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Grendel Levy New News Director At Nexstar’s WOWK

Grendel Levy

Grendel Levy is the new news director at WOWK, Nexstar’s CBS affiliate in Charleston-Huntington, W.Va. She starts later this month.

Levy joins WOWK from Boise, Idaho, where she worked for 7 years at ABC affiliate, KIVI, first as executive producer and then for the past 4 years as the station’s news director.

“I am sad to leave a team I truly respect and admire,” said Levy about KIVI, “but I am excited about this new challenge and the next chapter in my life! I look forward to many successes for my new team at WOWK.”

Levy shared this note she sent to her team at KIVI:

My News Family,

My heart aches as I type this. When you work with a group of people this closely, many of you for almost 7 years, it definitely feels like a family. We’ve won together, lost together and grown together. We’ve shared stressful moments and many happy times. We’ve come so far together and I’ll forever be proud of all of your accomplishments. I know that momentum will continue and I can’t wait to hear of future victories. We are so close! Just remember — unique content is what it’s all about. You are a very talented team of story tellers and you outshine all of the others in the market. Keep it up… and keep raising the bar!

Today it’s with great sadness that I must say I have decided to move on. I’ve accepted a job as news director of WOWK in Charleston, West Virginia.

NOTE: I worked with Levy briefly at KIVI when I was parachuted into Boise in 2011 for several months to help with the station’s marketing.

KIVI Promo Says Its News Anchor Can’t Grill

When you work alongside someone, you think you know them.

Don Nelson and Michelle Edmonds

Don Nelson and Michelle Edmonds

I worked alongside KIVI news anchors Don Nelson and Michelle Edmonds a few years ago at the Boise ABC affiliate owned by Scripps and thought I knew them well.

Both are solid news journalists, leaders in the newsroom, popular with the staff, do anything you wanted them to do kind of folks. Good people, as they say.

Nelson has been with KIVI for 23 years, while Edmonds has been there 12 years.

So it came as a shock when I saw some promos on Facebook that revealed they had shortcomings in other areas.

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November Sweeps: Online Preditors And Secret Cell Phone Tracking

kiviPredators know how to “groom” children online — find them, lure them and exploit them. And these predators come from all walks of life. KIVI, Journal’s ABC affiliate in Boise, Idaho, talks to the investigators inside Homeland Security to learn how they do it.

Another scary bit of news: your cell phone can be used to track your every move.

WXIA, Gannett’s NBC affiliate in Atlanta, shows how private investigators can secretly track the cell phones of cheating husbands and wives and anyone else who might have something to hide.

November Sweeps: Pickpockets And Satanic Killings

fox 29All during the November sweeps, we’re showing TV stations’ special reports promos and the news stories they promote.

Here’s a spot from WTXF, the Fox O&O in Philadelphia, about how pickpockets can steal the most valuable information in your wallet without even touching you.

FOX 29 News Philadelphia | WTXF-TV

And a bizarre story from KIVI, the Journal-owned ABC affiliate in Boise, Idaho. A young woman claims to have been part of a satanic cult that killed at least 5 children.

Here’s the promo and then part 1 of the three-part series.

We hate them, we love them; we quote them and question them. Sometimes, they make us happy; sometimes they make us cry. However, for those in the local TV news business, we can all agree they rule our lives. Happy November sweeps everybody.

This is the time your newsroom does special reports in your markets to heighten viewership. That means local TV creative services departments are busy writing and producing the promos for these reports. I thought it might be interesting to see what stories stations are promoting by sharing the promo examples from across the country in Market Share.

Here’s what I need — a YouTube or Vimeo link to any examples you want to share, along with a short explanation about it if you want.

And please include the link to the actual news story as well.

For competitive reasons, it might be best to submit only those promos that are already on your air.
My email and phone number are at the top of the column.