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WXYZ’s Stephen Clark Retires To Pursue Country Music Career

Not many news anchors write and perform country music.

But WXYZ’s Stephen Clark does. And he’s following his passtion right to Nashville.

Now that he officially retired from his other passion yesterday, being a journalist.

Clark has done it all as an anchor, reporter and TV photographer.

But after 16 years as an anchor and and multi-platform journalist at WXYZ and WMYD, he’s handing in his press card in favor of his guitar and songwriting.

WXYZ and WMYD are Scripps’  ABC and MyNetworkTV affiliates in Detroit.

“I became a journalist more than 40 years ago to tell inspiring stories of ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary things,” said Clark.

“As I begin my retirement, I’m happy to report the story of Detroit’s comeback is perhaps my favorite story over these past 40 years. The reborn, revitalized and re-energized Detroit has inspired me to get involved in my own community and I can’t begin to describe how happy I am to have been even a small part of one of the greatest stories of all time.”

Clark started his career as a newspaper photographer in Colorado.

He worked as a TV photographer, reporter and anchor at stations across the country, including KCNC in Denver, KGTV in San Diego and WCBS in New York.

He ran a news bureau in Washington, D.C., covering political stories for viewers in his home market of Denver.

During his career, Clark reported on some of the biggest stories of our times, including the conflict in Bosnia, the Los Angeles riots, the California wildfires, and the terrorist attacks of 9/11. (Clark was a correspondent for CBS News at the time of the attacks and reported from ground zero.)

Clark has also worked tirelessly with the nonprofit organization he co-founded, Scarlet’s Smile, that is committed to improving the lives of children afflicted with debilitating diseases. The foundation is named for his granddaughter Scarlet who was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

The primary goal of the foundation is to build a million dollar playground in Oakland County where kids of all abilities can play together.

In addition to being able to spend more time with his family, Clark plans to pursue his passion for writing and performing country music. He’s an active member of the Nashville Songwriters Association International.

I’ve got a feeling we’ll be hearing more from Stephen Clark and his guitar.

WXYZ Anchor’s Mission To Save Granddaughter

Lawson Christopher Calvello

Lawson Christopher

My daughter made me a first-time grandfather six months ago. (I’m aware her husband played a role, let’s not go there.)

Lawson Christopher Calvello. I’m going to call him Rockie.

I bring this up because as a new grandfather, I can relate to how another grandfather would do anything he could to protect the health and well-being of his grandkids.

Seems like when you to get to a certain age or place in your life, you realize what’s really important.

I think that’s where Stephen Clark is today.

WXYZ’s Clark, news anchor for the Scripps-owned ABC affil in Detroit, shares his personal story about his granddaughter, Scarlet, tonight on WXYZ’s Action News at 11.

Clark and ScarletScarlet suffers from spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), the No. 1 genetic killer of children.

There is no cure, no treatment and very little public awareness of the disease.

Clark hopes his granddaughter’s story will raise awareness about SMA and perhaps raise funds for research to find a cure.

“This is the most intensely personal story I’ve reported in 35 years of television, my granddaughter Scarlet’s story,” said Clark.

“Of all the neuro-muscular disorders, SMA may be the closest to a cure. But research takes money which requires awareness.”

WXYZ will post Clark’s story on its website immediately after it airs.

Click here to go to the Spinal Muscular Atrophy Foundation website.