With Ford E-350 Out, Check Out These ENG Vehicles

If you haven’t heard, Ford is discontinuing its iconic E-350 van — a vehicle that, at one point, accounted for 95% of the ENG trucks on the road. On TVNewsCheck today, there’s a full report about what impact the E-350’s departure will play on the broadcasting industry, and what other options are out there for similar vehicles.

I mentioned three options in that report, The Chevrolet Horizon HD-3500, Nissan NV and Ford’s next-generation truck, the Transit (not to be confused with the Transit Connect). Here on Playout, I want to give some additional specs and photos of those vehicles.

Chevrolet Horizon HD-3500

Chevy 3500HD

Chevy Interior• Base Price: $31,900-$36,000

• Engine: Vortec 6.0L FlexFuel8 V8 (Has 6.6L Turbo Diesel option)

• Payload: Available up to 4,372 lbs.

• Horsepower: 324 (260 on diesel)

• Torque: 373 lb.-ft. (525 lb.-ft. on diesel)

Nissan NV 3500 HD S/SV

Nissan NV-ENG

Nissan Interior• Base Price: $31,990-$34,190

• Engine: 5.6L DOHC V8

• Payload:  Available up to 2,590 lbs.

• Horsepower: 317

• Torque: 385 lb.-ft.

Ford Transit (Coming in 2014)

(Artist Rendering)

(Artist Rendering)

Ford Interior• Base Price: N/A

• Engine: 3.7L EcoBoost V6 (With 3.5L gas and 3.2L diesel options)

• Payload: Available up to 4,650 lbs.

• Horsepower: N/A

• Torque: N/A

Additional ENG Vehicle Options

As TV stations rely more on transmission technology like bonded cellular and Ka-band satellite, there is less need for microwave and the 42-foot mast that needs to be installed on an ENG vehicle.

Here are some vehicles that stations are using today:

Subaru Forester

Many ENG vehicle manufacturers told me the Forester is becoming a very popular model. It’s easy to drive, has all-wheel drive and when equipped with a METS system, there’s no need for a generator to power your equipment.

ENG Subaru



Mercedes Sprinter

The Sprinter is another model that truck manufacturers are saying is gaining market share in the news industry. Being that it’s made by Mercedes, it is more expensive, but it’s taller, making working inside a bit easier, while maintaining the same footprint as the Ford E-350.

Mercedes Sprinter


Sprinter Inside

And, of course, who can forget this beauty of an ENG truck?

Photo Credits: Frontline Communications & Accelerated Media Technologies

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