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KING Names Jay Yovanovich Marketing Director

Jay Yovanovich

KING, Seattle’s NBC affiliate owned by Tegna, announced that Jay Yovanovich is the new director of marketing for both KING and independent KONG.

Yovanovich comes to KING from WRAL-WRAZ, the NBC-Fox duopoly in Raleigh,N.C., where he was at times promotion producer, promotion manager and director of marketing.

“I’m thrilled to lead the marketing efforts of one of the greatest stations in the country,” said Yovanovich.

“I’ve always admired KING’s legendary news tradition and stunning creative content,” he added. “It will be an honor to work with such an incredible brand on all platforms.”

Prior to WRAL, Yovanovich held promotion producer and creative services manager roles with stations in Pittsburgh and Charleston.

In his career thus far, Yovanovich has won four Gold Promax Awards and several Mid-South Emmy Awards.

Jim Rose

“We have the great fortune of hiring an immensely talented marketing executive like Jay,” said Jim Rose, KING’s general manager.

“He fully understands the legacy of the KING 5 brand, steeped in our journalistic roots and community service combined with a passion for our business.”

Although Yovanovich is from the New Jersey, he’s a Blue Hen, a graduate of the University of Delaware.

Here are a few promos from Yovanovich’s Vimeo page.

Seattle’s KING Rules TV Stations’ Social Media

How can you become the market leader in social media?

Evonne Benedict, KING’s audience engagement manager, has one word of advice: Listen.

That may sound like an obvious suggestion, but here she describes how KING, and all Tegna stations, have turned listening into a science that has led them to rule social media and give their audience just the kind of news coverage they want.

KING, Tegna’s Seattle’s NBC affiliate, is the king in social media actions among TV stations in the market over the last six months according to data from audience insight firm Shareablee.

(KJR-FM, owned by iHeartMedia, and broadcasting a 1980s format, is the market leader among all media outlets but chose not to comment for Social Scorecard).

KING has more than 13 million actions on social, 21% of the total engagement generated by the DMA, with more than 18 million social actions.

KING also ruled the market on Twitter and Instagram with 255,000 and 567,000 respectively.

KING led all TV stations in the market with 518 actions per post.

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The Funniest Promos At PromaxBDA Summit

The annual PromaxBDA Station Summit in Las Vegas was last month and the winners of the local awards–gold, silver and bronze–were announced and shown.

I’ve been posting the award winning spots in a number of categories and today we’ll see the funniest.

If your station won an award and you’d like to share the spot along with some commentary about the marketing strategy, production, challenges, or any results that it might have achieved, just drop me a line.


Funniest Promos

ABC10 Morning Blend-Light Rail
KXTV, ABC, Sacramento

Funniest Promos

Silvi Knows
KING, NBC, Seattle

Funniest Promos

Fore! PM Newscast
KVVU, Fox, Las Vegas

Facebook News Road Show Rolls To Denver & Chicago

Facebook’s road trip meetings with newsroom leaders, social media editors, community managers and journalists has two more stops planned: Denver on May 16 and Chicago on May 18.

This follows other Facebook Journalism Project News Day one-day sessions in Seattle, San Diego, Atlanta and Dallas.

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KING Seattle Distributes $75,000 To Nonprofits

KINGKING, Tegna’s Seattle NBC affiliate, distributed $75,000 to nonprofit organizations in Western Washington on July 11 as part of its inaugural Giving Day project.

16 Washington nonprofits received grants from KING and the Tegna Foundation to further their good work in the region, according to the station.

Each was selected through a grant application and review process by members of the KING staff.

Nonprofits were chosen based on illustrated need, sustainability and impact on the community.

For more information about the Giving Day foundation, click here.

Among the 16 local nonprofits taking part in King’s Giving Day is the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust.

Rick Swanson, PromaxBDA’s New Man Atop Station Summit

station_summit_vegas_287x287Next month, local TV station creative services directors make their annual pilgrimage to the desert in Las Vegas for the PromaxBDA Station Summit. Aaah, there’s nothing quite like the weather in late June in Southern Nevada, where daily temps regularly go into triple digits.

What did they do before air-conditioning?

In its sixth year, the Station Summit brings together TV station marketing executives and their counterparts from network affiliates and syndicated programming distributors to meet and discuss future marketing plans.

Rick Swanson

Rick Swanson

Earlier this year, PromaxBDA appointed long-time local station marketing and programming executive, Rick Swanson, to take over leadership of the Station Summit. His official title at Promax is VP of marketing and programming. Swanson says it took him all of about 2 seconds to say yes when the organization approached him about the role.

Swanson provides exactly what Promax needs. “At this point, what I bring to Promax is some perspective about broadcasting.”

The-Mirage-Hotel-resort-008The PromaxBDA Station Summit takes place at The Mirage and runs from Tuesday, June 21 through Friday, the 24th.

And while each day is dedicated to meetings with the stations’ networks, syndicators and broadcast ownership groups, one day, Thursday, is set aside for sessions, speakers and presentations “tailored specifically for the unique needs of station marketing professionals.”

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Local Comedy Show Spreads Laughs Across Pacific Northwest

The bad news for viewers looking for laughs in Seattle is that the locally-produced comedy and variety show, The [206], has concluded its third season on KING, the NBC affiliate owned by Tegna.

The good news is that not only will it return for its fourth season on KING after Saturday Night Live on Sept. 19, but the rest of the Pacific Northwest will get it, too.

Pat and Chris Cashman

Pat and Chris Cashman

Same great hosts and producers, the Emmy-winning talents Pat and Chris Cashman, but to reflect the expansion, a new name, Up Late nw.

Besides KING, Up Late nw will now air after the Saturday evening news on KOIN, (CBS, Portland), KREM and KSKN (CBS and CW, Spokane), KEVU and KLSR-TV (MNT and Fox, Eugene) and KDRV (ABC, Medford).

To read an article I wrote about this show back in November, 2014, click here.

Just for laughs, check out the opening show of Season 3.

313 Reasons You Read ‘Market Share’ In 2014

Actually, make that 314.

Since TVNewsCheck’s Market Share column went daily on March 24, this will be post No. 314.

I want to thank all of you who shared your stories, and I look forward to sharing more of your stories next year.

I considered listing each article’s title and hyper link by category in this column, but that’s a lot of work. And it would look messy.

The categories include stories about local TV stations all over the U.S. and Canada. There are stories about what stations are doing in their marketing for the morning, evening and late news. There are stories about marketing weather coverage. Stories about marketing awards, sports, and holiday promotion. Stories about broadcast consolidation, network and local programming, network news, syndicated programming, cable programming, and local community events.

There are stories about ratings growth and successful local sales endeavors. Stories about digital and social media, sweeps, research, and technology. Broadcast group news, personnel changes and stories about some of the interesting people who work in our industry.

There are a lot of stories about Promax/BDA, and many, many stories about creative services in general.

If you would like to have a list of all or some of the stories by category, email or call me and I’ll send it to you.
You can see all of the articles from the most recent by clicking here.

I want to know what you want me to write about that I’m not already covering.

I’m often asked where stories come from. My answer is I write about what I know. How do I find that out?

You tell me, either by calling me or emailing me, or posting something on Facebook or LinkedIn. Facebook postings have increasingly become a source for material.

There are always video examples embedded in the articles and I hope readers find them positive, informative and entertaining.

I’ve written about everything from Promax winners to morning news promotion, from digital billboards to testimonials, about markets from Spokane to Orlando, from Philly to Chicago. From local stations to networks, from broadcasting to cable.

What kind of stories am I looking for?

  • New techniques or trends in advertising.
  • A new morning news image campaign.
  • How you’re marketing your web site and other digital tools.
  • A success story of any kind.
  • If you’re looking for some staffing or have just hired someone. I want to write about it.

Feel free to enlist the permission and support of your station and corporate management.

Please email me links of any new work you’re proud of or call me with any story ideas, personnel moves, etc. you’d like to share with your friends in television. Almost anything you’re facing or doing qualifies as good material, so just call.

Here’s to a safe and entertaining New Year’s celebration and to more articles about television and its marketing in 2015.

A Tribute To The Late, Great Jon Quattlebaum

jon QTwenty years ago, one of the most talented, inventive, well-liked TV feature reporters I’ve ever met passed away. He was only 26.

With the unlikely TV name of Jon Quattlebaum, his Q Point of View reports on CBS affiliate WINK in Fort Myers, Fla., were required watching for viewers all over Southwest Florida. Even the competitions’ newsrooms turned to WINK at 6:25 every evening to see what zaniness Quattlebaum would dish that night. Quattlebaum’s reports always occupied what in the news business is known as the kicker, the last story of the newscast, a story intended to send viewers off with a smile.

And Quattlebaum always delivered.

Jon Quattlebaum died Dec. 12, 1994, when he fell in a hiking accident while in Arizona. He was 19 days away from getting married on New Year’s Eve. Friends went from being ushers in his wedding to pallbearers at his funeral.

But while his life and TV career was short, the impression he left with all of us who knew him, worked with him or watched him still lasts to this day. His alma mater, the University of Florida, honors him every year by giving one outstanding student in news the Jon Quattlebaum Award.

I refer to the day Jon died as the day the music stopped for me. My innocence was over. There is no justice in life, good men do die young and before their time. Life is random and cruel, and you just have to live with it, Paul.

That very well may be, but thanks to this column, I do have the power to tell a little bit of Jon’s story and share some of his work. So please forgive me this sad indulgence.

I was the marketing director at WINK from 1992 until 1997. It was Christmas morning in 1992. I hadn’t been at WINK very long and so I didn’t know much about Quattlebaum. He calls me to ask if he can come out to shot some video of my kids with their toys. I thought it odd that he was working on Christmas but I told him to come on over.

That night, my family and I sat down and tuned into WINK’s news to see what Jon was going to do with the footage he shot at our house. Here’s the clip of that story. There’s an unmistakable twinkle in Lois Thome’s eyes as she sets up his story.

I have almost 100 stories in my files that Jon Quattlebaum did while at WINK. I don’t know how many stories he did at WINK over all, but doing the kicker every day, five days a week can result in quite a body of work. And Jon was always under pressure to come up with something.

Jon was the king of low-tech, always looking for some TV trick to accomplish something only he could see in his mind. Like the day he came and asked how he could make it appear his trademark Converse sneakers would come back on his feet when he whistled. We scratched our heads, thought about it, and then decided the best way to do that would be to shoot him kicking off his sneakers and then reverse the footage.

One day, while giving a tour of the station to some local school kids, they insisted on visiting Jon’s desk, which was piled high with all manner of items capped off with a fireman’s helmet, like a cherry on top.

Kids and old people especially loved Jon.

It was around lunch time and Jon was trying to come up with a story for the day. As Jon started talking to the kids, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a dollar and laid it on his desk.
He told the kids that the dollar was theirs if anyone came up with a story idea for him to use. Jon wasn’t opposed to bribing anyone who could help him come up with a story.

The world was a little brighter every weekday at 6:25 thanks to Jon Quattlebaum.
And his stories still bring a smile to my face, even through a few tears.

Perhaps his most famous story was what happens to the pink flamingoes when the tourists, AKA snow-birds, leave Florida and go north in the spring.

Someday, Jon, I’ll write a book about you. In the meantime, just know that we remember you well and with great fondness.

Gannett’s VP Of Marketing Tells All

Meredith Conte

Meredith Conte

OK, maybe not all. But enough.

Meredith Conte, VP of marketing for Gannett, agreed to a one-on-one interview with Market Share and you can read the interview up on the Latest News section of TVNewsCheck here.

In the interview, she answers questions about how she juggles the marketing efforts of 43 TV stations.

Find out what a broadcast VP of marketing does all day. Does she really think marketing can turn a TV station around? Yes, and she gives an example.

How does she interact with all the different station marketing directors? And why they’re not called creative services directors at Gannett.

The one trait she looks for in a marketing director candidate you wouldn’t expect.

And how Gannett uses social media to drive viewership.

Here are some marketing examples from some Gannett stations.

WKYC, the NBC affiliate in Cleveland, recently showcased a new, long-term partnership with the LeBron James Foundation. The partnership supports the station’s See the Possible brand.

WFAA, the ABC affiliate in Dallas, executed a real-time marketing campaign when Dallas healthcare systems came under fire for Ebola care procedures. The integrated campaign brought together news, marketing, social media and more.

In time for November, WGRZ, the NBC affiliate in Buffalo, produced new image work building on its On Your Side brand.


KING, the NBC affiliate in Seattle, produced an all-new, user-generated take on the Seahawks popular “Twelfth Man” brand and turned it into a local social media and marketing phenomenon.