For-A Showing Off Super Bowl 4K Camera at NAB


Just like football fans would love to see the Vince Lombardi Trophy that’s awarded to the Super Bowl champion each year, broadcasters would love to the see the hi-tech cameras used to shoot the game.

Those broadcasters are in luck at this year’s NAB.

For-A Corp. is showing off its FT-One 4K super slow-motion camera at this year’s show — the same camera model that CBS used for its Super Bowl coverage and Heyeper Zoom system.

The FT-One records up to 900 frames per second using the company’s high-sensitivity CMOS color sensor, and records and plays back in full 4K. CBS used the higher resolution (4096×2160 pixels) to zoom in on any close calls and broadcast the picture in traditional HD.

The FT-One captures images as uncompressed raw data on the system’s internal memory, which has a recording capacity of 9.4 seconds. That data is then stored on one of two hot-swappable SSD cartridges, each of which is capable of storing 84 seconds of full 4K resolution images at 900 frames per second.

For-A’s exhibit is at booth C5116 in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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