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WLS Names David Lee VP Of Creative Services

David Lee

WLS, the ABC O&O in Chicago, has named David Lee vice president of audience development and creative services effective March 26.

John Idler

“David has been a creative force in the ABC station group and it’s exciting to have someone with his diverse experience and vision join WLS,” said John Idler, WLS’ general manager.

“David’s creative instincts combined with his expertise mining the digital space make him the ideal person to lead our station’s talented Creative Services Department.”

Lee comes to WLS from KTRK, the ABC O&O in Houston, where he held the same title.

Prior to joining KTRK, Lee worked as the creative services director at KFSN, the ABC-owned affiliate in Fresno, Calif., and at KXLY, the ABC affiliate in Spokane, Wash.

Lee was born and raised in Great Falls, Mont., and graduated from Montana State University with a degree in film and television production.

After college and a brief stint working in Hollywood, Lee began his TV career in Great Falls producing commercials, promotions and directing newscasts.

He also worked at WMAZ in Macon, Ga., and for 10 years at KMSP in Minneapolis.

Lee has been a part of many Emmy-award winning productions, and is a graduate of NAB’s 2012 Broadcast Leadership Training Program.

He currently serves on ABC’s affiliate marketing advisory board.

Crashing Deer And Seeing Dead People, It’s Sweeps

I recently moved a wee bit out in the country outside Philadelphia, so this promo spoke to me.

I often see deer in the middle of the day on the side of road, and there, they are cute. But having one walk out in front of your car at night is frightening and can be deadly.

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This Morning in Houston — Local TV Facebook Videos

When a major news event hits a community, like what is unfolding in Houston right now, the dynamics inside local TV stations change dramatically.

It’s an all-hands-on-deck mentality to serve the public.

Newsroom staff might not go home for days, and in some cases in Houston, because of flooded roads, I’m guessing many can’t.

Many will sleep wherever they can in the newsroom. Some might be lucky enough to catch a shower and a nap at a hotel.

And while they are all working at the station, many of them will have families that are flooded out of their homes, and need to be evacuated themselves.

If that’s the case with someone at your station, we want to know about it. Call me at 817-578-6324, or email me at [email protected].

I trolled many of the network affiliated Facebook pages for the local TV stations in Houston, and most were streaming live coverage.

Here are a few examples of Facebook videos from overnight and this morning, starting with a video from KHOU about how it handled flooding at its own station and studio.

Houston Stations’ Battling A.M. News Promos

We’re just a couple weeks into 2017, and some TV stations are already airing news image spots and campaigns.

One of the more important newscast time periods, the morning, has become an vital beachhead.

Win the local morning news, and you have all of the local advertising inventory in that 2-3 hours to sell. Win the local morning news and you have a platform to promote what’s coming up on your station all day.

In an earlier post this week, What’s New? 2017 Local TV Promos, I shared some new news promos from around the country, many of them for morning newscasts.

Have you just finished some new promos you’d like to share, email me at [email protected]. And you’re always invited to call at 817-578-6324 any time for any reason. Free marketing and brainstorm sessions are available.

NOTE: Just this week, a station creative services director sent me some new promos and asked me to critique them. I was direct in my assessment and offered some concrete examples. Here’s the response from the station:

Great critique. I appreciate this very much. I will apply it all to my future work.
Your examples have some great scripts that really “prove” everything. I will have to try this.

Now, here’s a music image spot from KHOU, the CBS affiliate in Houston owned by Tegna.

Notice that it’s a 60-second spot, which really stands out on most stations.

I couldn’t find any recent information about the song and writer, Wonderful Day by Rich McGowan, but here’s an article that’s a few years old with some background.

Here’s are some spots from KTRK, the ABC O&O in Houston.

All three spots are lushly lit and shot. Texans like to get their news from other Texans, so when they refer to one of the meteorologist as an Aggie, that means he went to Texas A&M.

And note the reference that Katherine Whaley is homegrown.

Special thanks to Mike McGuff’s and his blog for sharing these spots.

KTRK’s Dave Ward: A World Record Anchor

Dave Ward

Dave Ward

In any business, it’s exceedingly rare for an employee to work at the same place for 50 years. In the world of local television news anchors, it’s almost unheard of.

In fact, it’s happened only once, just this week, and it’s a world record.

Dave Ward, news anchor at KTRK, ABC’s Houston O&O, holds the world record as the longest-running local TV news anchor in the world at the same station, in the same market, according to the folks at Guinness World Records.

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Examples Of Houston TV Flood Coverage

Horserescue_1461035548209_3803911_ver1_0_1280_720The flooding in the Houston area has all of the major local TV stations in continuous coverage.

I went to several stations’ Facebook pages and selected some random stories to share.

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