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KPDX Rebrands To ‘Fox 12 Plus’ In Portland, OR

KPDX, Meredith’s MyNetworkTV affiliate in Portland, Ore., will rebrand itself to Fox 12 Plus on Feb. 12.

The move will expand the brand of KPTV, Fox 12, the Fox affiliate there, also owned by Meredith.

As part of the change, Fox 12 Plus will add news hours, expanding its weeknight 8 and 9 newscasts to seven days a week.

Adrienne Roark

The station will also have weather breaks from the KPTV’s weather team.

Throughout the day, viewers will see short stories from popular Good Day Oregon segments, Andy’s Adventures and On the Go with Joe, that introduce viewers to exciting local happenings.

“This really gives us the ability to leverage the power of the number one brand in the market, FOX12, and expand it to a long-standing station in this community,” said Adrienne Roark, the stations’ general manager.

“We’re excited about Fox 12 Plus!”

Here’s a recent example of Andy’s Adventures and a Facebook graphic for On the Go with Joe:


How Stations Use News Topicals On Facebook

This is the final part of our five-part series, Building Viewership with News Topicals. Read Part 4 here.

Across the country, millions of people watch the entertainment programming TV stations provide during the day and at night. So it makes sense for stations to promote their newscasts topically within all that programming in the hopes viewers will stay and watch the next newscast.

For years, this was the only means stations had to recruit news viewers with the news of the day, unless stations bought time on other media, like radio, print or cable.

Then came Facebook.

Facebook provides stations with another — and much more mobile — screen to reach potential news viewers.

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Creativity, Flexibility Drive Best News Topicals

This is Part 4 of our five-part series, Building Viewership with News Topicals. Read Part 3 here.

News topicals can take many forms.

Some creative services directors and topical writer/producers say recording the main news anchor sitting behind the anchor desk works best for their station.

Others see value in shooting their news anchor in the newsroom, cinéma vérité style.
And other stations try to feature real people and sound bites, along with reporter teases from the field.

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Finding And Keeping News Topical Writer/Producers

This is Part 3 of our five-part series Building Viewership with News Topicals. Read Part 2 here.

Creative services directors are finding it harder and harder to find good news topical writer/producers.

Some grow their own, plucking them right out of college, perhaps as interns, and train them. Others look internally, finding someone already at the station who wants to be creative.

With bigger salaries to offer, CSDs in bigger markets have the ability to recruit from smaller markets, but that presents challenges, too.

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What It Takes To Create Quality News Topicals

This is Part 2 of a five-part series, Building Viewership with News Topicals. Read Part 1 here.

Being a news topical writer/producer is one of the toughest jobs in local TV news marketing.

And to do that job well, the experts say, you need to have a passion for journalism, a thorough knowledge of what news is covering in the newscast, the ability to recognize what stories will resonate with viewers, and the confidence to promote those stories even if they’re not the news department’s top stories.

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KPHO Launches New Set And Graphics

KPHO, Meredith’s CBS affiliate in Phoenix, unveiled a new set that includes two video walls, a touchscreen monitor, LED curtains, LED ticker displays as well as advanced lighting that can change the look of the set within seconds.

Along with the new set, the station launched a new graphics package designed by Hothaus Creative.

The new graphic look introduces a golden orange color palette along with more vibrant blues giving the newscasts an overall brighter feel.

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WNEM Claims No. 1 Spot In Social In Flint, MI

WNEM, Meredith’s Flint-Saginaw-Bay City, Mich., CBS affiliate, leads the market in social actions in the past six months according to data from audience insight firm Shareablee, but it’s a close two-station race.

WNEM racked up almost 1.4 million social actions in that period, accounting for almost half (42%) of the total engagement generated in the market’s total 3.2 million actions.

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Trucks And Trash: Sweeps Promos/Stories

Last week, on the first day of the February sweeps period, I asked TV stations to share their special report promos along with the stories they promote.

I know, every day is sweeps at your station. But in some cases, newsrooms still do special reports.

That means local TV creative services departments are busy writing and producing the promos for these reports.
If your station has a February special report promo and story you want to share, let me know at [email protected].

Here are a few sweeps promos I found on Facebook and the stories they promote.

WCAU, the NBC O&O in Philadelphia, discovered tens of millions of tons of medical waste, asbestos and municipal trash shipped to Pennsylvania for disposal from out of state.

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WGCL Editorial Ponders Real Vs. Fake News

I follow many TV stations’ Facebook pages. It’s fascinating to me to see what news stories these stations are sharing on Facebook.

And from time to time, I’ll share them on Market Share.

In November, TVNewsCheck’s editor, Harry Jessell, in one of his weekly “Jessell at Large” feature, tackled the issue of stations airing editorials, an idea he once favored.

“But, now, in the wake of the extraordinary presidential campaigning and the erosion of trust in media it exposed, I think editorials and commentary are the last things TV stations ought to become involved in,” he wrote.

His provocative column generated quite a few comments and soon, other industry titans took issue with his stance and penned their own ideas.

Last year, Meredith’s CBS affiliate WGCL Atlanta started a segment called Just a Minute, which features editorials and opinions from 10 former well-known news people in the Atlanta market, a sort of Who’s Who of former Atlanta broadcast journalists.

Click here to go the Just a Minute web page to see more editorials.

Here’s one I caught last night that wonders who’s in charge of determining what is real and what is fake news.

Just a Minute Contributor Paul Crawley wonders who will be in charge of determining what is real or fake news.

Posted by CBS46 on Thursday, December 29, 2016

WSMV Adds ‘Today In Nashville’ To Morning Lineup

what-on-tvWhen a TV station wants to add new entertainment fare to its daytime lineup, most go the syndicated programming route. The costs are known, the promos are fed every day, and there’s usually a track record of expected performance levels. It’s turnkey.

And daytime television isn’t exactly a revenue generator. So you know what you’re going to get; the risk is low and you’ll take whatever rewards come with it.

Some stations fill the programing holes with local news, especially in those time periods that lead-in to already scheduled newscasts. The talent is there, content is available and the necessary production capabilities are ready to use.

Then there are a few brave stations that opt to go it alone. Create their own local entertainment show. From scratch.

Consider the risks. Hire new talent to host the show. Build or reconfigure existing studio space to produce the show. Book guests. Create new promos for the show. The list goes on and on. The investment is daunting for a station to carry alone, and the rewards, well, are in the eye of the beholder.

untitleddb794ccae16f4fa28c6d4cba38f5fe7b-hdWSMV, Meredith’s NBC affiliate in Nashville, is banking on the city’s country music popularity to carry its new morning entertainment show, Today in Nashville, which launches this morning at 11.

Today in Nashville will air live following the fourth hour of NBC’s The Today Show.

“Nashville has needed a locally produced show that takes viewers inside the music scene and highlights our community,” said Doreen Wade, WSMV’s general manager.

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