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WCIU Reunites High School Basketball Rivalry

In the mid-1960s, two Chicago area high school basketball teams played each other to see which would be Illinois champs.

Marshall from Chicago’s West Side and New Trier from just up the road in Evanston.

Marshall’s teams then were a powerhouse, and won as expected in 1965.

In 1966, the two teams faced each other again in a rematch, and that game ended before the final horn after spectators brawled in the stands.

GameChangers reunites the players from both teams to watch rare game 8mm film clips from those games, played against the backdrop of racial tensions in the city and suburbs.

GameChangers airs on Weigel Broadcasting’s independent WCIU this Sunday night at 9.

Through the nonprofit GameChangers ’65-’66 Foundation, the Marshall and New Trier alumni are separately using private screenings and basketball to bring together present-day teams from the city and suburbs to connect the past with the present and further show how basketball can break down barriers and build bridges between different communities.

Joe Dondanville

Steven Farber

“This story is unique in many ways, as it is rare to bring two teams back together 50 years to the day after a contentious rivalry,” said Joe Dondanville, who is the writer, director and producer of GameChangers.

“What has transpired over the last couple of years while we were making this film is nothing short of magical, and it was my privilege to tell their story and I’m honored to call them all friends.”

“On the same weekend a new boys state champion will be crowned, we are honored to share this important chapter in local basketball history,” said Steven Farber, WCIU’s SVP of operations.

WLS Names David Lee VP Of Creative Services

David Lee

WLS, the ABC O&O in Chicago, has named David Lee vice president of audience development and creative services effective March 26.

John Idler

“David has been a creative force in the ABC station group and it’s exciting to have someone with his diverse experience and vision join WLS,” said John Idler, WLS’ general manager.

“David’s creative instincts combined with his expertise mining the digital space make him the ideal person to lead our station’s talented Creative Services Department.”

Lee comes to WLS from KTRK, the ABC O&O in Houston, where he held the same title.

Prior to joining KTRK, Lee worked as the creative services director at KFSN, the ABC-owned affiliate in Fresno, Calif., and at KXLY, the ABC affiliate in Spokane, Wash.

Lee was born and raised in Great Falls, Mont., and graduated from Montana State University with a degree in film and television production.

After college and a brief stint working in Hollywood, Lee began his TV career in Great Falls producing commercials, promotions and directing newscasts.

He also worked at WMAZ in Macon, Ga., and for 10 years at KMSP in Minneapolis.

Lee has been a part of many Emmy-award winning productions, and is a graduate of NAB’s 2012 Broadcast Leadership Training Program.

He currently serves on ABC’s affiliate marketing advisory board.

Trucks And Trash: Sweeps Promos/Stories

Last week, on the first day of the February sweeps period, I asked TV stations to share their special report promos along with the stories they promote.

I know, every day is sweeps at your station. But in some cases, newsrooms still do special reports.

That means local TV creative services departments are busy writing and producing the promos for these reports.
If your station has a February special report promo and story you want to share, let me know at [email protected].

Here are a few sweeps promos I found on Facebook and the stories they promote.

WCAU, the NBC O&O in Philadelphia, discovered tens of millions of tons of medical waste, asbestos and municipal trash shipped to Pennsylvania for disposal from out of state.

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WANTED: Local TV February Sweeps Promos & Stories

For most folks, today is just another Thursday.

And due to advances in television viewing measurement, maybe it is just another Thursday at your station.

But for many in the local TV business, it’s the first day of the February 2017 sweeps.

Sweeps, or ratings months, perhaps don’t mean what they used back in the diary days. But many stations still try to heighten viewership during February, May and November to boost their performance numbers.

Happy February 2017 sweeps everybody.

I know, every day is sweeps at your station. But in some cases, newsrooms still do special reports. That means local TV creative services departments are busy writing and producing the promos for these reports.

Every sweeps, I think it might be interesting to see what station promos and the stories they promote by sharing the promo examples from across the country in Market Share.

Here’s what I need — a YouTube or Vimeo link to any on-air or Facebook examples you want to share, along with a short explanation about it if you want.

And please include the link to the actual news story as well.

For competitive reasons, it might be best to submit only those promos that are already on your air.

My email and phone number are always at the top of the column: 817-578-6324; [email protected]

KARK Little Rock: A Facebook Selfie

facebook-vs-tvFive years ago, the job of overseeing social media didn’t exist at most TV stations. Today, it’s one of the key positions for news, marketing and sales.

Social media, especially Facebook, has become a fundamental platform for stations.

It has allowed viewers to participate in the electronic news gathering process.

It provides a real-time connection to viewers, giving them a voice in how their news is covered.

It has removed the curtain that existed between the anchors, reporters, producers — even the photographers — in the newsroom and the viewers, between the editorial process and the finished product.

Who are these people who handle the daily postings on social media? What are their backgrounds? How is their success measured?

Austin Kellerman

Austin Kellerman

Austin Kellerman is the news director at KARK, Nexstar’s NBC affiliate in Little Rock, Ark., and considers himself to be the head of social media for the station.

“If the news director plays a key role in what we do on social media each day,” said Kellerman, “it sends a clear message on its importance in our newsroom. Social media is the fastest-growing platform for our content, so it’s a key focus of our team.”

At KARK, although there are two full-time web folks also focused on social media, Kellerman said there’s no one person responsible for social media. It’s the job of all of the 55 people in the newsroom.

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RECAP: 2014/2015 Creative Services Survey Results

survey-resultsAlthough we didn’t conduct a survey this year, TVNewsCheck and Market Share polled TV station creative services directors about a variety of subjects related to their jobs in both 2014 and 2015.

The results of each year’s surveys were reported here on Market Share during the annual PromaxBDA Station Summit.

Now that the 2016 PromaxBDA station Summit is underway here in Las Vegas (look for reports all week here on Market Share), I thought it a good time to share the results from the past couple years.

These results give the answers to questions about what creative services directors and staff think.
What kind of questions did we ask?

Here are just a few:

Grade the quality of local TV news?
Effectiveness of news marketing?
Social media in promoting news?
Best way to attract younger viewers?
Most important element in news marketing?
Your greatest challenge?
Quality of marketing research?
Spending too much of time on sweeps?

Plus we asked what creative services directors would like to say to their broadcast group VPs of Marketing, their stations’ news directors and general managers.

The answers are surprising, sometimes shocking, sometimes appalling, but all are illuminating.

Local TV Marketers Reveal Best Ways To Find Staff

hearingWhat Local TV Marketers Want To Know

What Station CSDs Want From Their Marketing VPs

Hey General Managers, Marketing Wants A Word With You

Hey News Directors, Marketing Wants A Word With You

CSDs Speak Out On Creativity, Salaries, Slogans

CSD Survey: Next-Gen GMs, Budgets, Co-Op Programs

What CSDs Want To Tell GMs and Group Marketing VPs

CSD Survey: Consultants, Sweeps, Comments for GMs, NDs, VPs

CSD Survey: Greatest Challenge, Outside Media, Research

CSD Survey, Pt. 1: Ownership, Local News Quality, Marketing Effectiveness

The World According to Local TV Creative Services Directors

WTXF’s AM News Crew Streams Live For 20 Hours

It’s tough to be the life of the party for 20 hours straight. Imagine having to be “on” for that long? Live, on-camera, on the web, streaming for 20 consecutive hours.

untitledBut that’s what the morning news co-anchors of Good Day Philadelphia did last Friday from the studios of WTXF, the Fox O&O, to celebrate 20 years on the air in the City of Brotherly Love.

Mike Jerrick and Alex Holly took to the internet at 1 o’clock last Friday afternoon, April Fool’s Day, and went straight through until 9 in the morning on Saturday.

They camped out in the station’s first-floor studios and encouraged viewers to come down to the station in the Old City section to help them celebrate.

A crowd gathered outside and lots of surprise guests stopped by to join in the fun.

WTXF’s Good Day Philadelphia will continue to celebrate its 20th anniversary all through the month of April with special features like Good Day outtakes, music videos and best celebrity moments.

KNOE Stays On Top Of Flooding Coverage

River+OaksOne of the side effects of Facebook is that while you’re happy to see friends toasting birthdays at the Ritz, or lounging at the beach, you’re sad to see some friends having to cope with natural disasters like the flooding that’s going on in certain parts of our country.

Bob Walters

Bob Walters

Bob Walters is the news director at Gray-owned KNOE, the CBS affiliate in Monroe, La., where more than 24 inches of rain have fallen since last week.

Walters is a Facebook friend of mine and he and his station have been posting videos, pictures and updates about the storm.

The area has taken the worst of a major storm that has dumped rain all across the southern Gulf coast states of Texas, Louisiana and parts of Mississippi.

knoeI thought I’d share some of KNOE’s coverage plus some pictures and other material from other sources.

I spoke with Walters late yesterday afternoon, and although it appears the rain has stopped and some of the water is going down, the area is still dealing with the aftereffects.

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WCVB’s New 7 P.M. Newscast Starts Strong

wcvbIn the first ratings period since Hearst ABC affil WCVB Boston launched its 7 p.m. newscast, the first in the market, the half-hour newscast came in No. 1 in the February sweep among adults 25-54, knocking Wheel of Fortune into second place.

“The evening news expansion addresses an expressed need of Boston’s viewers by providing additional options to receive NewsCenter 5 at new times,” said Bill Fine, WCVB’s general manager.

“The new recurring segments during NewsCenter 5 at 7 p.m. that cover local innovation across various industries have resonated with viewers and have helped to ground its initial success,” added Andrew Vrees, WCVB’s news director.

In addition to its newly launched 7 p.m. newscast, WCVB’s 5 and 6 p.m. newscasts were rated first among adults 25-54, and its 11 p.m. news came in first in TV households, according to the station.

Everything Changed Everywhere All At Once On WNCN

Nearly every TV station in America includes their network affiliation as part of their overall brand.

The CBS Eye if you’re a CBS affiliate, the peacock if you’re NBC, so on and so forth.

It’s usually represented in some way in the station logo, which is displayed everywhere, from news vans to T-shirts, from on-air to on the building.

So when your station changes its network affiliation, everywhere your station logo is or has been or will be, must change.

That makes the station creative services director — the custodian of the station’s logo and look —  a very busy person.

Add to that load a totally new station brand and identity, two new newscasts and a new morning news anchor, all while in a February ratings period, and you might want to send Kristen Byrum and her staff a sympathy card, a get-well note and your condolences, along with a case of wine.

“So a lot of changes, all at once,” said Byrum, “everything has changed.”

Byrum is the creative services director for WNCN, the new CBS affiliate in Raleigh, N.C., owned by Media General that was an NBC affiliate for 25 years.

cbs-is-now-on-wncnAll those changes had to happen at midnight on Monday, Feb. 29.

When your station logo changes, think of all the resulting changes that have to be made around the station. “New news app, new weather app, new Web graphics,” said Byrum, “new jackets, new hats, new business cards, new awning on the building, new on-air graphics.”

The list goes on and on.

CBS_NORTH_CAROLINA_LOGOTo help market all this, WNCN used outside media that included radio, cable, newspaper and Pandora.

All in addition to its own air.

“We created a more informational spot, letting our viewers know where to go, who we are, what will be on our station, about who we are going to become, where to find their favorite programs, also informing viewers about the new noon and 5pm newscasts and we have new morning anchor to introduce,” Byrum said.

Kristen Byrum

Kristen Byrum

She said the station had a phone bank set up to help confused viewers, and used their email database, Facebook and Twitter accounts to send messages about all the changes.

“We will even drive to their houses to fix their signal if our troubleshooting doesn’t work.”

WNCN is now known as CBS North Carolina.

And so far, so good, actually very good for WNCN, is how the local paper characterized the changes.

Changing to a CBS affiliate resulted in a 56% increase in total household viewership, the station said earlier this week. WNCN had six of the top 10 network shows in the market.

On the first day of the change, WNCN’s new 5 p.m. newscast was up almost 50% compared to the same time, same week a year ago.

Judge Judy at 7 p.m. was up almost 50% in the same comparison.

“We are thrilled with the initial results from our affiliation change to CBS,” said WNCN GM Doug Hamilton.

Hamilton’s thrilled. Byrum? She’s napping.