Myers Live Log Lets Operators Adjust Logs In Playlist

Myers Live Log Lets Operators Adjust Logs In PlaylistTraffic and billing software maker Myers has a new product that aims to make spot adjustments on the fly significantly easier.

This week, the company, whose customers include a majority of PBS stations and several low power television stations, introduced Live Log, a solution that lets traffic personnel make changes after logs go into automation.

Traditionally, a master control operator needs to make changes manually in the automation if something pops up, like an advertiser coming in last minute and needing to place an unexpected spot.┬áLive Log enables a person from traffic to adjust the log while it’s in play.

The solution takes advantage of BXF 1.0 and 2.0 protocols, but shouldn’t be confused with recent work around BXF 3.0, which I outlined last week on Playout.

“BXF 3.0 has taken the standard and gone beyond just traffic and automation integration,” says Crist Myers, president and CEO of Myers. “It’s really applying the standard to different types of inputs and outputs for traffic systems. It’s more geared toward working with advertising agencies, and we very much are excited and welcome this evolution in the BXF standard. Anything that focuses more on standards for communications, we’re 100 percent behind.”

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