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Music And Fireworks, WJXT To Air July 4 Special

WJXT, Graham Media’s independent in Jacksonville, Fla., is presenting a live special on July 4 at 8 p.m.

Red Hot & Boom celebrates Independence Day with a bang on the St. Johns River in downtown Jacksonville, featuring live performances from major recording artists.

“This year’s show will be bigger than ever,” said Bob Ellis, WJXT’s general manager, “with the addition of top national entertainment. For the first time ever, in partnership with 97.9 KISS-FM, nationally known recording artists will take the stage at The Landing as part of Red Hot & Boom.

“We are so excited to partner with WJXT to bring this one of a kind experience to Jacksonville,” said Nicky Sparrow, iHeart Media market president.

KSAT Meteorologist Retires, KENS Says Thanks

Steve Browne

KSAT’s chief meteorologist, Steve Browne, retired last week after 30 years on the air in San Antonio.

KSAT is the ABC affiliate in the market owned by Graham Media.

Nothing unusual about a chief meteorologist retiring after 30 years on the air. But what is different is how competitor KENS handled it. KENS is the market’s CBS affiliate owned by Tegna.

Don Smith

“We took a unique approach,” said Don Smith, KENS marketing director, “by actually thanking him for his service to San Antonio. Viewers reacted quite positively.” A few of the posts:

This is so awesome! Incredibly kind of y’all! Thanks, KENS friends! — 
Myra Arthur

You all are so classy to extend a congratulations to Steve Brown no matter what network you work for. It’s a labor of love that you all share with one another and us. — Debbie Beasley Kelley

Love this that KENS did a farewell to Steve Browne. How classy is that!! The southern people are a breed all their own. Congratulating and wishing a weather caster from another station well. Good job, KENS 5! — Monica Tholen Villarreal

That is another reason why I continue to be a KENS5 viewer. They went out of their way to wish Steve Browne a happy retirement. I want to commend the station for doing that because they did not have to do it at all. — Christopher Farley

Thank you KENS 5 for recognizing your competitor’s icon. That is a class act!! — Susan D Gibson

And this is why I love KENS 5…..nothing but class. Happy Retirement Steve Brown! — Lorise Santellan

That’s very classy to pay tribute to another station. Good luck Steve Brown. — Kathleen O’Neal-Dickinson

“It was unexpected and made viewers feel something about us,” said Smith.

“Old school thinking is you don’t mention your competitor — but in this case, it was the right thing to do. We positioned ourselves as the good guys and by golly — it worked.

“Here’s … the FB post, which currently has 1.3K likes, 94 shares and 33K views. We even got a kind comment from one of the KSAT anchors.”

WDIV Named ‘Station Of The Year’ Again

For the fourth year in a row, the Michigan Association of Broadcasters has named WDIV its Station of the Year.

WDIV is Detroit’s NBC affiliate owned by Graham Media Group.

The station also won honors for broadcasting excellence in 14 categories — 11 best and 13 merit awards for Market 1.

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WDIV Connects With Nextdoor Neighborhoods

WDIV, Graham Media’s Detroit NBC affiliate, is partnering with Nextdoor, the free and private social network for neighborhoods, to boost conversations around local news in communities across the Detroit area.

Mike Katona

“It gives us an opportunity to connect with our viewers on a very specific, geo-targeted neighborhood level,” says Mike Katona, Graham’s digital product manager.

WDIV can not only post relevant and interesting news stories to specific Nextdoor neighborhoods in Metro Detroit, but also engage residents in the stories it works on.

Through open-ended questions and Nextdoor polls, WDIV can hear directly from residents about the various issues affecting them.

Dustin Block

“Discussing local news with neighbors is an essential way to build a strong community and an informed civic dialogue,” says Dustin Block, WDIV’s digital executive producer.

“We hope that the stories we share lead to further community discussions about the topics that matter most to you.

There are more than 140 Detroit neighborhoods on Nextdoor.

“It really allows us to be a member of that community and target our news coverage and events that are of interest to them,” Katona says.

“We had a water outage a few days ago in a certain area, and in addition to doing our normal broadcast about that, we also targeted that section, that neighborhood, that community, posted some information and shared the news about it.”

If there is an article/story that WDIV does not share that residents would like to discuss with neighbors, participants can use the “Share on Nextdoor” icon that will be accessible on all of WDIV’s news stories.

Since Facebook change its algorithms earlier this year to favor posts from friends and family over local news, does this give WDIV an advantage?

“When we are targeting that news message to specific communities that have a built in interest in it, they for sure are going look at the story, share their comments, and participate in a poll,” Katona says.

He adds that right now Graham is working with Nextdoor exclusively in the Detroit and San Antonio markets, and is looking to roll out the agreement in other Graham markets.

“We can reach out to those communities and find out what the pulse of what’s going on there, and build stories off of that, we can throw questions out to those communities and just ask for feedback. It’s us being members of those communities.”

Nextdoor verifies people’s addresses who want to join their network neighborhood on NextDoor to establish that they are members of that neighborhood.

Instead of the “like” icon on Facebook, Nextdoor uses a “thank” button to signal the content they care about.

“It’s a rewarding word to hear,” Katona says.

WDIV Streams Thanksgiving Parade To The World

U.S. News & World Report Travel recognizes Detroit’s America’s Thanksgiving Parade presented by Art Van as one of the best Thanksgiving parades in the country.

And people from around the world can watch the live stream on WDIV’s website, ClickOnDetroit.com. WDIV is Graham Media’s NBC affiliate in the Motor City.

“Nothing kicks off the holiday season better than starting with a hometown parade right in the heart of our city,” said Marla Drutz, WDIV’s general manager.

“And for those who can’t be there in person, metro Detroiters know they can count on us to bring it to them wherever they are and however they want to view it, on-air or online.”

The annual live broadcast begins on WDIV at 9 a.m. on Thanksgiving morning.

The national broadcast, from 10 to 11 a.m., reaches more than 190 major cities across the country.

Throughout the parade broadcast on WDIV and livestreamed on ClickOnDetroit.com, viewers can win special prizes while watching at home.

NOTE: I like to imagine some Michigan soldiers in some far off corner of the world sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner and watching the parade on their laptops.

Detroit’s WDIV Raises $500K For Hurricane Relief

The city of Detroit is about 1,500 miles from Key West, Fla., ground zero for Hurricane Irma and another 1,300 miles from Houston, pummeled by the flood waters of Hurricane Harvey.

But that didn’t stop WDIV, Detroit’s NBC affiliate owned by Graham Media, and the generous people in that market from raising almost $500,000 in an all-day telethon to benefit the American Red Cross relief efforts for Texas and Florida.

WDIV teamed up with Art Van Furniture and the American Red Cross Michigan Region all day Tuesday, Sept. 12, to man the phone banks.

“Television has the power to show in vivid images just how destructive a hurricane can be,” said Marla Drutz, WDIV’s general manager.

“It took a lot of hard work and resources to plan and execute this initiative. There is nothing better than watching great people do great things and I saw that firsthand today.”

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WDIV Launches Campaign Against Opioid Epidemic

WDIV, Detroit’s NBC affiliate owned by Graham Media, launched Opioid Nation: An American Epidemic, an ongoing campaign that includes public service announcements, news reports, original broadcast specials, digital media resources, community outreach and public service announcements.

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KPRC Houston Anchor To Give Car To Flood Victim

Dominique Sachse

In a story I first saw on the website, http://ftvlive.squarespace.com/, a Houston news anchor, Dominique Sachse is giving away a car to a victim of the flood caused by Hurricane Harvey.

Dominique Sachse anchors the 6 and 11 p.m. news for KPRC, Houston’s NBC affiliate owned by Graham Media.

Here’s what was posted on the YouTube link.

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WJXT Wins May Sweeps In Morning, Evening And 10 PM

WJXT, an independent station in Jacksonville owned by Graham Media, was the No. 1 news source in the morning, early evening and 10 p.m. news time periods in households, according to the station.

This marks the 71st consecutive month WJXT has won the 7-9 a.m. time period, and the 169th consecutive month WJXT’s 5 p.m. news is No. 1, says the station.

WJXT also won the 10 p.m. news slot..

“We utilized all platforms to market May sweeps stories,” said Sherry Carpenter, WJXT’s creative services director, “especially taking advantage of our #1 award winning website, News4Jax.com.

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WJXT Kicks Off Hurricane Season With Documentary

WJXT, Graham media’s independent station in Jacksonville, Fla., is kicking off the start of hurricane season, today, June 1, with a documentary about Hurricane Matthew.

A Disaster Named Matthew, airs tonight at 7.

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