SMPTE Names 2015 Honorees

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, SMPTE, today announced the members it will honor at its annual 2015 awards ceremony, Oct. 29, at the Loews Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles during the SMPTE 2015 Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition.

SMPTE will recognize Canon Fellow Larry Thorpe in October with Honorary Membership.

SMPTE will recognize Canon Fellow Larry Thorpe in October with Honorary Membership.

SMPTE will bestow Honorary Membership, a recognition given to individuals who have “performed eminent service” in advancing TV or motion picture engineering on Larry Thorpe, senior fellow at Canon, who played a key figure in the development and rollout of HDTV; Irwin Young, an innovator who advanced post-production technology at DuArt Film Laboratories; and Oscar Byram “O.B.” Hanson, posthumously, who designed the first generation of TV studios, control rooms and mobile television units.

Among the many members to be honored are:

  • James Lindner, who among other things conducted research into the JPEG-2000 format as a preservation codec, with the Archival Technology Medal Award.
  • Birney Dayton, for his work in signal processing and routing as well as fiber optic transmission, with the David Sarnoff Medal Award.
  • Stan Moote, for development of the first reliable video/audio scrambling system for analog video in the 1980s, with the Digital Processing Medal Award.

A full list of the SMPTE members to be honored is available on the society’s website.

Fox Upgrades Workflow Management Software

Fox Broadcasting is upgrading software it uses to streamline workflow efficiency network-wide with the deployment of the latest version of Thought Development Corp.’s On-Air Pro workflow management system, the company said today.

On-Air Pro, along with a suite of plug-ins, will be integrated with several existing systems, including scheduling, traffic and delivery, Thought Development said.

Fox Broadcasting and Fox Special Operations group have used On-Air Pro since 2004, a press release announcing the upgrade said.


Cobalt Digital, Nexstar Collaborate On Text-To-Speech Software

Cobalt Digital and Nexstar Broadcasting Group has collaborated to produce a software solution with text-to-speech capabilities.

The customized text-to-speech software, +TTS, is compatible with many openGear cards and BBG-1000 standalone units. The capability is available for purchase as an optional software license for the cards.

The +TTS software helps ensure compliance with FCC requirements and the Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (21CCVA).

+TTS is a complete, 21CVAA-compliant text-to-speech generation/audio insertion solution for embedded or discrete audio systems. The software monitors network and local watch folders for new text files (plain text, XML, ASCII or HTML), converts the text to realistic human-voice audio, and inserts it into user-configured audio channels (typically an SAP channel pair intended for playout).

More information is available on the Cobalt Digital website.

OH TV Expands Playout Capability

London-based OH TV has expanded its playout capability with the addition of 10 AirBox playout channels from PlayBox Technology, the company said today.

The new playout capability is allowing the company to offer playout services to other broadcasters.

OH TV bought its first AirBox in May 2008 and added a second the next year. Since then, OH TV has secured SMASH TV, TIWA TIWA, Hip TV Nigeria, Glitz, Views channel and VEATZ 24 as playout clients.

More information is available on the PlayBox Technology website.

Kevin Salvidge Joins Leader Instruments

Kevin Salvidge has Joined Leader Instruments.

Kevin Salvidge has Joined Leader Instruments.

Leader Instruments has appointed Kevin Salvidge as European regional development manager, Leader Electronics Europe.

Savidge began his career in the broadcast industry in 1986 with Marconi Instruments. He also has worked from Sony Transcom, Tektronix, GVG/Thomson, Sony Broadcast and Top-Teks. He joins LEADER from PlayBox Technology.

Bexel Global Takes Delivery Of New 4K UHD Zoom Lens

Fujinon UA80x9-sized

Bexel has taken delivery of the first Fujinon UA50x9 in North America.

Bexel Global Broadcast Solutions has taken possession of the first Fujinon UA80x9 4K UHD lenses in the Americas, the broadcast services and solutions provider said this week.

The lens is designed for a 2/3-inch sensor and has an 80x zoom and optical image stabilization, which makes it well suited for large, live event and sports production.

The Fujinon UA80x9 lens covers focal lengths ranging from 9mm in wide angle to 720mm in telephoto.

More information is available on the Bexel website.

Sony’s Steve Mosko To Deliver CCW Keynote

Steve Mosko, president of Sony Pictures Television, will give the opening keynote at CCW 2015.

Steve Mosko, president of Sony Pictures Television, will give the opening keynote at CCW 2015.

Steve Mosko, president, Sony Pictures Television, will deliver the opening keynote at NAB’s Content and Communications World in New York City, Nov. 11-12, NAB said today.

The keynote to be given in a conversational format will be hosted by Bill Carter, former New York Times TV columnist and current contributor to CNN, The Hollywood Reporter and a show on SiriusXM satellite radio.

Mosko oversees all television operations for Sony Pictures Entertainment worldwide.  The studio currently produces 29 series for 15 different networks.

More details are available on the NAB’s CCW website.

ChyronHego Buys VidiGo

ChyronHego has acquired VidiGo, a first step in positioning the company to take a leadership role in the broadcast industry’s transition to IT, ChyronHego president and CEO Johan Apel said today. Financial details of the transaction were not immediately available.

VidiGo, an Amsterdam-based company, creates software for live broadcast production workflows that leverage IT tools. Its products are designed to minimize the need for specialized technical staff and to help lower production costs, ChyronHego said.


The company’s technology will complement and extend ChyroHego’s Bluenet graphics creation and playout workflow, Apel added.

More information is available on the ChyronHego website.


Article Recounts Broadcast Ending World War II

Anyone in our industry with an interest in history will find The Atlantic article “The Radio Broadcast That Ended World War II” fascinating.

The authors, Thomas B. Allen and Norman Polmar, describe how in spite of an attempted military coup, Japanese Emperor Hirohito’s announcement of surrender at the end of World War II was recorded and broadcast by NHK.

Shortly after the chairman of NHK at the time had taken a recording team to the Imperial Palace to record the message, zealots wishing to continue fighting launched their coup attempt.

The article recounts in detail how the recordings were hidden and spirited away along four separate routes to the NHK building despite the efforts of the rebels to scour the palace and destroy the announcement.

Eventually, soldiers attempting the coup “swarmed into the NHK building” to “go on the air and urge the nation” to continue fighting, the authors write.

“Shortly before 5 a.m. on Aug. 15, [Maj. Kenji] Hatanaka walked into Studio 2, put a pistol to the head of Morio Tateno, an announcer, and said he was taking over the 5 o’clock news show,” they write.

However, the announcer refused to relinquish the microphone. Tateno, impressed with his courage, lowered the gun, they write.

The authors also recount the role an unnamed broadcast engineer, who disconnected the studio from the transmitter, played in preventing Hatanaka from going on air had he killed Tateno.

The article is well-written, thought-provoking and worth taking the time to read.

Grass Valley Sells 1,000th NVISION 8500 Router

Grass Valley has sold more than 1,000 NVISION 8500 enterprise routers worldwide, the Belden brand company said today.

The first NVISION 8500 router to launch was the NV8576, which supported SDI over coax and fiber as well as Async AES. Since then, the series has expanded to include four additional frames: the NV8144, the NV8280, the NV8576-Plus and the NV8140.

More information is available on the Grass Valley website.