Raycom Deploys LiveU Bonded Cellular Across Group

Raycom Deploys LiveU Bonded Cellular Across Group

Raycom Media has deployed LiveU bonded cellular products across its entire group, including LU70 backpacks and the LU-Smart app for smartphones.

David Burke, Raycom CIO, says he tested all of LiveU’s competitors in the bonded cellular space, weighing each device against a matrix of decision criteria.

“LiveU by far scored the highest in our weighted criteria,” Burke said in a statement. “Some of the key differentiation points included LiveU’s proprietary antenna arrays that we found offered more consistency in tough areas, the company’s devices are well-built and easy to carry; and the cellular modems are encased and protected inside.”

Burke said he was also surprised by how much stations were using LiveU’s smartphone app, which lets reporters in the field fire up an app from their device and go live immediately.

“At first, we viewed the iPhone app as an added bonus, a secondary option to literally have in our back pocket if needed,” he said. “After a few months of deployment, it turns out we use LU-Smart much more than we ever imagined.”

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