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Brand New News Promos And Some Classics, Too

Before you watch this first spot, you need some history.

Its roots go all the way back to the 1980s when a concept promo called Home Movies was created for WPVI, ABC’s Philadelphia O&O.

The idea is that a family visits the Philadelphia area and shoots some home movies of their trip. Then they’re at home watching the movies when they notice that everywhere they went, a news van managed to work its way into the shot.

“It’s a great example of a simple, single idea that’s well-executed,” said Mike Davis, the man who originated the spot.

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Looking For A Proven TV Marketing Director?

Rob Thomas

It’s that time of year when everyone wants to be with their family to celebrate the holidays.

And Rob Thomas wants that togetherness feeling to last all year long, through spring and summer, for birthdays and anniversaries, for years to come.

Thomas, former creative services director at WAVE, Raycom’s NBC affiliate in Louisville, Ky., is making a lifestyle change and you can benefit.

Thomas wants to be closer to family and has chosen Little Rock and Fayetteville in Arkansas, or Memphis, as locations.

I’ve known Thomas since my days as VP of Marketing at Nexstar when he was the creative services director at KARK.

I highly recommend him for his leadership, vision and character.

I’ve written about his successes through the years including the time his station’s household shares for the morning news went from an 18 to a 31 thanks to an 18-spot marketing campaign by Thomas and his staff.

On his second day on the job at WAVE in Louisville, there was a school shooting. And Thomas got a baptism by gunfire by working on the front lines in the newsroom.

So if you’re a TV station in Little Rock or Fayetteville or Memphis, and need a proven, experienced news marketer in any role, contact Thomas, before your competition does.

WHBQ’s Clever Promo For Front Porch Thieves

I’d like to think that I would have thought of it.

That the idea was so obvious, it would have popped into my head the second the topic of the special report was described to me.

But I doubt it.

This promo is the perfect concept for Facebook. How many of us are seeing videos like this from people’s home security cameras on their Facebook feed these days?

And since it’s said that 85% of Facebook users don’t listen to what they’re watching, no audio is needed for this spot.

Plus, at around 10 seconds, it’s the perfect length for this platform.

I love simple ideas that are well-executed.

Check out this clever promo from WHBQ, the Cox-owned Fox affiliate in Memphis.

DIY home security

IS YOUR HOUSE SAFE? #DIY home security has soared in popularity, but not all systems are equal. The 3 things you should know before buying, tonight at 10: http://bit.ly/2igT68y

Posted by FOX13 Memphis on Monday, October 30, 2017

Picture Yourself In Memphis As Creative Services Director

Seems fitting to play this song while you read this about an opening in Memphis.

WATN, Nexstar’s ABC affiliate in Memphis, wants you to consider its opening for a creative services director. In addition to WATN, you’ll also oversee Nexstar’s Fox and CW affiliates.

This is a hands-on position where you will lead by example. The right person will lead the overall promotion and marketing strategy for the station(s) with a targeted focus on building our news brand.

Memphis, the birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll, the Blues City, home to Elvis, Cash, Otis, Aretha.

Memphis sits on a bluff near the confluence of the Mississippi and Wolf Rivers, just a couple hundred miles from Nashville.

How you like your barbecue, wet or dry?

The average cost of a home here is about $180,000, while the average two-bedroom/two-bathroom apartment rents for $726 a month.

Click here to go to TVNewsCheck’s job center listing for more information and how to apply.


KARK Hosts Third Regional Nexstar Training Day

Twenty-six people from 12 different markets drove close to 3,500 miles one-way to attend a news training session at KARK and KLRT, the NBC and Fox affiliates in Little Rock earlier this month.

KARK is owned by Nexstar which operates KLRT, owned by Mission Broadcasting, under a shared services agreement.

It’s the third annual continuing-education session for Nexstar employees, which this year included participants from Nexstar’s new markets, Topeka, Wichita, and Knoxville, following Nexstar’s acquisition of Media General.


Meeting new journalists at #NexstarTD in Little Rock!

Those attending included news anchors, reporters, assignment editors, news producers, digital media producers and one news director.

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Raycom Stations Join Forces In Flood Relief Fund Raiser

wvue-logoWVUE, Raycom’s Fox affiliate in New Orleans, is conducting an all-day fundraiser today to help the Red Cross provide services for those affected by flooding in Louisiana.

After a week of historic rain, widespread flooding continues in many areas, roads are still closed, and hundreds are displaced.

Flood waters from the Red River engulf houses in the River Bluff subdivision in Bossier City“It’s not only our duty as broadcasters to make sure our viewers are safe, either by warning them early of dangerous weather or keeping them informed as those storms move through our area, but after the storm passes, it is also our duty to help those around us who have been affected,” said Tim Ingram, WVUE’s general manager.

maxresdefault“We feel we can be the most effective by raising funds for the American Red Cross.”

WVUE is being joined by iHeart Radio New Orleans and several other Raycom TV stations in Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee.

To donate, visit FOX8Live.com/FloodRelief or text Flood to 88008.

The Raycom stations participating in addition to WVUE include, WAFB, Baton Rouge; KPLC, Lake Charles; KSLA, Shreveport; WDAM, Hattiesburg; WLOX, Biloxi; and WMC, Memphis.

WREG Celebrates Its 60th Birthday

wreg3-001What was on television in 1956?

Ed Sullivan, soap operas went from 15 minutes to a half-hour, and videotape was first used.

Jonathan Winters used it to be able to play two characters in the same skit.

And on Sunday, Jan. 1 of 1956, WREG, (the call letters were WREC then) signed on the air.

WREG, Tribune’s CBS affiliate in Memphis, celebrated its 60th birthday on New Year’s Day.

Ron Walter

Ron Walter

“For the past 60 years the station has been quite strong,” said Ron Walter, WREG’s general manager, “going all the way back to the visionary Hoyt Wooten who actually founded the station.”

WREG’s hour-long special, Memphis: On A Mission, was recently nominated for an Emmy.

The special aired with no commercials and explored what can be done to make the community a better place in which to live.

Here’s Part 1 of the special and below that is how the station’s news department covered its 60-year anniversary.

November Sweep Is Here; Does It Matter Anymore?

oct 29Thursday, Oct. 29, begins the November 2015 TV sweeps period.

In these days of Nielsen meters and Rentrak, do sweeps really matter anymore?

Mike Monsell

Mike Monsell

“Everyone thought LPM’s (local people meters) would diminish the significance of sweeps,” says Mike Monsell, creative service director for WPVI, the ABC O&O in Philadelphia, “but that didn’t hold true. All it did was make the other non-sweep months more important. So, for us, every month … every day is important now. But the sweep months will always be unique, as the networks and syndicators still ramp up their efforts during these months.”

News ratings aren’t won during sweeps, they are only measured then. So what is your station doing to heighten awareness about your news product?

Every ratings period, the Market Share blog calls for you to share your sweeps promos and the stories they promote.

That means the story has already aired, so there’s no compromising any competitive secrets. We just want to share what local TV news operations are doing to increase sampling.

So please send me links or embed codes (embed codes will be the death of me) to your promo examples and the stories they promote.

That is, if, in these days of meters and Rentrak, sweeps really matter anymore.

Here’s a November sweeps supertease from WHBQ, the Cox-owned Fox affiliate in Memphis.

WHBQ Memphis Names New Creative Services Director

Ron+DeJosephRon DeJoseph is the new creative services director at WHBQ, the Cox-owned Fox affiliate in Memphis.

DeJoseph comes from WSOC, Cox’s ABC affiliate in Charlotte, N.C., where he’s currently the promotion manager, running the marketing department until WSOC hires a creative services director there. WSOC’s former creative services director went to the Cox operation in Jacksonville, Fla.

One of the practices I admire about the Cox Media Group (CMG) is how they promote from within, grooming key employees to embrace the company’s working philosophy and giving them a path to greater opportunities.

“I’m thrilled about the opportunity to advance my career within CMG,” says DeJoseph. “I’ve learned so much during my tenure at WSOC and I look forward to contributing to the growth of one of our newest properties.”

When I asked DeJoseph about assuming the leadership role at WHBQ, he seemed to know exactly what he was going to do.

“We’re going to instill the Cox brand of news and marketing,” he says, adding that Cox is known as a very research-driven media company.

“We’ll take the research and connect the dots through the process, from writing, to story-boarding to pre-production, shooting, editing and post production.”

If I was in the marketing department at WHBQ, this would be music to my ears. A solid plan, based on research, driven by a passionate, experienced leader. Where do I sign up?

DeJoseph is a 10-time Emmy Award winning producer and editor.

“Ron spearheaded the migration and integration of cinema cameras and gear, transforming WSOC’s creative services into a one-stop shop to shoot and produce high-end, impactful image campaigns,” says Paul Briggs, WHBQ’s general manager.

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Raycom Stations Unite For Tornado Relief

raycomOn a map, Memphis, Tenn., and Biloxi, Miss., are almost 400 miles apart. Biloxi sits on the far southern Gulf Coast of Mississippi while Memphis is just across the state line above northern Mississippi.

But when tragedy struck residents in central Mississippi, geography couldn’t keep Raycom television stations in Memphis and Biloxi from joining together, along with Raycom stations in Jackson and Hattiesburg, Miss., to assist residents in their communities.

Two days before Christmas, tornadoes touched down in central Mississippi killing five people and destroying more than 300 homes and businesses. One was an EF3 with sustained winds of 125 mph.

On Thursday, Jan. 8, those four Raycom TV stations — WDAM Hattiesburg, WLBT Jackson, WLOX Biloxi and WMC Memphis — simultaneously conducted a special one-day fundraiser, Mississippi Tornado Relief: Hope, Help & Healing, which raised more than $200,000 for the Greater Pine Belt Community Foundation. The foundation will assist with the long-term recovery needs of those tornado victims.

“A great example of what local broadcasters bring to their local communities,” is how Lec Coble, Raycom’s corporate marketing director, described it.

Coble also commented on how the power of marketing “can be used to assist the local communities we work in and serve every day.”


wdam_twitterThe stations involved shared the need with viewers through news coverage, promotion on the air, online and through social media.

“This is exactly what we believe local television is all about,” said Paul McTear, Raycom CEO.

“We are grateful to our viewers in Mississippi and the Memphis, Tennessee area for coming together and assisting their neighbors in such a large and meaningful way.”