WPVI Philly Testing Augmented Reality For Parade

WPVI Philly Testing Augmented Reality For Parade

WPVI Philadelphia is bringing some eye-popping life to the second screen.

In the coming weeks, the ABC O&O will start promotions for its Virtual View — an augmented reality experience that will make its debut at the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade. The station hopes the technical enhancement to the broadcast will help draw in more viewers.

To take advantage of Virtual View, viewers need to download the app Junaio, which is available for iOS and Android. Throughout the Thanksgiving day broadcast, when a viewer holds a camera-ready smartphone or tablet running the app up to the TV, the app will scan and pick up a special graphic on-screen and then delivers some sort of 3D element.

To get a better idea of what the app and station are capable of delivering, visit 6abc.com/virtualview and hold your device running the app up to your computer screen. You should see WPVI’s mascot, Mr. Six, as shown in the photo above. The station plans to give a few sneak peeks of how it works during newscasts leading up to the parade.

Mike Monsell, VP and director of creative services at WPVI, says the station will evaluate the use of the app following the Thanksgiving Day Parade and see where else it could be used.

“Based on our testing so far, we think this has some far-reaching applications,” he says. “It’s not 3D television, but it is a 3D experience, and a lot of folks have a 3D TV appetite.”

The Franklin Institute museum in Philadelphia is sponsoring the augmented reality experience.

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