Sinclair, Several Others Submit ATSC 3.0 Proposal

Sinclair, Several Others Submit ATSC 3.0 ProposalThere’s big interest from several organizations in the next-generation television standard.

The Advanced Televisions Systems Committee received 10 proposals from 19 organizations for the physical layer of what’s being called ATSC 3.0 on Friday, Aug. 23, according to Mark Richer, president of ATSC. Detailed plans of those proposals are due at the end of September.

While there were some expected organizations — like the Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) standard organization — that filed proposals, one of the more interesting proposals came from the nation’s biggest broadcaster.

Sinclair Broadcast Group, with nearly 40% coverage, is teaming up with Austin, Texas-based Coherent Logix, a maker of C-programmable processors for the embedded systems market, on a proposal for ATSC 3.0. Coherent Logix also specializes in video and imaging development systems (VIDS), according to its website.

ATSC 3.0 is a standard that’s expected to give broadcasters a platform to implement several technical advances, including 4K broadcasts, targeted advertising and stronger mobility. It’s currently on a four-year timetable to have a final standard completed by 2016.

Other companies interested in developing a physical layer for ATSC 3.0, several of which filed joint proposals, included:

  • Samsung and Sony
  • Canada’s Communications Research Centre and South Korea’s Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
  • Qualcomm and Ericsson
  • LG, Zenith and Harris Broadcast
  • China’s National Engineering Research Center of Digital Television, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai Advance Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Bell Labs
  • Allen Limberg
  • Technicolor
  • Power Broadcasting

Peter Siebert, executive director of DVB, told TVNewsCheck that his standards organization planned on submitting a proposal for ATSC 3.0, and was confident that the finalized standard will be based around or derived from DVB’s technology.

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  2. Matt Bryant

    “Sinclair Broadcast Group, with nearly 40% coverage…”

    40% coverage of what? I think you mean the US, but why not just say that? ATSC is international, with Canada, South Korea and much of Latin America participating.

    BTW, you’re welcome.


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