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How Stations Use News Topicals On Facebook

This is the final part of our five-part series, Building Viewership with News Topicals. Read Part 4 here.

Across the country, millions of people watch the entertainment programming TV stations provide during the day and at night. So it makes sense for stations to promote their newscasts topically within all that programming in the hopes viewers will stay and watch the next newscast.

For years, this was the only means stations had to recruit news viewers with the news of the day, unless stations bought time on other media, like radio, print or cable.

Then came Facebook.

Facebook provides stations with another — and much more mobile — screen to reach potential news viewers.

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Creativity, Flexibility Drive Best News Topicals

This is Part 4 of our five-part series, Building Viewership with News Topicals. Read Part 3 here.

News topicals can take many forms.

Some creative services directors and topical writer/producers say recording the main news anchor sitting behind the anchor desk works best for their station.

Others see value in shooting their news anchor in the newsroom, cinéma vérité style.
And other stations try to feature real people and sound bites, along with reporter teases from the field.

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Finding And Keeping News Topical Writer/Producers

This is Part 3 of our five-part series Building Viewership with News Topicals. Read Part 2 here.

Creative services directors are finding it harder and harder to find good news topical writer/producers.

Some grow their own, plucking them right out of college, perhaps as interns, and train them. Others look internally, finding someone already at the station who wants to be creative.

With bigger salaries to offer, CSDs in bigger markets have the ability to recruit from smaller markets, but that presents challenges, too.

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What It Takes To Create Quality News Topicals

This is Part 2 of a five-part series, Building Viewership with News Topicals. Read Part 1 here.

Being a news topical writer/producer is one of the toughest jobs in local TV news marketing.

And to do that job well, the experts say, you need to have a passion for journalism, a thorough knowledge of what news is covering in the newscast, the ability to recognize what stories will resonate with viewers, and the confidence to promote those stories even if they’re not the news department’s top stories.

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Building Viewership With News Topicals, Part 1

Tonight at 11, there’s a big change in the weather forecast.

That’s one of the better 4-second news topicals you can write.

Granted, not one you can use every night, only when conditions warrant, yet weather is the main reason people watch local news, and a ‘change’ in the forecast creates a thirst for news.

News topicals, those ubiquitous promos embedded in programming enticing viewers to watch the next newscast, have been a staple of local TV news since forever.

Effective topical news promotion can lead to sampling, and during sweeps, possibly into ratings.

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Warner/Chappell Nominated For PromaxBDA Award

Warner/Chappell Production Music, Warner Music Group’s production music arm, has been nominated for a PromaxBDA Local Award in the Use of Original Music in a Promo category.

The nominated piece, The Ones for Texas, was created in conjunction with KTVT Dallas-Fort Worth.

“I’m excited that this collaboration with KTVT is nominated for a Local Award,” said Mark Agent, Warner/Chappell Production Music’s director of licensing, local television, “and proud to have been a part of a campaign that celebrates diversity and connects to its viewers’ Texas pride. To be nominated in a category that we’ve won with KTVT before is a thrill.”

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Clever, Creative, Sophisticated Back-To-School Promos

Back-2-SchoolSlow down, keep your eyes open and STOP for those school buses.

If you’re not already seeing little ones standing by the side of the road waiting for their school bus, it won’t be long until you are.

Here are a couple back-to-school promos that I think are memorable and original.

First, creating high-concept spots using talent is challenging. Finding the right talent is key, but with the new low-cost, high-quality cameras many stations are using that give a Hollywood film look to every promo, the spots can look terrific.

You really have to think about the direction, continuity, the blocking and then the editing, before you shoot.

Here are two spots that are high-concept using talent that work really well.


Phil Wrobel

Phil Wrobel

The first is from WXYZ, the Scripps ABC affiliate in Detroit.

“I wanted to pass along a promo our team here at WXYZ produced that I feel is a pretty original idea for a back-to-school spot,” said Phil Wrobel, WXYZ’s creative services director.

I agree, totally original.

“Our concept was to stay true to our brand and create something memorable.”

I agree, very memorable, it sticks with you. Great concept and very well executed.

“We also wanted to leave viewers feeling good about our station and our morning team. I think we accomplished something special with this one and the little girl in the spot is absolutely adorable!”

Adorable, yes, I agree.

“I hope you enjoy it as much as we did producing it!” said Wrobel.

Yes, I enjoyed it.

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Dallas Stations Augment Shooting News On Facebook

untitledDallas was in shock early Friday after gunmen shot and killed five police officers and wounded seven during a peaceful protest Thursday night over fatal police shootings of black men in other states. In light of the events in Dallas overnight, I’m going to try and give readers a sample of the local coverage there via the Dallas TV stations’ Facebook page timelines.

Keep in mind that this situation is developing as we speak.

I visited the Facebook pages of the four major network affiliates in Dallas at around 7 a.m. ET today to see what the stations were posting to their timelines.

If any of the Dallas TV stations want to bring to my attention some element of their coverage or their marketing of this event as it unfolds throughout the day, I will do my best to update TVNewsCheck immediately.
[email protected]

Here are some examples from each.

If you want to go each TV station’s website to see their streaming coverage, here are all of their addresses and Facebook page links.

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Share Your 2016 PromaxBDA Gold Local Awards

promaxbda-2014-north-america-awards-finalists__largeThe 2016 PromaxBDA Local Awards were announced at last week’s Station Summit in Las Vegas.

There’s an article, Which Stations Won PromaxBDA Gold At The Station,  about which channels, stations, networks and broadcast groups won either gold, silver, or bronze here on Market Share that includes a link to PromaxBDA’s website where you can see the complete list.

But it’s one thing to see your station or company on a list as having won a gold award and it’s quite another to actually see the spot which won the award.

I want to share your Gold Award winning creative. Send me either a link/embed code or a low-res file and a paragraph or two with some background about the spot’s creative, production, rationale, effectiveness, etc.

Give your staff, your station, your group the recognition it deserves by sharing your Gold award winning work with the Market Share television community.

PromaxBDA members will be able to see the entire presentation on the PromaxBDA website in July.

Here’s one Gold Award winner from KTVT, the CBS-owned affiliate in Dallas, that won in the Use of Original Music in a Promo category for the music provided by Warner/Chappell Production Music.

Which Stations Won PromaxBDA Gold At The Station Summit?

promaxbda-2014-north-america-awards-finalists__largeCapitol Broadcasting’s WRAL in Raleigh, N.C.; Deseret Media’s KSL in Salt Lake City; and Tribune Creative were some of the big winners..

IMG_0048The awards were announced and shown during the 2016 PromaxBDA Station Summit, the annual celebration of the best marketing and design created for local broadcast audiences, at The Mirage in Las Vegas last week.

Other stations and/or channels taking home multiple gold awards include Comcast SportsNet Chicago,;Fox-owned KDFW Dallas;, NBC-owned KNBC Los Angeles; and Media General’s KOIN Portland, Ore.

The full list of PromaxBDA Awards Winners can be found by clicking here.

Market Share will be showing and sharing the Gold Award winners so keep coming back to see the work that the judges said were the best.



Actor and comedian Godfrey hosted Thursday’s ceremony at The Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Here’s one Gold winner entered by Warner/Chappell Production Music which won in the Use of Original Music in a Promo category. This is the second consecutive year Warner/Chappell Production Music has won in this category.

The winning spot, Listen to Larry, was created in conjunction with KTVT, the CBS O&O in Dallas.