Aereo Adds Four New Markets To Launch List

Aereo Adds Four New Cities To Launch ListFollowing its launch in Dallas Monday, steaming video provider Aereo has revealed the next four cities on its launch list.

An exact date has yet to be determined, according to an Aereo spokesperson, but up next is Columbus (DMA 32), Cincinnati (DMA 35), Indianapolis (DMA 26) and San Antonio (DMA 36). Residents in those cities can pre-register for the service at

Aereo is currently live in New York City, Boston, Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Miami, Houston and Dallas.

Aereo’s plan since New York launched earlier this year was to expand into 22 markets by year’s end. Those launches could bleed over into next year, however, according to a company spokesperson. The company, for example, ran into about a month delay with its Atlanta launch, citing high volume of registrants for the service.

As for how many people are using Aereo today? A spokesperson declined to comment, citing that Aereo is a private company and doesn’t need to release numbers.

Aereo uses tiny antennas to capture broadcast signals over-the-air and then converts those signals into IP and streams them to mobile devices of subscribers who pay the company $8/month. In addition to the streaming content, users are also paying for 20 hours of cloud-based DVR.

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