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Picture Yourself In Richmond As Brand Manager

In researching what it’s like to live in Richmond, Va., I came across this review:

Richmond is a city with lots of trees and history. It has the amenities of a big city, great restaurants, lots of microbreweries and music! If you enjoy hiking and biking go to Belle Isle, Browns Island or the Capital Trail. Carytown has a plethora of local shops and restaurants. If you want to live not far from the mountains or beaches in an affordable East Coast City, Richmond IS THE PLACE!!

WWBT, Raycom’s NBC affiliate in the market, needs an audience development and brand manager responsible for growing audiences on every screen, including broadcast, mobile, OTT, desktop and social media.

This is a hands-on position for someone who is a strong writer, shooter and editor, but can also implement market research recommendations and achieve goals in audience development and revenue growth.

Richmond is the only city in the country with a Class IV white water rapids running through its downtown.

History is all around you here. Thomas Jefferson designed the state capitol, and George Washington designed the nation’s first canal system here.

Richmond is for lovers. Almost 30% of the population is unmarried, making it the No. 1 city in the nation to find love.

Apartment rents average about $950 for a 2-bedroom and houses average about $210,000.

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News Franchises Put WTVR First On Facebook

Social Scorecard this week discovers how a handful of news franchises is used to generate engagement that has put WTVR on top on Facebook in Richmond, Virginia.

WTVR, Tribune’s CBS affiliate in Richmond, Va., is ahead in social media actions in the market over the last six months according to data from audience insight firm Shareablee.

WTVR has more than 2.6 million actions on social, 37% of the total engagement generated by the DMA (No. 55), with more than 7.1 million social actions.

WPER-FM, broadcasting a Christian format and owned by Baker Family Stations, led the market on actions per post with 201.

WRIC, the market’s ABC affiliate owned by Nexstar, led on Twitter during the same period with almost 65,000 actions.

WWBT, the market’s NBC station owned by Raycom led on Instagram with more than 61,000 actions.

Scott Wise

Scott Wise, WTVR’s director of interactive media, says the station’s success on Facebook, and on the television side, is due to a newsroom full of storytellers.

“Sometimes they are investigative stories, sometimes they are hard news, crime stories and sometimes the more heartwarming stories.”

Wise says the station has developed these into news franchises that have been successful on all the station’s platforms — on-air, social and the website.

“Sometimes we put a little teaser on Facebook, then encourage people to watch the full story on the news,” says Wise.

WTVR’s main station brand is Working for You, so Wise says reporters and producers get a little more time to solve people’s problems with local government, with businesses, or with other people.

Heros Among Us, features people making a difference in the community, “positive heartwarming really emotional kind of stories,” says Wise.

Wise says the station has a crime reporter who has deep sources with local law enforcement able to “break stories hours, sometimes days before other folks in the market.”

“We created a franchise around him called Crime Insider. So with that kind of content, we are able to distinguish ourselves on TV, on air, online and on social media and it’s really resonated with folks here in town.”

PLEASE SHARE: Investigators have identified persons of interest in the disappearance of a Middlesex County mother from her front yard, according to Crime Insider sources.

Posted by WTVR CBS 6 News on Tuesday, February 27, 2018

In addition to the franchises mentioned — Problem Solvers, Heros Among Us and Crime Insider —Wise says WTVR has a couple more that help the station generate engagement on Facebook.

I Have a Story finds everyday people who you think you know, “but when you really learn that person’s story, there’s a lot more to the story,” Wise says.

Building Better Minds is another feature that focuses on someone in the schools — a teacher, student or staff member — that “we are dedicated to doing regularly which has helped us build an audience,” says Wise.

Facebook Live is also a staple to the station’s success on Facebook. Recent stories about a woman found murdered, police shootings, and severe weather were streamed live on Facebook.

And a Facebook Live segment called Lunch Break is gaining traction.

“As restaurants announce their openings, we try to get in a couple of days before the opening, interview the chef, interview the owner, take the tour to give people an idea of what’s happening in the community,” says Wise.

And the station also will use Facebook as a tool to drive users to view the station’s newscasts, although “Facebook themselves have told us that really isn’t what they recommend just because people see Facebook differently and the timing of when they see the posts might not jive with your newscast.”

Wise says the station takes the long view when it comes to its Facebook strategy.

“If we are consistently engaging people on social media, the hope and the odds are that those people will, when it’s time to make a decision as to who to turn on that morning or that evening, that they will choose the people with whom they are engaging with on social media. And our ratings have been doing well, we have been on the increase for the last four or five years.”

WWBT Exposes Fed. Gov’t Contract Scandal

Raycom’s WWBT, its NBC affiliate in Richmond, Va., aired an investigative series that exposed how 125 companies delinquent in paying their taxes are being rewarded with government contracts.

The story has national implications since the companies named are all over the country.

The project is part of the new Raycom National Investigative Unit which was launched earlier this year.

“The project is a collaboration of stations,” writes Steve Ackermann, Raycom’s VP of news.

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Picture Yourself In Virginia As Digital Content Director

While you weren’t looking Richmond, Va., got cool.

Or so says the website for Visit Richmond.

I must admit that the site makes a very convincing argument, so much so that when I went to this website and looked around, I’ll be honest, I was ready to move there myself.

WWBT, Raycom’s NBC affiliate there, is ready to welcome a digital content director.

You’ll lead the digital content team publishing content to all the station’s digital, mobile and social platforms, and you’ll report directly to the general manager.

Click here for more specifics about what your role and how to apply.

And Richomnd? Apparently, there’s a revolution going on that includes craft beer, food, fashion and art.

Just 100 miles from Virginia Beach and the Atlantic Ocean, the Richmond metro has a population of just over a million.

The median home value in Richmond is $167,700 and home values rose over 7% last year.

The average apartment rent within the city is $1,076.

What’s New? 2017 Local TV Promos

Here are some fresh-from-the-edit-room promos from around the country.

Have you just finished some new promos you’d like to share, email me at [email protected]. And you’re always invited to call at 817-578-6324 any time for any reason. Free marketing and brainstorm sessions are available.

WWBT, Raycom’s NBC affiliate in Richmond, Va., has a storybook approach to promote its morning news. Great concept and very well produced.

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What’s New? See Fresh News Promos Here

watching_tvWhile Facebook has become an important screen for local TV stations to promote their news, it does have its limitations.

Sound, for example.

According to an article from Digiday, “as much as 85% of video views happen with the sound off.”

Which can make the effectiveness of music image promos almost nil. And it can really limit the persuasiveness of any promo that’s trying to recruit users to watch your news.

So if you want to see the latest local TV promos that are airing on the broadcast screen, it’s best to find them elsewhere.

That doesn’t mean these promos didn’t also air on Facebook, just that these follow the more traditional production associated with on-air promos.

Here are some I discovered from stations around the country, some are about a month old, but many are weeks or even days old.

If you have some fresh creative you want to share, please let me know. My phone number and email are always displayed at the top of the column.

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African-American News Anchor Gets Sit-Down With KKK

hqdefaultThe Ku Klux Klan is actively recruiting in the Richmond, Va., area.

In response to seeing flyers in people’s mailboxes, WWBT, the NBC affiliate in Richmond owned by Raycom, is doing a series of stories on hate groups in the area.

Chris Thomas, an African-American reporter for WWBT and a news anchor for the CW affiliate there, got a chance for a face-to-face meeting with the Imperial Wizard for the Rebel Brigade of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

Chris Thomas

Chris Thomas

Thomas and his photographer, followed by local deputies, had to drive deep into the Jefferson National Forest, where they were met by members of the Klan wearing shirts that said, “Original Boys from the Hood.”

The interview was part of a series focusing on the explosive growth of hate groups in the United States and in Virginia, where The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) estimates there are 32 active groups.

What’s your station doing for May sweeps? We want to share your station’s sweeps promo and news stories during the month of May to highlight what local TV news operations do to recruit news viewers during ratings periods.

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NBC12 – WWBT – Richmond, VA News On Your Side

WTVR Richmond Launches New Image Campaign

wtvrPhil Wrobel, marketing director at Tribune’s CBS affil in Richmond, Va., WTVR, is sharing a new image campaign the station’s airing.

“The spots have a simple and consistent look to them but seem to get edgier as they get going,” he says. “I really like the pacing and how the copy and VO tracks work on these. They seem to really be resonating here as we’re taking a stance to emphasize coverage and marketing around the viewer and at the same time hitting the important coverage drivers. We’ve utilized promotional inventory inside NFL games and hit these spots with high frequency. We’re very proud of how these turned out.”

New News Promos From Richmond, Philly, Dallas, Augusta, Charlotte

tv productionI love using testimonials for news promos as we rarely hear from the end user.

While these work for me, I’m guessing the voices belong to station personnel.

I realize that getting the real people to do these on-camera would have taken more time and work, and signed talent release forms, but I would have preferred to see their full names and home towns.

This spot from WWBT, Raycom’s NBC affiliate in Richmond, Va., underscores the fact that one of the most important services TV stations provide is when there is severe weather.

For some around the nation, it’s already happened. For others, it soon will. I remember a time when schools never started back after summer vacation until after Labor Day. There ought to be a law about that. In any case, it’s time for the kiddies to go back to school. And if parents are freaked out about that in Charlotte, N.C., don’t worry, WSOC, Cox’s ABC affiliate, has an app for that.

News can be depressing. So who wants to start their day watching a local newscast that bums you out? At Gray Television’s WRDW, the CBS affiliate in Augusta, Ga., they’re working on that.

Lots of TV stations have choppers, but I’m betting only one has a balloon. And it parks it at the zoo. Here’s a high-energy spot from WPVI, the ABC-Owned station in Philadelphia.

And here is a straight-ahead, announcer-driven, hard news promo campaign from KTVT, the CBS O&O in Dallas, with really good visuals.

Got some new creative you want to share? Let me know.

Richmond’s WWBT Promotes Virtue of Horizontal

phoneBelieve me, I know the advantages of being horizontal.

As someone who is always appreciative of the merits of leisure, I can tell you that the first step to the land of leisure usually happens when one gets horizontal.

But I learned something new about being horizontal that I didn’t know thanks to Brandon Seier, the marketing director at WWBT, the Raycom-owned NBC affiliate in Richmond.


Viewer-generated video has become commonplace and an exciting feature in local news.

When you think about it, every person with a phone is a potential one-man band reporter/cameraman, able to record extraordinary news events that they happen to be in a position to eyewitness.

Seier sent me a promo his station made that reminds viewers to think horizontal when shooting video for news. I did not know that.

Clever spot that not only encourages user-generated videos but teaches them how to shoot it for use in TV news.