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Grendel Levy New News Director At Nexstar’s WOWK

Grendel Levy

Grendel Levy is the new news director at WOWK, Nexstar’s CBS affiliate in Charleston-Huntington, W.Va. She starts later this month.

Levy joins WOWK from Boise, Idaho, where she worked for 7 years at ABC affiliate, KIVI, first as executive producer and then for the past 4 years as the station’s news director.

“I am sad to leave a team I truly respect and admire,” said Levy about KIVI, “but I am excited about this new challenge and the next chapter in my life! I look forward to many successes for my new team at WOWK.”

Levy shared this note she sent to her team at KIVI:

My News Family,

My heart aches as I type this. When you work with a group of people this closely, many of you for almost 7 years, it definitely feels like a family. We’ve won together, lost together and grown together. We’ve shared stressful moments and many happy times. We’ve come so far together and I’ll forever be proud of all of your accomplishments. I know that momentum will continue and I can’t wait to hear of future victories. We are so close! Just remember — unique content is what it’s all about. You are a very talented team of story tellers and you outshine all of the others in the market. Keep it up… and keep raising the bar!

Today it’s with great sadness that I must say I have decided to move on. I’ve accepted a job as news director of WOWK in Charleston, West Virginia.

NOTE: I worked with Levy briefly at KIVI when I was parachuted into Boise in 2011 for several months to help with the station’s marketing.

Marketing Meteorologists, Like The Weather, Different Everywhere

TV station creative services directors and their staffs often must act like an in-house ad agency when it comes to selling the merits of their meteorologists and overall weather coverage.

Competitively, the situation is different in every market as to the strengths of one station’s weather department versus another’s.

So if your competitor has the most experienced meteorologists in town, and has marketed that position successfully, you can’t own it.

So maybe your option is to find another position that you can own, one that is unspoken, subtle and not so serious.

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Broadcasters Getting Schooled On Facebook

Facebook’s Eric Barbera with an attendee.
Credit: Edward Zeltser Photography.

In early January, Facebook announced plans to work more closely with broadcasters and other news organizations to enhance Facebook as a platform for distributing their news and make it worth their while to climb aboard.

The Facebook Journalism Project would seek collaboration on improving the existing news formats, Live (video) and Instant Articles (text and graphics), and developing news ones; look for ways to monetize content; offer training; and tackle issues like fake news and news literacy.

Two months later, it’s clear Facebook is following through on its promise to connect.

Last month, the social media giant hosted one-day meetings with local TV and radio broadcasters and newspapers in Dallas and Atlanta and it has two more sessions schedule for later this month — March 28 in Seattle and March 30 in San Diego.

Jason White

Jason White, the manager of U.S. news media partnerships at Facebook, says the sessions are part explaining and part listening.

“We talked about some of the best practices that we’ve seen emerging around Live and also around video on demand, which is still quite significant within the Facebook ecosystem.”

And a big part of the session is getting feedback, he said, with a full two hours are set aside for questions and answers.

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