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Super Bowl Helps KARE Lead Social Media

This week, Social Scorecard focuses on how KARE took advantage of being the Super Bowl city and station to lead the Minneapolis market in social media actions over the past six months according to data from audience insight firm Shareablee.

KARE, Tegna’s NBC affiliate in Minneapolis, has more than 4.1 million actions on social of the total engagement generated by the DMA (No. 15), with more than 16 million social actions.

The Star Tribune, a daily newspaper owned by Glen Taylor, led on both Twitter and Instagram with 187,000 and 267,000 actions respectively.

KTIS-FM, (98.5 KTIS), a nonprofit, listener-supported Christian station owned by the University of Northwestern-St Paul, led the market in actions per post with 456.

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TV Stations Cover Student Gun Protests On Facebook

High school students across the country are walking out of class to protest gun laws, and the stories are playing predominately on TV stations’ Facebook pages. For many stations, it’s become a national story that has no local boundaries.

I follow a lot of TV stations’ Facebook pages. Over the past few days, my feed has been inundated with stories about high school students leaving school, taking to the streets to protest, appearing before city or school officials, or going to their state capitol to protest gun violence. What follows are just a few of many, many posts by stations across the country.

I think it’s remarkable and I applaud the students’ movement.

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Philly TV ‘All In’ On Facebook For Super Bowl

Earlier this week, I asked TV stations sending crews to the Eagles-Patriots Super Bowl to share their experiences, the behind-the-scenes, fun stuff.

Then I got the flu. The ‘flu’ needs a more sinister name, something that connotes the pit of misery that one gets from the plague.

In any event, it’s not easy for a local news crew to respond with their behind-the-scenes pictures and accounts. First, they’re busy, and second, they need permission.

No problem, I completely understand.

But I did make it out of bed to some of the Philly station’s Facebook pages to see what I could find.

From WPVI, the ABC O&O, Sarah Bloomquist took to a zip line in 6 degree weather for a super ride. What a trooper!

It’s about 1,200 miles from Philadelphia to Minneapolis, about 18 hours by car. In a news van, the trip can be an eternity. But that didn’t stop two cameramen from WPVI from beating the boredom with a fun video.

From NBC-owned WCAU, this reporter filed this Facebook video from inside a plane full of fans. The fans are so boisterous, you really can’t hear what the reporter is saying, but you get the gist.

Here’s that same reporter getting a send-off in the airport before departure.

From KYW, the CBS O&O, here are some behind-the-scenes of how the media deals with the cold.
NOTE: No audio for the first 20 seconds or so.

Also from KYW, an Eagles fan in Keyna teaches his students to sing the Eagles’ song.

From Fox-owned WTXF, this video shot in Philly, shows an Eagles’ fan who’s taken his devotion to a new level, his basement.

Also from WTXF, this somber story about a little boy from New York who had to visit Philadelphia often to get treatment at a local hospital. In the process, he became an Eagles’ fan because many of the players and coaches stopped by his room to give him encouragement. That little boy lost his battle with leukemia, but this story shows how the game of football can mean so much to a sick little boy, and how much his fight means to the team.

And this video is hysterical as a young lady, a die-hard Eagles fan, coming out of dental surgery thinks she missed the Super Bowl.

KARE Wins duPont Award For Investigative Reporting

KARE, Tegna’s Minneapolis NBC affiliate, won an Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Award for investigative reporting. It was recognized for investigative reporting in three pieces.

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KARE’s Trademarks Are Stability And Storytelling

When a new creative service director comes to a TV station, they have to figure out what’s working and what isn’t.

Do the messages reflect the brand? What does the tone, feel, look and attitude of the marketing say about the station?

Is it consistent? What needs to be changed, dropped, tweaked or modified? What are the station’s strengths?

Janeen Vogelaar

That’s the situation Janeen Vogelaar stepped into at KARE, Tegna’s NBC affiliate in Minneapolis, about six months ago when she was named director of marketing and creative services.

“I didn’t want to walk in to throw away the baby with the bath water,” said Vogelaar.

“This is a station that has a great reputation in the market and so it’s not about coming in and kind of stripping it down and building from scratch.”

What was working was what the station stood for, what came to viewers’ minds when they thought of the station, the station’s brand, its image.

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KMSP Weatherman Loses His Head During Forecast


The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Season 4It didn’t matter which TV station or market, and it didn’t matter what age — kids and senior citizens alike loved standing in front of the chromo-key wall everywhere I worked.

At one station, we had a green screen blanket we wrapped around little kids’ bodies so their heads appeared to be floating, like Jay Leno’s character, Beyondo.

So in a reverse of that look, KMSP Meteorologist Ian Leonard did his Halloween forecast, headless.

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WCCO’s Clever Promo Launches 9 A.M. Newscast

wccoI like news promos that have a sense of humor. A simple idea, well-executed works, too.

But that’s not enough. They have to be memorable and make viewers curious.

That’s what happened when I saw this promo from WCCO, the CBS O&O in Minneapolis.

So I reached out to Casey Kespohl, WCCO’s CSD, for some background on the spot.
(Casey can be seen in the promo pushing the vacuum cleaner.)

“That’s great that you enjoyed the promo,” says Kespohl. “We do have a very talented creative crew who isn’t afraid to try new things and think outside the box, and they’ve helped us to be very successful.”

20150219__150220ae-wcco_300WCCO’s Mid Morning started on March 30 and is anchored by Jason DeRusha and Kylie Bearse. It’s not the first 9 a.m. newscast in town.

Mike Caputa, WCCO’s news director, says Mid Morning will have “all the news, weather headlines, everything that’s happening there, but some additional features designed to showcase things going on around town.”

I asked WCCO’s morning producer, Bess Ellison, how she views the show’s content and how the new 9 a.m. newscast was going so far.

“During the 9-10 a.m. hour, viewers will get a good glimpse of all the top stories, what’s happening in the weather and find out about places and events around our community. We are also taking time to go into depth about the issues and stories that are trending. Instead of just a quick 30-second story, we have a panel of our anchors/reporters that weigh in on those topics and provide insight from their expertise and experiences. I think the variety of content helps set us apart from our competition.

We are two weeks in now and everything is going better than I ever could’ve imagined! It feels like we’ve been doing the show for years.”

Rick Ellis wrote a review of WCCO’s Mid Morning, saying: “It would be interesting to open up the show a bit internally. Do a webcam desk segment with someone from the website. Talk to a producer or assignment editor about a story or two that are being worked on for stories later in the day. It’s the type of thing that’s casual without being lightweight. And while I’m happy there’s not a live audience, it might be fun to occasionally have live acoustic/folk/roots music for the bumper music.

“All of this is a long way of saying that Mid Morning is a new hour that at its worst is going to be a solid addition to WCCO’s lineup.”

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KARE Anchors Trespass In Super Bowl Promo

kareKARE, the Gannett-owned NBC affiliate in Minneapolis, created a special promo to air during half-time at yesterday’s Super Bowl. And then it created special messages to air and use on air and in social media to promote watching the special promo during half-time of yesterday’s Super Bowl, which aired on NBC.

Erik Candiani, KARE’s marketing and creative services director, even appeared in a newscast to discuss the special promo.

The 2018 Super Bowl will be played at a brand new Viking Stadium in Minneapolis and be televised on NBC. Construction of the fixed roof stadium is underway on the site of the old Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome in downtown.

So KARE got permission to shoot the first commercial inside the construction site to air during yesterday’s Super Bowl to promote that fact.

As Candiani wrote, “We had a little fun with this.”

Word is the creative turned out so well that the Minnesota Vikings have expressed interest in licensing it for distribution.

First the spot, then some bloopers.

NOTE: If the videos require a password, it’s karepromo. Hopefully, they won’t.