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Picture Yourself In Memphis As Promo Manager

Can you picture yourself Walking in Memphis?

Might as well listen to Marc Cohn’s great song while you imagine yourself there (or John Hiatt’s Memphis in the Meantime).

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KXTV Reporter Finds Offbeat Stories On Backroads

John Bartell

John Bartell

“I find these weird, quirky stories on California’s backroads,” says John Bartell, a reporter at Tegna’s ABC affil KXTV Sacramento,and the guy behind Bartell’s Backroads.

You might find Bartell’s stories on the side of the road, but more likely off the beaten path.

“I’m on one story and something catches my eye,” is how Bartell describes how he finds his stories.

Haven’t you ever been driving down the road and you see something unusual, and wonder to yourself, what’s the story with that? That’s what Bartell does, tells the backstory.

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PromaxBDA 2018 Station Summit Sneak Peek

Creative services directors, marketing directors, audience development specialists, brand managers and promotions managers at TV stations across the country are anxiously awaiting the Station Summit, the annual conference put on by PromaxBDA June 25-26 in Las Vegas.

No matter what title they hold, these are the top marketing executives at their respective stations responsible for increasing viewership on broadcast and engagement on social.

And they flock to Vegas in June to hear and see industry speakers, attend educational sessions, meet with their respective networks and syndicators to learn the latest trends in all things related to marketing local television and local news.

For first-time attendees, a word of advice: pack a light jacket.

Because although it’s normally over 100 degrees outside, you’ll spend nearly all your time inside the Mirage resort, and the air conditioning can give you a chill.

Rick Swanson, the man charged with programming and marketing the Station Summit, says registration is pacing ahead of last year’s summit.

Gary Brown

In fact, Meredith is sending its news directors along with its creative services directors from all its 12 markets to the summit.

“It’s a way to invest in the people in news and marketing now more than ever,” said Gary Brown, Meredith’s new news and marketing VP.

“What better way to foster that than put them together. News and marketing can’t have silos.”

And given the focus of the summit this year, having news directors attend is a smart move.

Rick Swanson

“I would say that the major theme of the Station Summit this year is the convergence of content and marketing,” says Swanson.

“Because of the shift in audience behavior, we no longer live in a world where the newsroom does the news stories and the promo department does the promos. This is really a time and a place where television stations have to think about working together, forging partnerships between these two departments.”

Swanson says there are three sessions scheduled on this theme at the Station Summit.

Hashtag Our Stories, says Swanson, is “going to be really eye opening.”

Yusuf Omar

Led by Yusuf Omar, former CNN senior social media reporter and Sumaiya Omar, a social media consultant, “their tool of choice in this 360-degree world is the mobile phone,” says Swanson.

“I think for a large number of people that this is going to be a game changer. I think it’s going to really open their eyes to a whole different way of doing, not only telling stories in the 24/7 on-demand world, but also how to tell stories in that fast-paced world. So it’s going to be very exciting.”

Swanson says there will be a workshop using just a mobile phone. “I think that’s going to be powerful for a lot of stations.”

Larry Rickel

Another session about convergence of content and marketing is When Worlds Collide: Content and Marketing Convergence led by Larry Rickel, president of The Broadcast Image Group.

This session will challenge how news and marketing have traditionally functioned by “attacking the product from a completely different operational perspective.”

“What we are proposing in this session with Worlds Collide is tearing those walls down. In a lot of stations, the news departments’ news rooms and marketing departments sit in the same room together because there is a constant dialogue back and forth and each department is participating in the storytelling from various different angles, really utilizing all of the resources of the television station to get a story out in a meaningful way.”

Alan Schnur

Stuff Great Leaders Always Do (and One Thing They’d Never Do) is led by Alan Schnur, the founder of The Schnur Group, and will focus on “those interpersonal barriers that traditionally exist between a marketing department and a news department,” says Swanson.

He adds that this year’s theme of content and marketing convergence “will inspire innovation at many different television stations. It’s very exciting stuff.”

Very exciting indeed. See you at the Summit.

Click here for more information about this year’s Station Summit including an updated list of the sessions scheduled for Thursday, June 28.

Picture Yourself In Richmond As Brand Manager

In researching what it’s like to live in Richmond, Va., I came across this review:

Richmond is a city with lots of trees and history. It has the amenities of a big city, great restaurants, lots of microbreweries and music! If you enjoy hiking and biking go to Belle Isle, Browns Island or the Capital Trail. Carytown has a plethora of local shops and restaurants. If you want to live not far from the mountains or beaches in an affordable East Coast City, Richmond IS THE PLACE!!

WWBT, Raycom’s NBC affiliate in the market, needs an audience development and brand manager responsible for growing audiences on every screen, including broadcast, mobile, OTT, desktop and social media.

This is a hands-on position for someone who is a strong writer, shooter and editor, but can also implement market research recommendations and achieve goals in audience development and revenue growth.

Richmond is the only city in the country with a Class IV white water rapids running through its downtown.

History is all around you here. Thomas Jefferson designed the state capitol, and George Washington designed the nation’s first canal system here.

Richmond is for lovers. Almost 30% of the population is unmarried, making it the No. 1 city in the nation to find love.

Apartment rents average about $950 for a 2-bedroom and houses average about $210,000.

Click here to go TVNewsCheck’s Media Job center for more information and directions on how to apply.


KXTV’s Teacher Series Wins State Teachers Award

KXTV, Tegna’s ABC affiliate in Sacramento, Calif., earned the highest honor given by the California Teachers Association’s (CTA) for its Teacher of the Month campaign.

The John Swett Award honors excellence in education reporting and this is the fourth consecutive year KXTV has been its recipient.

The awards honor individuals, publications, websites, television and radio stations for their outstanding achievements in reporting and interpreting public education issues.

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Jackson’s WJTV Needs A Creative Services Director

Nexstar’s CBS affiliate in Jackson, Miss., WJTV, is looking for a creative services director.

Jackson (DMA: 95) is the state capital and is the largest metro area in Mississippi, leading the charge for the arts, culinary and cultural progression while holding on to its distinct Southern charm.

As WJTV’s new creative services director, you’ll direct brand strategies and marketing across TV, digital and other video platforms.

You’ll be responsible for the consistent, successful execution of all creative projects from estimation through launch and maintenance.

In addition, you’ll be responsible for the marketing and brand development of Nexstar’s CBS affiliate in Hattiesburg, about 90 miles south, WHLT.

If you’re up for the challenge of running two shops and want to make your mark in one of the biggest broadcast companies in the land, click here to go TVNewsCheck’s Media Job center for more information and directions on how to apply.

You’ll live in a city where more than a quarter of the city’s population is younger than 20.

The average rent in Jackson for a two-bedroom apartment is $766, and the median price for a house is $129,500.

New Weather And Morning News Promos

Here are three new (about a month old) news promos from Charlotte, Memphis and Pittsburgh.

Having written and produced many morning news and weather promos, it’s interesting to discover how the creative is different at each station.

Here’s a morning news spot from WSOC, Cox’s ABC affiliate in Charlotte, N.C.

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WAFB Rules Social Media In Baton Rouge

Social Scorecard this week shows how WAFB is able to dominate Baton Rouge’s social media actions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram over the past six months.

Raycom’s CBS affiliate in the Louisiana capital, is first in social media actions in the market over the last six months according to data from audience insight firm Shareablee.

WAFB ranked No. 1 among members of the DMA (94) while also generating the highest engagement on the top platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

WAFB led on Facebook with over 2.4 million actions, was first on Instagram with almost 34,000 actions, and topped Twitter with almost 150,000 actions.

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Picture Yourself In KC As Promo Producer

It’s not hard to picture yourself working in these digs.

This is the new office space for creative services at WDAF, Tribune’s Fox affiliate in Kansas City. Go ahead, pick out where you’d like to sit.

WDAF tore down the walls in creative services and made a really hip, cozy work space for its staff. Read all about it and see some of its latest work in a Market Share article from last week here.

But if you can see yourself working there as a promo producer, you’ll need to bring your A game.

Here are some key traits Danielle Ray, WDAF’s CSD, needs from the right candidate:

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Stories That Touch Hearts Turns Gold For Tegna

Where does true innovation come from?

Often it’s as simple as bringing together some smart people and allowing them free range to present ideas and brainstorm.

Heart Threads began that way, born at a Tegna summit where new ideas for TV and digital were being discussed.

It started when someone wondered if the “feel-good” stories many Tegna stations were producing for their respective Facebook pages could be exposed to a larger audience.

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