Sony To Test 4K Broadcast At FIFA Tourney

Sony To Test 4K Broadcast At FIFA Tourney

Major sporting events are the perfect opportunity to test up-and-coming, cutting-edge broadcast technology, and the 2014 FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil is no different.

At this year’s tournament, which begins June 6, Sony will test 4K production during three matches, using a new 4K mobile production unit, supplied by Telegenic.

“The FIFA Confederations Cup is a perfect opportunity to trial new technology and production approaches to 4K, and we look forward to seeing how this tournament will help to shape the future of sports broadcasting,” Niclas Ericson, FIFA TV division director, said in a statement.

Much like how the 2012 London Olympic was a testing bed for broadcasting in 8K, Sony’s 4K test at the FIFA tournament won’t be available to the public.

The Confederations Cup test will serve as a test run to the 2014 FIFA World Cup, also being held in Brazil. Sony has been eyeing to broadcast the world’s largest sporting event in 4K, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

In addition to this June’s FIFA tournament, Sony also plans to test 4K production at Wimbledon, starting June 24.

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