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KNTV’s Investigative Series Wins duPont Award

KNTV, the NBC O&O in San Francisco, received the Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Award for its investigative series, Arrested at School.

Arrested at School, a 2-year long investigation, revealed how schools across the country call police to deal with minority students with disabilities at disproportionately higher rates than their peers.

As a result KNTV’s investigation, which was recognized with a George Foster Peabody award earlier in 2017, the San Jose Police Department and 34 Bay Area schools agreed to create formalized job descriptions for their campus officers.

“Thanks to the dogged dedication of our investigative team, our ‘Arrested at School’ series led to major policy changes here at home and in schools nationwide,” said Stephanie Adrouny, KNTV’s news director.

“The sweeping changes that resulted from our investigation reinforces our station’s mission of shining a light on questionable practices and holding the powerful accountable to make the Bay Area a better place to live for all,” said Stacy Owen, KNTV’s general manager.

Brand New Local TV News Promos

When I was a beginning writer/producer at WDSU in New Orleans in 1988, I would try to look at as many promos from around the country as I could.

That was the only way I could improve, to see what other stations were doing.

A line of copy, a concept, an editing technique, distort the video, whatever it was, I would file it away for use later, to incorporate and customize into some project I might be working on.

It’s a lot easier to see the work from other stations today than it was then. All of the following promos were uploaded within the last month.

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Trucks And Trash: Sweeps Promos/Stories

Last week, on the first day of the February sweeps period, I asked TV stations to share their special report promos along with the stories they promote.

I know, every day is sweeps at your station. But in some cases, newsrooms still do special reports.

That means local TV creative services departments are busy writing and producing the promos for these reports.
If your station has a February special report promo and story you want to share, let me know at [email protected].

Here are a few sweeps promos I found on Facebook and the stories they promote.

WCAU, the NBC O&O in Philadelphia, discovered tens of millions of tons of medical waste, asbestos and municipal trash shipped to Pennsylvania for disposal from out of state.

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Turning Facebook Users Into TV News Watchers

facebook-vs-tvTV stations face a dilemma every time they post on their Facebook page.

Should they give away free news to users on Facebook who want it now, or use Facebook to drive users to their other screens that pay the bills, like their websites or newscasts?

I follow many TV stations’ Facebook posts, and have interviewed many local TV executives about their use of Facebook for a weekly series called Social Scorecard on TVNewsCheck‘s sister site NetNewsCheck.

And almost universally, they mention this struggle between giving users free news and/or enticing users to go to the stations’ other screens, where there’s revenue.

Many stations report that upwards of 70% of their web traffic comes directly from Facebook.

And although it’s difficult to tie increased news ratings on TV directly to Facebook, many stations say they see a relationship.

So how are stations using their Facebook pages to get their fans to watch on TV, or go to their website?

Here are some random examples I found from the stations I follow on Facebook. By the way, if you want me to like/follow your station’s Facebook page, email me the link at [email protected].

It’s the November ratings period, so many stations are using Facebook to promote special reports for their TV newscasts.

In some cases, the Facebook promo is the same as the TV promo. But in many cases, the Facebook promo is different since it needs to be effective without any audio, as it’s been reported that 85% of Facebook users watch videos with the sound turned off.

I looked for posts that had a clear “call to action” to watch in either the post or the promo.

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Facebook Gives Local TV News National Exposure

Dire predictions about the death of local TV news a few years ago didn’t see Facebook coming.


Facebook has thrown local TV news a life line, giving it access to a new, younger audience, while also giving users access to the inner workings of the newsroom and the people who work there, who are increasingly younger themselves.

Facebook users of local TV news are more connected to the product and the people who create it than they ever were prior to social media.

Viewers who might have struggled to find a TV station’s phone number on its website can now talk instantly, in real time, back and forth, with their favorite anchors, reporters and meteorologists.

Tips from users lead to stories on the news; input from users often influences the direction a story might take.

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Fresh News Promos From Around The Country

what-on-tvI regularly monitor a list of TV station YouTube and Vimeo sites to check recent spots that have been uploaded.

I also follow many station Facebook pages for promo activity as well.

And of course, stations send me their latest and greatest and work to share.

Here are some recent work samples I found online. If you’d like me to monitor your station’s YouTube or Vimeo site or want me to follow your station’s Facebook page, send me that info.

And by all means, if you’ve got some work you want to share, let me know.

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Thunder Truck Leads NBC/Telemundo To PromaxBDA Gold Awards

promaxbda-2014-north-america-awards-finalists__largeThe 2016 PromaxBDA Local Awards were announced at last week’s Station Summit in Las Vegas.

The full list of PromaxBDA Awards Winners can be found by clicking here.

But it’s one thing to see your station or company on a list as having won a 2016 PromaxBDA Local gold, silver or bronze award and it’s quite another to actually see the spot which won the award.

So I asked the stations that won to send me a link or embed code or small rez file of their winning creative so they can give their staff, their station, their group the recognition it deserves by sharing it with the Market Share television community.

NBCUniversal_Owned_Television_Stations_(NBC_Owned_Television_Stations)_LogoHere are PromaxBDA Gold Awards from the NBC/Telemundo-Owned stations.

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Watch KNTV’s Emmy-Winning News Entries

CGMYIViUUAAboTFKNTV, the NBC O&O in San Francisco, won 14 Emmy Awards at the Northern California Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts gala held this past weekend.

KSTS, Telemundo 48, the Spanish-language station for San Francisco, also received 13 Emmy awards, the most in the station’s 28-year history, including the award for Best Daytime Newscast, Best Evening Newscast and four individual craft achievement awards.

Richard Cerussi

Richard Cerussi

“Our goal is to deliver high-quality news across, on-air and online, to our English and Spanish-language viewers and all the communities that we serve,” said Rich Cerussi, KNTV-KSTS general manager.

“We are honored to have been recognized with these awards; they are a true testament of the hard work and dedication that our talented team of journalists — at both stations — demonstrate every single day while reporting live and behind-the-scenes.”

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KNTV Finds Answers To California’s Drought In Israel

I know I have pointed this out before, but it’s worth repeating.

The opening visuals and music to all of KNTV’s investigative promos are always the same, except for a font change to title the story.

It’s not that the creatives at NBC’s San Francisco O&O are lazy or unimaginative; it’s that they understand consistent branding.

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KNTV Exposé Recognized With National Emmy

KNTV_LOOKF_LOGOWith annual sales of more than $48 billion, it’s the world’s largest food distributor.

Its customers include schools, hospitals and restaurants all over the world.

But Sysco had a secret that, once exposed, led the company to settle a consumer protection lawsuit in California for almost $20 million.

The secret — storing food in unrefrigerated storage sheds — was uncovered by NBC O&O KNTV San Francisco.

And its investigative series, Inside Sysco: Exposing North America’s Food Sheds, was honored with a national Emmy Award in the outstanding regional news story category.

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