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Brand New News Promos And Some Classics, Too

Before you watch this first spot, you need some history.

Its roots go all the way back to the 1980s when a concept promo called Home Movies was created for WPVI, ABC’s Philadelphia O&O.

The idea is that a family visits the Philadelphia area and shoots some home movies of their trip. Then they’re at home watching the movies when they notice that everywhere they went, a news van managed to work its way into the shot.

“It’s a great example of a simple, single idea that’s well-executed,” said Mike Davis, the man who originated the spot.

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KWWL Renovates Building Back To 1916 Specifications

What was once old is new again.

KWWL, the NBC affiliate in Waterloo-Cedar Rapids, Iowa, owned by Quincy Media, just completed a major renovation to the building it’s occupied since 1958, returning the exterior to 1916 specifications and the same inside, where possible.

Overland Automobile

The building was built as a Willys-Overland automobile distributorship and dealer in 1916. The four-story, 50,000 square foot structure was built for $135,000 ($3.3 million in 2017 dollars).

In those days, cars were kept inside and transported from floor to floor via a massive freight elevator.

From 1912 to 1918, Overland was a popular brand, second only to Ford in domestic sales. The distributorship served 22 Iowa counties. The building’s history in the early automobile business qualified it for listing on the National Historic Registry.

“KWWL and our parent company Quincy Media are thrilled with the end result of this historic restoration which benefits not only KWWL and its viewers with a world-class television facility but also the city of Waterloo, Iowa, with a new iconic building that will be part of the cityscape for the next five decades,” said Jim McKernan, KWWL’s general manager.

“It’s a rare thing in the TV business nowadays when a company invests heavily in the renovation of one of its stations,” said Chris Hussey, KWWL’s marketing director.

“That’s exactly what Quincy did with KWWL just a few years ago. Quincy went the extra mile and then some to take our 102-year-old building and restore it to its original look, all while upgrading the “guts” of our television operation.”

In 2013, Quincy Media made the decision to apply for state and local historical tax credits to renovate the structure.

In partnership with the state of Iowa, the National Park Service and the city of Waterloo, construction rehabilitation began in 2015 and was completed in 2017.

Numerous artifacts from the building’s history were uncovered during the renovation, including the original transom window which stood above the entrance.

The window was found with the original numbering and panes of glass completely intact.

KWWL Newsroom

In one final nod to the history of the building, region and legacy of the station, a massive 20-foot high, 40-foot long mural was created.

The mural is a montage of iconic photographs and logos from the history of the state, region, KWWL and NBC. The mural dominates the central hallway on the first floor.

The news studio was built by FX Design Group and outfitted with a 13-foot x 4-foot main anchor desk video array and 20-foot x -foot’ weather desk array.

The set is fully modular for multi-purpose news reporting and storytelling. The station has also recently invested heavily in other tech upgrades:

• Main set LED/Fluorescent lighting with color changing LED set backlighting
• Set element flexibility — moveable desks and monitors to maximize on air product
• All wireless mics and IFBs
• Avid HD nonlinear news video editing system with portable editing laptops for entire news staff
• Avid iNews news content system
• Ross XPression news graphics system with iNews integration
• Ross Overdrive automated newscast system with robotic cameras
• Four FAA-certified drone pilots on the news staff
• New HD satellite uplink truck
• New ENG microwave truck
• 4 HD LiveU cellular ENG packs located throughout the market coverage area

Got pictures of your station? TVNewsCheck is looking for exterior pictures of TV stations around the country, what they look like now and any older pictures of what the building looked like back in the day. Email them to [email protected].

What’s New? The Latest Local TV News Promos

The holidays are behind us, a New Year is in front of us, and it’s time to get down to business. So I went searching to find the latest promos from TV stations across the country.

Let’s start with this very timely weather spot from WBZ, the CBS O&O in Boston, about how savage winter can be in New England. Keep in mind that Mt. Washington, N.H., the highest point east of the Mississippi, is one of the coldest spots on earth and recorded a wind chill of -97F the other day.

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Drone Coverage Of Floods Earns KWWL Emmy Awards

About a year ago, I wrote about KWWL being the first Iowa station to make use of a drone as part of its live coverage.

KWWL is the NBC affiliate in Waterloo owned by Quincy Media.

In the article I wrote: “TV stations are increasingly using a relatively new storytelling tool to provide their viewers with a point-of-view that was usually only available by helicopter. Steady, sweeping, controlled aerial footage from drones can provide viewers with the scope of a story like flooding, a scope that can’t be conveyed with shots from the ground.”

KWWL earned two Upper Midwest regional Emmy awards for its September 2016 coverage of flooding in eastern Iowa, one for its morning newscast and the other for its noon news.

Both newscasts featured the use of the KWWL drone as part of its coverage of the flooding.

KWWL’s Emmy awards are for market sizes 71-120.

UPDATE: A Shining Example Of Local TV

Earlier this week in a post about WEAU, Gray’s NBC affiliate serving La Crosse-Eau Claire, Wis., I used an account sent to me by Andrew Felix, the station’s director of promotions and creative services.

His account told how WEAU performed during and after a tornado hit the area. and it was a shining example of what local TV stations do best.

That prompted an email from Dan Schillinger, the news director at WQOW, the ABC affiliate for Eau Claire owned by Quincy Media. He has his own account of how his station performed.

“I wanted to point out a couple of factual errors in the article,” said Schillinger.

“WEAU was NOT ‘the only station to have multiple meteorologist(s) on-air and multiple reporters in the field that evening for team coverage’.

“In fact, WQOW News 18 had two meteorologists live in our studio, tracking the tornado on radar during much of the evening, plus a third handling social media from her home.

“We also had four journalists in Barron County, covering the devastation the night of the tornado. One of them went live on our 10 p.m. news while the others were showing the damage on Facebook Live and other social media outlets.

“We were also the only station to show actual video of the killer tornado (submitted by one of our viewers).

“I applaud WEAU’s effort to raise money for relief…but I also want to point out that WQOW News 18 was the only station in the market to produce a 30-minute primetime special after the tornado.



“Our evening anchor, Andrea Albers, and our morning anchor, Aaron Rhody, anchored that special live from the trailer park that was destroyed by the twister. That special included a lot of information on how viewers could help their neighbors. It also included exclusive drone footage shot by our FAA-certified drone operator, Jack Hajewski.

“We were pretty proud of it. We’re a small station, with a small staff. But our team rose to the challenge of covering a disaster and performed like big-market pros,” said Schillinger.

This is another testament to what local broadcasters do best, often routinely — provide warnings about severe weather, continue with nonstop coverage and then follow up by producing a special program with information about how viewers can help their neighbors.

VP Pence Focus Of WPTA’s Inaugural Coverage

It’s a sizable investment when any TV station sends five members of its newsroom out of state to cover a story. But it’s especially painful when you’re in the 110th market.

Major-market station newsrooms have much bigger staffs, and those size stations have far more revenue when compared to stations in the smaller markets.

So proportionally, when WPTA, Quincy Media’s NBC and ABC affiliate in Fort Wayne, Ind., sends five news staffers, it’s a  bigger commitment, with a  more significant drain on the newsroom, and a higher percentage hit on the bottom line.

So it better be an important story.

Like when your state’s former governor and congressman gets sworn in as vice president of the United States.

ABC21: Your Weather Authority

WPTA’s news crew were in Washington to provide coverage for its morning, afternoon and evening newscasts, beginning with their arrival last Tuesday and continuing through Inauguration Day.

Tom Powell

“There are stories of tremendous local interest to be told, and Brien and Tom are terrific storytellers,” said Jonathan Shelley WPTA’s news director.

Brien McElhatten

Shelley is referring to WPTA’s news anchors Brien McElhatten and Tom Powell who were part of the team in Washington.

“Their experience and skill as journalists is really shining through in the coverage each has provided.”

The WPTA team also provided reports and custom material to several sister stations within the Quincy Media group.

WGEM Wins National Murrow For Storm Coverage

Storm-in-Quincy-Illinois“The whole entire town is terrible right now,” said Quincy, Ill., resident Joshua Clowers when describing the damage done by severe storms that hit his city in July of 2015.

“The city was under a State of Emergency following the storm. Our community needed emergency information. We knew we had a responsibility to deliver that information to the public,” said Chad Mahoney, news director of Quincy Media’s NBC affiliate WGEM.

89jwoy7xdgbidp7rhiqv_400x400And for its coverage, WGEM was awarded the National Edward R. Murrow Award for Breaking News, the first national Murrow award for the station in its 63-year history, according to the station.

“Many of our journalists had damage to their own homes. They had plenty to worry about with their own families,” said Mahoney. “But, they still showed up and worked around the clock to serve the public.”

Knowing that much of the audience had lost power, the station simulcast all of its television newscasts and special reports on radio and mobile devices. WGEM broadcast all city news conferences live and provided real-time updates of emergency services being offered by charities and other organizations.

“While we do ramp it up in extreme cases such as this, the consistency of our commitment to total coverage is there every day,” said Carlos Fernandez, WGEM’s general manager.

WGEM Coverage Of Severe Windstorm Earns Regional Murrow

WGEM_2012murrowWGEM, the NBC affiliate in Quincy, Ill., owned by Quincy Newspapers, won a regional Edward R. Murrow Award for breaking news in the Small Market Television section for Region 7 which comprises Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.

Chad Mahoney

Chad Mahoney

“The city was under a State of Emergency following the storm,” said Chad Mahoney, WGEM’s news director. “Our community needed emergency information. We knew we had a responsibility to deliver that information to the public.”

The windstorm left most of the city without power for days, according WGEM said. Knowing that much of the audience had lost power, the station simulcast all of its television newscasts and special reports on radio and mobile devices.

The station broadcast all city news conferences live and provided real-time updates of emergency services being offered by charities and other organizations.

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Even Santa Needs An App, And Other Holiday Promos

funny santaIt’s the season of sharing so why not share your station’s holiday promos FROM ANY YEAR.

Send me your station holiday spots from any year to share by emailing me the online link or a small file version I can post online. Got a question or want to brainstorm? I’m at 817-578-6324 or [email protected].

Here’s a cute and well-done spot from WFIE, Raycom’s NBC affiliate in Evansville, Ind.

Have a “Appy Holiday” from WSB, the Cox-owned ABC affiliate in Atlanta.

And this is just one in a whole campaign of holiday spots from KWWL, the NBC affiliate in Waterloo, Iowa, owned by Quincy Newspapers.

Perhaps the best advise for every one this year comes from WSPD, Paxton’s NBC affiliate in Paducah, Ky. By the way, its transmitter is located in the town of Monkeys Eyebrow, Ky.