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KUSA News Campaign Hits Authentic In Every Way

KUSA, Tegna’s NBC affiliate in Denver, is airing a campaign that features more than 30 spots, with more coming.

Robert Springer

Robert Springer, KUSA’s advertising and promotion director, has just one  rule for them: “We don’t want anything scripted. We want them to be authentic.”

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WPVI And Philadelphia Inquirer Partner On Health Costs Project

WPVI and The Philadelphia Inquirer have formed a unique content partnership to create an in-depth reporting and searchable database initiative focused on the high cost of health care.

The Philly Health Costs project (www.philly.com/Healthcosts), is underwritten by a grant from The Lenfest Institute for Journalism, which supports local journalism collaboration in Philadelphia.

This is The Lenfest Institute’s first grant in support of innovative health care reporting.

The Philadelphia Inquirer-WPVI partnership will work with ClearHealthCosts, a New York-based research firm that specializes in health care cost transparency.

The project is collecting information about cash or self-pay pricing for common health care tests and procedures at providers throughout the Philadelphia area.

With a consumer-friendly online tool located on the Philly Health Costs page of Philly.com (the Inquirer’s online home), consumers can not only compare competitive health care prices gathered by ClearHealthCosts, they can also share anonymously their own experiences about shopping for health care and navigating billing and insurance.

TV Stations Cover Student Gun Protests On Facebook

High school students across the country are walking out of class to protest gun laws, and the stories are playing predominately on TV stations’ Facebook pages. For many stations, it’s become a national story that has no local boundaries.

I follow a lot of TV stations’ Facebook pages. Over the past few days, my feed has been inundated with stories about high school students leaving school, taking to the streets to protest, appearing before city or school officials, or going to their state capitol to protest gun violence. What follows are just a few of many, many posts by stations across the country.

I think it’s remarkable and I applaud the students’ movement.

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WRAL Shows Olympics In Next Gen TV Format

It’s the future of television — the new ATSC 3.0 broadcast television standard, which delivers stunning 4K ultra high definition (UHD) video.

And hundreds gathered to watch the Olympics at WRAL Raleigh, N.C., from Pyeongchang, South Korea in this new format, the first time the Next Gen TV standard was used to publicly show the benefits and features of the ATSC 3.0 standard with an Olympic event.

The event was a partnership between Capitol Broadcasting’s NBC affil WRAL, NBCUniversal and the National Association of Broadcasters.

“We’re proud to work with our network, our technology partners and NAB to showcase ATSC 3.0 as the future of television,” said Jimmy Goodmon, Capitol Broadcasting’s president.

“Our company’s 80-year legacy is rooted in serving our community and using technology to innovate our coverage. Next Gen TV is the new frontier. We are excited about the possibilities.”

Click here to see more about this new technology from WRAL.

Here’s a video from WRAL’s website about the new technology being shared at the Olympics:

KGW Tests Pet Dogs With Burglar Break-In

Perhaps you have a dog for protection.

You hope it will keep burglars at bay.

You want it to growl, bark, even attack when a stranger breaks into you home.

KGW, Tegna’s Portland, Ore., NBC affiliate, got a professional dog trainer to enter some homes to see how the dogs would react when the owners were away.

Turns out size doesn’t matter.

What would your dog do?

WSVN First On Facebook With ‘Less Is More Thinking’

Social Scorecard this week covers the Miami market, where WSVN is leading in total social media actions by more than 1.5 million.

WSVN, Sunbeam Television’s Fox affiliate, is first in social media actions in the market over the last six months according to data from audience insight firm Shareablee.

WSVN has more than 7.2 million actions on social, 28% of the total engagement generated by the DMA (No. 16), with more than 25.6 million social actions.

WSVN also led on Twitter with more than 440,000 actions and led on in actions per post with 663

Top 40 WHYI-FM (Y100), owned by iHeartRadio, led the market on Instagram with more than 465,000 actions.

Steven Cejas

Steven Cejas, WSVN.com’s executive producer, says the station saw a significant decline in Facebook referrals late last year and that change in algorithms have altered how the station posts to Facebook.

“It’s all about interaction now. It’s not just throwing whatever up there. We tailor every post that we do to Facebook so that we feel like we are going to get interactions. On a regular day we try to keep it between somewhere around 20 to 25. So it’s kind of a ‘less-is-more’ mentality and we have seen that that really has helped out our numbers.”

Cejas says WSVN’s Facebook users are interested in the safety of children, and that was true even before the school shootings in his area last week.

“People care about crime in the community so if something is going on in a very specific area of our community, we like to focus on that.”

WSVN’s first response to the high school shooting in Parkland, Fla., about 50 miles north of Miami, last week, was to get its chopper over the scene.

“That way people can see what’s going on as we are seeing it. We switched away to our live coverage from the chopper after a few minutes and we let that carry out for the rest of the evening.”

Amazingly, during the shooting, dozens of students and three teachers locked inside a classroom turned on a laptop to watch WSVN’s livestream.

“The only way for us to know what was going on outside is we were watching your live feed on the helicopters,” culinary instructor Ashley Kurth told WSVN. “And then, when we see the SWAT team come on, you kind of breathe a little sigh of relief knowing that help is there.”

Cejas says the station’s philosophy about using Facebook Live is “anything with suspense does well. Anything that people don’t know what the outcome is going to be, they tend to get drawn in.”

But stories about good news also find a place on the station’s Facebook page.

“We try to find a balance. We try not to be negative all the time. There is also a lot of good news and we try to find those stories and sometimes they are stories that we don’t carry on air.”

Cejas concedes that the station doesn’t make any money from its Facebook page, but points out that whenever there is breaking news, news viewers turn to WSVN both on television and its website.

“We want to be in front of as many eyeballs as possible and I think it’s proven whenever there is breaking news, you can clearly see in our ratings that people turn to us. Whenever we get a storm, whenever there is breaking news, people turn to us.”

NOTE: In an article in Buzz Feed, read how WSVN’s streaming coverage of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School became part of a new initiative by Twitter to show live local news broadcasts during major news events. Or as the article says, as Facebook deemphasizes news in its core experience, Twitter does the opposite.

WPLG Confronts Panhandlers: ‘Where’s The Money Go?’

You’ve seen them on street corners. Some have signs saying they’re homeless. Some claim to be military vets who’ve fallen on hard times.

Maybe you’ve given them money and wondered if they were really what they said they were, or just hustling people for money under false pretenses.

In Miami, some men were seen begging for money at an intersection, but when WPLG investigator Jeff Weinsier confronted them to ask where the money they were collecting went, they walked away, refusing to answer any questions. WPLG is Miami’s ABC affiliate owned by Berkshire Hathaway.

But Weinsier did eventually get some answers and what they told him is bizarre.

KXTV Asks ‘Who Is Winning’ In Afghanistan Documentary

Tonight at 11 on KXTV, Tegna’s ABC affiliate in Sacramento, Calif., a half-hour documentary will air instead of the usual late news.

Afghanistan, Who Is Winning? features KXTV reporter, Michael Anthony Adams embedded with a team from California’s Travis Air Force Base.

“He spent a couple weeks on the front lines,” said Drew Fowler, KXTV’s marketing director, “talking to military personnel, and getting an assessment of where the war is right now. I think it is produced and captured in a way that is unique to local news.”

Here’s the opening segment:

KDKA Exposes Extreme Case Of Bullying

To dramatically illustrate how hateful bullying can be, a 15-year-old victim reads the taunts about her on camera.

Marty Griffin

This Facebook video from Marty Griffin, KDKA Pittsburgh’s investigative reporter, shows how bullying can isolate its victims, and drive them to the depths of despair.

Yes, it’s difficult to watch, but imagine you’re a 15-year-old girl exposed to such treatment at the hands of your classmates.

“I don’t know what to do. Can you please get them to stop?” asks the freshman.

If only the station could show the faces of those bullies.

Griffin got an attorney involved to meet with school officials.

“She has been very happy since she saw the principals were on top of things,” said the girl’s mother.

How Phoenix’s KNXV Is 2.5 Million Ahead On Facebook

How is KNXV able to dominate the Phoenix market on Facebook by more than 2 and a half million actions?

KNXV tells Social Scorecard this week that its success is due to a focus on positive, local stories, a complete station effort to listen to what its users want, inventive use of Facebook Live and a marketing team that is digitally savvy.

KNXV, the Scripps-owned ABC affiliate, is ahead by more than 2.6 million in social media actions in the market over the last six months according to data from audience insight firm Shareablee.

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