For 20th Anniversary, DVB To Demo 4K Over-The-Air

For 20th Anniversary, DVB To Demo 4K Over-The-AirThe Digital Video Broadcast standard, better known as DVB, is celebrating its 20th anniversary at the International Broadcast Conference with some pretty exciting demos.

The demo that most broadcasters will be paying attention to is when the group does a 4K terrestrial broadcast, combined with a mobile signal, in a single 8-megahertz channel. Located near the conference hall in Amsterdam is the TV tower, says Peter Siebert, executive director of the DVB Project in Geneva, Switzerland.

“The exhibitors on the trade show will watch the broadcast from inside the show,” he says.

Broadcasters will likely be hearing more about DVB in the near future. As pointed out today onĀ TVNewsCheck, the standard will be submitted to the ATSC as a proposal for the next-generation standard, ATSC 3.0. Siebert says he expects ATSC 3.0 to be derived from DVB-T2, the latest iteration of the standard that’s widely used across Europe.

Mark Aitken and his team at Sinclair Broadcasting is currently testing DVB-T2 at the group’s Baltimore station WNUV.

DVB will also demo CI Plus v1.4, which will enable IPTV to be delivered directly to the television, without the need of a set-top box.


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