KOAA Uses JVC-HM650 For Live Shots Of Colo. Floods

KOAA Uses JVC-HM650 For Live Shots Of Colo. Floods

Quentin Henry, chief engineer of KOAA Colorado Springs, knew he wouldn’t be able to send out live trucks during the state’s intense and devastating flooding earlier this month.

Instead, he sent photographers out with the JVC GY-HM650 ENG camera, which has a built-in Verizon 4G modem for live shots. The NBC affiliate (DMA 89) would traditionally use the JVC GY-HM790 connected to a microwave truck.

KOAA news teams took the HM650 into canyons to show how fast water was rising. Henry says the 720p footage was “one of the higher quality pictures we had on the air” for flooding coverage.

The station sent out one of its Ku band satellite trucks for some coverage, but experienced some breakup issues because of the heavy cloud cover.

JVC’s solution doesn’t bond several cellular connections, like devices from LiveU, TVU and Dejero. Instead, it relies on just a single Verizon network.

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