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KXTV Asks ‘Who Is Winning’ In Afghanistan Documentary

Tonight at 11 on KXTV, Tegna’s ABC affiliate in Sacramento, Calif., a half-hour documentary will air instead of the usual late news.

Afghanistan, Who Is Winning? features KXTV reporter, Michael Anthony Adams embedded with a team from California’s Travis Air Force Base.

“He spent a couple weeks on the front lines,” said Drew Fowler, KXTV’s marketing director, “talking to military personnel, and getting an assessment of where the war is right now. I think it is produced and captured in a way that is unique to local news.”

Here’s the opening segment:

Brand New News Promos And Some Classics, Too

Before you watch this first spot, you need some history.

Its roots go all the way back to the 1980s when a concept promo called Home Movies was created for WPVI, ABC’s Philadelphia O&O.

The idea is that a family visits the Philadelphia area and shoots some home movies of their trip. Then they’re at home watching the movies when they notice that everywhere they went, a news van managed to work its way into the shot.

“It’s a great example of a simple, single idea that’s well-executed,” said Mike Davis, the man who originated the spot.

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KCRA Helps Raise $900,000 For Wildfire Victims

Wildfires have swept through Northern California consuming over 200,000 acres, killing at least 41 people, destroying more than 5,000 homes and businesses and displacing around 90,000 people.

So Hearst’s KCRA and KQCA, Sacramento’s NBC and MyNetwork TV affiliates, respectively, partnered with the Gold Country Region Chapter of the American Red Cross to hold a disaster relief drive on Monday, Oct. 16.

More than $900,000 was raised to help victims.

Both stations did live cut-ins throughout the day and had coverage during newscasts asking for donations.

“After seeing the devastating pictures and hearing the tragic stories of loss, Northern Californians showed their generosity by helping us raise more than $900,000 to help those affected by the fires,” said Elliott Troshinsky, KCRA-KQCA’s general manager.

“As our viewers watch these tragic images, they want to know how they can help,” said Lori Waldon, KCRA’s news director. “Our telethon provided an important way for our viewers to help in a direct and meaningful way.”

“We were a little concerned coming into a second telethon in six weeks – after raising $750,000 for the hurricanes, would KCRA viewers be ready and willing to support this new and dire need? They responded with a resounding YES!,” said Gary Strong,  American Red Cross Gold Country Region CEO.

The Funniest Promos At PromaxBDA Summit

The annual PromaxBDA Station Summit in Las Vegas was last month and the winners of the local awards–gold, silver and bronze–were announced and shown.

I’ve been posting the award winning spots in a number of categories and today we’ll see the funniest.

If your station won an award and you’d like to share the spot along with some commentary about the marketing strategy, production, challenges, or any results that it might have achieved, just drop me a line.


Funniest Promos

ABC10 Morning Blend-Light Rail
KXTV, ABC, Sacramento

Funniest Promos

Silvi Knows
KING, NBC, Seattle

Funniest Promos

Fore! PM Newscast
KVVU, Fox, Las Vegas

UPDATE: Viewers Weigh In On KXTV’s A.M. News Promo

When I shared the KXTV Morning News Blend promo last week, I promised to have an update on its production. And I will. (KXTV is Tegna’s ABC in Sacramento, Calif.)

But first, I wondered what some in the industry might be saying about the promo.

Here are a couple of comments about it on Don Smith’s blog, IDoPromoz.

The problem with spots like this is that they don’t feel even remotely like the product.
You actually feel like you’re being sold BS instead of heightened reality.
It’s attention-getting and different, but the key point of familiarity in it is only recognizable to a demographic that likely doesn’t watch or even respect local news.

To which someone responded:

Wow. Tough crowd. You want to get attention? Mission accomplished.
Energetic? Check.  Makes me like the talent? Sure.
Makes me curious about the morning show? Absolutely.
Incredible JIB shot too.

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KXTV’s ‘Oscar-Worthy’ Promo Airs In Oscars

Drew Fowler, marketing director at Tegna’s Sacramento affil KXTV, sent me this morning promo and I had to share it.

Even though I haven’t seen La La Land, I know this is a take-off from the film’s opening.

It’s one continuous shot, I believe. I watched it several times and if there is an edit, I think I know where it is.

Drew Fowler

Fowler said this will air in the Academy Awards on Sunday night, “and will run in local movie theaters and on social.”

“It’s part of a relaunch of our morning show, trying to find a position that’s unique in the market (and in the industry). A hybrid of really good solid news, with some fun.”

The music is from Killer Tracks, but, and this is amazing, ”the voices are the anchors’!”

“We did about a month of prepro, including having a friend of the station choreograph the number for the dance, and getting kids from a local parkour gym involved. Production was all done in-house, with in-house equipment.”

I smell awards all over this spot, very well done. Memorable. Gutsy, Effective. Not the same old blah-blah.

NOTE: At deadline, I talked to Drew who said the featured dancers are the station’s talent. I promise to have more information about all this on Monday.)

Who Won The Battle Of Promo Superstars? You Decide

Picture3Five stations from five different broadcast companies doing five different promos for the same, identical news story.

They get 48 hours and must use the material they have in house.

What did they come up with? Which one worked best? Now, you can decide.

Welcome to the Battle of the Promo Superstars, one of the first sessions of its kind at this year’s PromaxBDA Station Summit at The Mirage in Las Vegas.

Dave Baumann

Dave Baumann

Moderated by David Baumann, a former station CSD in Detroit, Seattle and Minneapolis, and now marketing and creative director for Stephen Arnold Music, Battle of the Promo Superstars lined up creative services departments from Tegna, Scripps, Tribune, Hearst and Sinclair stations in a fun and creative competition to see what kind of creative approach they would each take to the same news story.

We’ve all seen stories like this, some call them TSRs, Targeted Special Reports, special stories from news during sweeps.

Then the folks in creative services create the promos that hopefully, increase viewership.

Here’s the story they all used. It’s from WCVB, the Hearst ABC affiliate in Boston.

And in each case, the stations came up with a 30-second promo, a :15, an ID and a Facebook promo.

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KCRA November Sweeps Elevator Pitch

topical-newsWhen there’s a shift in news viewership at a TV station, that’s news. A station that was second in the ratings in late news last November is now the top choice among viewers. Why is that? What actions did the station take in news content and marketing that might explain the shift?

Or in some cases, news ratings in a particular market don’t really change from one ratings period to another. One station seems to dominate the marketplace and is the clear choice for news regardless of the newscast or time period.

We profile these stations and markets to see if there is anything other stations can take away that might help them improve their news ratings.

We ask the managers to comment and we show examples of news marketing and sometimes news content.

KCRA3WTNCFKCRA, the Hearst-owned NBC affiliate in Sacramento, Calif., remains the dominant news station in household ratings, taking the top slot in every newscast.

Lori Waldon

Lori Waldon

So I asked Lori Waldon, KCRA’s news director, why she thinks viewers are choosing to watch KCRA’s news?

What’s different, better, more unusual?

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KCRA Investigates Slow Response At Hospital

GTY_crosswalk_button_jtm_140731_12x5_1600Have you ever stood on a busy street corner and pushed a button that’s supposed to stop traffic so you can cross? Only nothing happens.

Emergency-Room-signNow imagine you’re standing at the entrance to a hospital emergency room and you frantically press a button that says, “if you need emergency room assistance, press here,” and nothing happens because emergency personnel can’t hear it.

On Oct. 29, the first day of the November ratings period, KCRA, the Hearst-owned NBC affiliate in Sacramento, Calif., aired an investigation into such an incident at a Sacramento veterans’ hospital.

One of the results of this investigation is some nurses there will have to undergo “sensitivity training.”

A local veteran who thought he was having a stroke went to the VA’s emergency room. It wasn't until AFTER the vet's wife continuously pounded on the door that someone responded to their call for help. Watch the FULL story at http://bit.ly/1ScQH9P.

Posted by KCRA 3 on Thursday, October 29, 2015

A 3-Year Old Helps KCRA Raise Money For Fire Relief

KCRA-3A one-day relief drive by KCRA, KQCA and the Red Cross to help victims of two of the largest wildfires the state has ever seen raised more than $1,400,000, including $20 donated by a 3 year old boy.

The boy kicked in his birthday money after he saw KCRA doing the fund raiser on TV.

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