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Seinfeld Takes Over New York Train in Marketing Ploy


Some commuters in New York City are feeling as if they’ve stepped onto the set of a Seinfeld episode this month. That’s because all 11 cars on a subway train are fully wrapped inside and out, transforming it into Seinfeld’s Monk’s Café, complete with Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer in their preferred hangout.

To promote Seinfeld’s return to an 11 p.m. time slot, WPIX, the CW affiliate in New York, along with Sony Pictures Television and CBS Outdoor, orchestrated the first-ever total train takeover in the history of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA).


The promotion coincides with the first Mets-Yankees Subway Series of the season, set for the week of May 12. Fans heading out on the Seinfeld train to the Mets’ home park, Citi Field, will be reminded that they can watch Seinfeld at 11 on WPIX11.

“Now, any time New Yorkers want to know where to find Seinfeld, they just have to think 11 on 11,” said Sheraton Kalouria, chief marketing officer for Sony Pictures Television.

“Nothing is more New York than Seinfeld, the subway, the Mets-Yankees rivalry and PIX11,” said Rich Graziano, WPIX president-GM. “Combining all of these is the perfect way to create an iconic New York experience for fans and viewers.”