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Brand New News Promos And Some Classics, Too

Before you watch this first spot, you need some history.

Its roots go all the way back to the 1980s when a concept promo called Home Movies was created for WPVI, ABC’s Philadelphia O&O.

The idea is that a family visits the Philadelphia area and shoots some home movies of their trip. Then they’re at home watching the movies when they notice that everywhere they went, a news van managed to work its way into the shot.

“It’s a great example of a simple, single idea that’s well-executed,” said Mike Davis, the man who originated the spot.

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What’s New? The Latest Local TV News Promos

The holidays are behind us, a New Year is in front of us, and it’s time to get down to business. So I went searching to find the latest promos from TV stations across the country.

Let’s start with this very timely weather spot from WBZ, the CBS O&O in Boston, about how savage winter can be in New England. Keep in mind that Mt. Washington, N.H., the highest point east of the Mississippi, is one of the coldest spots on earth and recorded a wind chill of -97F the other day.

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75 Years Later, WW II Soldier Gets Surprise

Erven Oetting

In 1942, Erven Oetting was injured when a mortar round fell on his machine gun nest while fighting the Japanese on an island in the Pacific.

The explosion blew off an essential piece of his uniform, one he never thought he’d ever see gain.

Remarkably, 75 years later, a man walking on that island saw something shiny sticking out from under a fallen palm tree, and vowed to find the owner.

In a WPTA documentary, Lost and Found, A Soldier’s Story, that aired last night, Erven Oetting, now 94 and living in Indiana, finally gets back what he lost in combat, his dog tags.

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VP Pence Focus Of WPTA’s Inaugural Coverage

It’s a sizable investment when any TV station sends five members of its newsroom out of state to cover a story. But it’s especially painful when you’re in the 110th market.

Major-market station newsrooms have much bigger staffs, and those size stations have far more revenue when compared to stations in the smaller markets.

So proportionally, when WPTA, Quincy Media’s NBC and ABC affiliate in Fort Wayne, Ind., sends five news staffers, it’s a  bigger commitment, with a  more significant drain on the newsroom, and a higher percentage hit on the bottom line.

So it better be an important story.

Like when your state’s former governor and congressman gets sworn in as vice president of the United States.

ABC21: Your Weather Authority

WPTA’s news crew were in Washington to provide coverage for its morning, afternoon and evening newscasts, beginning with their arrival last Tuesday and continuing through Inauguration Day.

Tom Powell

“There are stories of tremendous local interest to be told, and Brien and Tom are terrific storytellers,” said Jonathan Shelley WPTA’s news director.

Brien McElhatten

Shelley is referring to WPTA’s news anchors Brien McElhatten and Tom Powell who were part of the team in Washington.

“Their experience and skill as journalists is really shining through in the coverage each has provided.”

The WPTA team also provided reports and custom material to several sister stations within the Quincy Media group.