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WFTV’s Major Donation To 1,000 Anonymous People

TV stations routinely contribute to their communities in a myriad of ways. Food drives, grants to nonprofits, telethons to help disaster victims, clothing drives for the poor, pet adoption campaigns, and so many other programs that help either individuals or large segments of people in their markets.

But recently, a new idea used by some stations is being adopted; paying off medical bills for people in their markets.

I first heard about this when KIRO, the CBS affiliate in Seattle owned by Cox, relieved the burden of more than $1 million in medical debt owed by 1,000 people in Western Washington.

A few months later, the NBC/Telemundo stations announced their goal to abolish $1 billion of medical debt in 2018 for people in their markets.

The efforts all seem to work the same way. The stations purchase $1 million worth of medical debt from RIP Medical Debt, a nonprofit tackling the medical debt crisis in the country, for about $12,000.

Todd Ulrich

WFTV, Orlando’s ABC affiliate, and like KIRO in Seattle, owned by Cox, is paying off $1 million of medical debt for 1,000 people.

Those individuals, whose identity remains anonymous to WFTV, will receive a letter in the mail informing them that their debt has been paid.

Todd Ulrich, WFTV’s consumer investigator, has been uncovering the complicated system under which medical debt can be sold to collection agencies.

“The debt is often sold multiple times and for pennies on the dollar,” said Ulrich.

“But the balance owed can grow at 12% interest. Under that scenario the debt almost doubles in just six years, which forces some of our most vulnerable neighbors into extreme hardship.”

Matt Parcell

“Todd Ulrich has been making a difference in the lives of Central Floridians for decades,” said Matt Parcell, WFTV’s news director.

“This is some of the most impactful reporting he and Channel 9 have ever done.”

Since the story aired and was posted online, there has been an extraordinary response by viewers wanting to assist neighbors in need.

As a result, WFTV has created a donation page on wftv.com that allows members of the community to make donations toward paying off medical debt for individuals across Central Florida.

NBC/Telemundo Helps Eliminate Millions In Medical Debt

NBC and Telemundo Owned Television Stations Group have donated $150,000 to RIP Medical Debt, a nonprofit tackling the medical debt crisis in the country.

RIP will use the station group’s donation to locate, buy and forgive $15 million of medical debt owed by individuals in 11 markets.

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Picture Yourself In Seattle As Brand Manager

It’s not hard to picture yourself in Seattle.

In researching the City of Flowers, there’s so much to like.







It’s a seaport on Puget Sound, surrounded by water, mountains and evergreen forests with thousands of acres of parks and open lands.

Microsoft and Amazon are headquartered there.

Consequently, it’s been the fastest-growing big city in the U.S. since 2010.

Now, there’s a rare opening for a brand manager at Cox’s CBS affiliate, KIRO.

The brand manager, under supervision of the creative services director, relentlessly drives the execution of the department’s marketing goals to increase awareness and preference for the station’s brand while continuing to grow KIRO’s position as a market leader in all news dayparts.

The brand manager lives the KIRO brand in every piece of creative produced by the creative services department.

Therefore, you must be able to lead, supervise and mentor a team of highly-talented producers to ensure consistently focused and strategic brand reinforcement in all messaging, leveraging research to develop and produce spot-on image campaigns, social and on-air topicals, special report and proof of brand marketing across all platforms.

Click here to go to the TVNewsCheck Job Center for more specifics on the position’s requirements and rewards, and how to apply.

The average cost of a four-bedroom house, depending on the neighborhood, runs about $500,000 and apartment rentals on average are about $2,000.

Does it always rain in Seattle?

On average, there are about 192 sunny days.

Here’s a fun video about things to do in Seattle.

KIRO Pays Off Medical Debts Of 1,000 Viewers

Jesse Jones

KIRO, Cox’s CBS affiliate in Seattle, and the station’s consumer advocate, Jesse Jones, have relieved the burden of more than $1 million in medical debt owed by 1,000 people in Western Washington.

“This story is personal to me,” said Jones. “I am a cancer survivor who has survived medical debt. I’ve been on payment plans. I also have a job and insurance, but there are others out there not as fortunate as I am. It’s important to me to share their stories … and make a difference.”

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KIRO Celebrates Steve Raible’s 35 Years With The Station

KIRO, the CBS affiliate in Seattle owned by Cox, celebrated Steve Raible’s 35 years at the station on Wednesday.

Raible joined KIRO 7 in 1982, following a six-year career as a wide receiver with the Seattle Seahawks.

In his 35-year television career, Raible has been consistently recognized for his excellence in broadcasting, including five Regional Emmy Awards – two for Best Anchor – to go along with several National awards.

Raible has reported stories from Tokyo to Moscow and has covered Olympic Games and presidential campaigns.

A member of the Seattle Seahawks radio broadcast team through four decades, he took over the play-by-play duties and formed a new team alongside Warren Moon in 2004.

In the same year, he became a published co-author with his book, Steve Raible’s Tales from the Seahawks Sidelines.

For his work as a journalist and philanthropist, in 2005 former Governor Christine Gregoire proclaimed May 4 as Steve Raible Day in the state of Washington.

KIRO Uncovers Troubling Practices At Office Depot

office-depot-796x398In a hidden camera investigation, Cox-owned CBS affiliate KIRO Seattle uncovered troubling sales practices at Office Depot.

The three-month investigation by Jesse Jones, KIRO’s consumer reporter, revealed Office Depot employees recommending unnecessary and costly computer fixes to customers’ computers.

A current Office Depot employee told Jones that techs are pressured to sell unnecessary repairs in order to keep their jobs.

Jones’ investigation has been one of the most viewed stories on KIRO’s platforms this month with more than 15,000 page views, according to a statement from the station.

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KIRO’s Viewership Grows For Pride Parade

seattleKIRO’s coverage of the 42nd Annual Seattle Pride Parade on Sunday drew significantly more views to the station’s on-air, online and mobile platforms than the 2015 event.

KIRO_Eyewitness_News_logoKIRO, Cox’s CBS affiliate in Seattle, delivered a Livestream of the parade in its entirety, produced a one-hour special that aired at 11:30 p.m., and provided live coverage on KIRO and Facebook.

According to the station, Livestream views more than doubled year-to-year, and KIRO’s Facebook Live coverage reached 600,000.

KIRO Reporter Surprises New Parents With Car

Jessica Daniels and Genevieve

Jessica Daniels and Genevieve

Jessica Daniels and Ben Fairbanks have had a rough time lately.

Their new daughter, Genevieve, was born prematurely a few weeks ago.

While the parents, Army veterans, were spending time with her in the hospital, their car was stolen.

A few weeks ago, Daniels was in a car accident in the family’s other car.

Jesse Jones

Jesse Jones

Then Jesse Jones, consumer reporter at Cox’s Seattle CBS affiliate KIRO, entered the picture. He contacted Jim Walen of Ford/Hyundai of Kirkland, Wash., to see if he could help.

Jim Walen

Jim Walen

Walen and his wife donated a vehicle to the couple so that the new parents can now visit their daughter at any time they want.

The local fire department installed a new car seat before Jones surprised the family at the hospital.

“I’m amazed,” said Daniels through tears. “This restored my faith in people again. We hope that we can give back someday too when we can.”

Jesse Jones has a habit of causing tears of joy. Click here to read how Jones helped thousands of firemen battling the largest wildfire in Oregon’s history.

For the record, those firefighters were some 400 miles away from Seattle.

KIRO Delivers Tears Of Joy To Struggling Firefighters

firebar1firefightersThousands of firefighters, right now, are battling the largest wildfire in Washington State’s history. And the last thing they need is to run low on water. And food.

So when a call went out to KIRO’s consumer reporter, Jesse Jones, asking for help, Jones responded. KIRO is the Cox-owned CBS affiliate in Seattle.

Jesse Jones

Jesse Jones

Jones called a local grocery chain, Fred Meyer, which filled a truck with much-needed food and water, and headed east to the Okanogan Volunteer Fire Dept, some 400 miles away.

(I don’t know how big the Seattle TV market is, but if you went west 400 miles from here in Philadelphia, you’d be past Pittsburgh.)

The Okanogan Volunteer Fire Dept. is headquarters for the thousands of firefighters, many of them local volunteers, struggling to put out the wildfires threatening homes and residents in the area.

“I’ve learned there are three separate needs,” says Jones.

“The immediate is food, water and shelter. The next wave will come when people return home and need to replace critical items. They’ll also need gas cards for travel and to run generators. After that things turn long-term like jobs and housing.”

The mayor says many in the community shed tears of joy when they saw the truckload of supplies arrive.

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FINAL May Sweeps Spotlight: KIRO Seattle Investigates

fb_cover_virtual_bait_ton_5pWe hate them, we love them; we quote them and question them. Sometimes, they make us happy; sometimes they make us cry. However, for those in the local TV news business, we can all agree they rule our lives.

Happy end of May sweeps everybody.

Thanks to everyone who sent links of examples from their May sweeps promotion. And thanks to all who wrote in saying that they enjoyed seeing them. We’ll try it again next time. I thought that seeing the promo followed by the actual news story worked well.

But now that May sweeps have ended, don’t let it end your sharing your work with us here at Market Share. We will continue to update you each day with examples and new information, trends, innovations and techniques, and personnel moves. This is your column, so write me and tell me what you’d like to see more of here on a daily basis.

Today’s final May sweeps spot comes from KIRO, the CBS affiliate in Seattle.

Thanks to creative services director, Susan Connor, for being so generous with her station’s work.

“I am sending you one that aired last night that we did, good value to the viewer in the information we uncovered to protect children from porn and predators. A two part investigative series. I also included the Facebook elements I did. I do a social campaign on Facebook including covers and ads for all of our reports that will do well socially due to the topic. We will end the May Sweeps having produced 23 Investigative reports, all were promoted on KIRO 7, radio, cable, kirotv.com and on Facebook.”