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The Odds-On Favorites For Oscar Winners

Who will win the Oscar for Best Actor?

And who’s the odds-on favorite to get the Best Actress Oscar?

And what about Best Picture?

Sunday night is the 90th Academy Awards and one of the world’s largest sportsbook, (Bookmaker.eu), has just released the betting odds on this year’s nominations.

See how your picks measure up against the odds makers.

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Biggest Stars Seen On 4 TV Networks, At Once

What cause is important enough to bring together the biggest names in Hollywood?

Important enough that all four major TV networks, ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC, would show a program about it at the exact same time?

Schools, students, teachers and the hope to make education better.

Is it just me, or are there far too few positive stories on TV, both national and local, about schools, teachers and students, especially from inside the classroom?

I mean if there’s a reality show about pampered housewives, couldn’t (and shouldn’t) there be a reality show about schools, students and teachers?

I wanted to be a high school English teacher. Got my degree, but then life intervened, leaving me with the highest regard possible for those in the education field.

So this is a TV event I can get behind.

think it upTonight at 8, all four major broadcast networks will join together to air an education special starting some of the biggest names in music, TV and film. I can’t think of a time when the Big 4  roadblocked a time period to show the same thing.

Think It Up is a new movement in support of the nation’s students, teachers and schools started by the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF), a leading charitable organization of the entertainment industry, which explains the star-studded line up. The leading collaborative of Think It Up is XQ Institute.

So who’ll be on the show?

Jason Bateman, Halle Berry, Big Sean, Justin Bieber, Kacey Musgraves, Kristen Bell, Stephen Colbert, Scarlett Johansson, Taylor Lautner, Jessica Biel, Common, James Corden, Jimmy Kimmel, Austin Mahone, Logan Paul, Eric Stonestreet, Justin Timberlake and Stevie Wonder.

If you think that’s a pretty good lineup, look who they got to do the promo.