, he said his parabolic systems have a provision for mounting the required hardware such as in-line amplifiers or the transmitter and receiver that are often used in sports broadcasting.

The Klover Mik 26 and the 26 Lite are priced at $2,250. The Mik 16 is $1,450, and the Mik 09 is $450. There is also a complete line of accessories.

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