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WLS Names David Lee VP Of Creative Services

David Lee

WLS, the ABC O&O in Chicago, has named David Lee vice president of audience development and creative services effective March 26.

John Idler

“David has been a creative force in the ABC station group and it’s exciting to have someone with his diverse experience and vision join WLS,” said John Idler, WLS’ general manager.

“David’s creative instincts combined with his expertise mining the digital space make him the ideal person to lead our station’s talented Creative Services Department.”

Lee comes to WLS from KTRK, the ABC O&O in Houston, where he held the same title.

Prior to joining KTRK, Lee worked as the creative services director at KFSN, the ABC-owned affiliate in Fresno, Calif., and at KXLY, the ABC affiliate in Spokane, Wash.

Lee was born and raised in Great Falls, Mont., and graduated from Montana State University with a degree in film and television production.

After college and a brief stint working in Hollywood, Lee began his TV career in Great Falls producing commercials, promotions and directing newscasts.

He also worked at WMAZ in Macon, Ga., and for 10 years at KMSP in Minneapolis.

Lee has been a part of many Emmy-award winning productions, and is a graduate of NAB’s 2012 Broadcast Leadership Training Program.

He currently serves on ABC’s affiliate marketing advisory board.

KFSN Promo Makes Local TV News Feel Cool

When I first saw this new spot from ABC O&O KFSN Fresno, Calif., I imagined what it might be like for viewers sitting in front of their TVs when this promo appears in a commercial break.

A hip, happening, driving music bed would make the viewer look up to take in a compelling visual ride.

No announcer track, no sound bites, nothing to interfere with the feeling you get from the music and the words and images flashing on the screen.

This isn’t an ad for high-end clothing, or the latest electronic gadget, or a new sports car, or even a movie about local TV news.

The feeling I got was that whatever they’re selling, I want some.

Local news feels cool as portrayed in this spot. And it is when you think about it.

A highly-skilled, diverse group of people going all over town, seeking answers, gathering information, collecting it all and presenting the images to people at home or on Facebook.

Why Is KFSN Fresno’s News Leader?

How does any local TV news become the most watched in its market?

What elements make viewers loyal to one news operation over the others?

Is it news personalities? News coverage? Weather coverage? Award winning?

One way to find out might be to ask the people who watch.

If you’re the news of choice in the market, chances are you can find some of your loyal viewers in public places.

Or you could examine your news operations strengths and make a pretty good case that those are the reasons.

Here are a couple news image spots from KSFN, the ABC O&O in Fresno, Calif., that explain why it’s the most watched news team in town.

KFSN Fresno Turns Positive Stories Into Marketing

untitledEvery local TV news operation, no matter how hard its news coverage is, airs a positive, feel-good story from the community it serves on a regular basis.

If because of that coverage, a business, a school, an individual benefits in some way, isn’t that a story to tell in your marketing?

KFSN, the ABC O&O in Fresno, Calif., thinks so.

“KFSN is a hard news station. We’re about breaking news, we’re live, local, everywhere in the community,” says David Lee, the station’s creative services director, “but there’s more to KFSN than hard news.”

“I’m not worried that these spots will undermine our hard news brand,” says KFSN promotion manager, Tim Sarquis. “Positive local stories happen every day and we want to focus on the positive impact.”

So watch this story about how a science experiment at a school went beyond what the students expected, and how the station used that story to create a promo.

To see the news story about a local business profiled in KFSN’s morning news segment, Made in the Valley, click here, and then watch the promo.

To see the news story about a local rodeo, click here, and then watch how KFSN turned that story into a marketing promo.