Dyle Expands Mobile DTV To WCBS, Other Markets

Dyle Expands Mobile DTV To WCBS, Other MarketsWCBS New York, who is working with Syncbak to stream a live mobile signal, now plans to broadcast a mobile DTV signal under the Dyle mobile TV environment.

Dyle, also known as the Mobile Content Venture, has also expanded into Baltimore, Jacksonville and Salt Lake City broadcast market. Dyle’s mobile TV footprint now expands to 57% of the U.S. population, in a total of 116 stations in 39 markets.

The last market to come onboard with Dyle was Pittsburgh in November 2012.

According to Dyle, stations planning on sending out a mobile DTV signal this year, include:

  • WBAL Baltimore (NBC)
  • WOIO Cleveland (CBS)
  • WDTN Dayton, Ohio (NBC)
  • WSPA Greenville, S.C. (CBS)
  • WTEV Jacksonville (CBS)
  • WAWS Jacksonville (Fox)
  • WTLV Jacksonville (NBC)
  • WJXT Jacksonville (independent)
  • KCTV Kansas City (CBS)
  • WCBS New York (CBS)
  • KOIN Portland (CBS)
  • KMOV St. Louis (CBS)
  • WTSP Tampa (CBS)

CBS has been using Syncbak in New York (WCBS and WLNY) and Los Angeles (KCBS and KCAL) for several months. The app is a platform that streams programming of stations while restricting reception to mobile devices within the stations’ markets. In February, Robert Seidel, the network’s vice president of engineering and advanced technology, said, “Syncbak gives us mobile TV without having to plug in an antenna or adapter. It can run on 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi — all of which are very reliable to get live TV when on the go.”

Dyle and the Mobile500 Alliance, the other group trying to make mobile DTV successful, prides themselves on the fact that users don’t need to use data, and can obtain live TV for free, over-the-air. The trade-off, however, is that users are required to plug-in an adapter (right now, Elgato and Escort sell dongles) into their smartphone or tablet, or buy a device with a built-in antenna.

Dyle and the Mobile500 Alliance are hosting sessions at the NAB Show Monday afternoon. Playout will be covering those events.

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