SlingPlayer 3.0 Now Available On Roku, Windows 8.1

SlingPlayer 3.0 Now Available On Roku, Windows 8.1The latest version of SlingPlayer brings a new application to Roku boxes and mobile devices running Windows 8.1.

SlingPlayer 3.0 is available on Roku devices starting today. Updated versions for iOS and Android are also for download today. The Windows 8.1 app is expected to be available sometime in December.

“With SlingPlayer 3.0, we’re giving customers the tools they need to turn traditional prime time into Prime Time Social Time,” Michael Hawkey, VP, GM of Sling Media, said in a statement. “Our customers have been asking for Roku support and a Windows 8.1 app. We’re pleased to deliver the Roku channel today and the Windows 8.1 app in the very near future.”

Being able to run SlingPlayer on a Roku box will satisfy consumers looking to enjoy their cable subscription on another TV that doesn’t have a cable box hooked up to it. To make it work, users will have to fire up their smartphone or tablet that’s running SlingPlayer Mobile and send that video the TV via the Roku Player, similar to Apple’s AirPlay technology. (Apple TV currently doesn’t support SlingPlayer.)

Outside of the home, college students could take advantage of a parent’s cable subscription while at school by hooking up a Roku box to their TV. Cabins or second homes, where you don’t want to pay for cable TV, are also good uses of the new feature.

“This partnership with Sling Media will bring even more value to Roku customers by giving them additional ways to enjoy live or recorded TV on their Roku players,” Ed Reed, VP content acquisition said in a statement.

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