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Experience Powers WHAM To May Ratings Win

(WHAM’s anchor team from left to right): Meteorologist Scott Hetsko, chief meteorologist Glenn Johnson, news anchor Don Alhart, news anchor Ginny Ryan, news anchor Doug Emblidge and sports director Mike Catalana.

WHAM, the ABC affiliate in Rochester owned by Deerfield Media but operated by Sinclair under a shared services agreement, scored a ratings edge in adults 25-54 during the May sweep in the morning, early evening and late news periods, according to the station.

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WPTV Meteorologist Bikes Entire Market For Charity

Steve Weagle

WPTV’s Chief Meteorologist Steve Weagle spent five days biking 120 miles on the beach. Let’s hope he had a comfortable seat on his bike. (WPTV is the Scripps-owned NBC affiliate in West Palm Beach, Fla.)

But he should be used to this by now, as it’s the 20th year he’s participated to raise funds for the American Red Cross.

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WBZ Hits Grand Slam With ’70 Years’ Campaign

Tomorrow, Saturday, June 9, WBZ, the CBS O&O in Boston, celebrates 70 years of broadcasting as New England’s first television station.

In December 2017, WBZ launched an extensive on air and social media campaign built around its 70 years of service to the city.

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PromaxBDA Station Summit Focusing On ‘Essentials’

The 2018 PromaxBDA Station Summit in Las Vegas June 25-26 is just weeks away. TV station marketing director and creative services directors are anxiously awaiting the annual conference to hear and see industry speakers, attend educational sessions and meet with their respective networks and syndicators to learn the latest trends that affect marketing local television and local news.

To make sure the content presented at the summit is relevant and timely, PromaxBDA solicits input from a variety of sources including the top VPs of marketing from the networks and broadcast groups, PromaxBDA members who have attended previous summits, and other stakeholders from the program distributors, ownership groups and of course, creative services directors.

In an earlier article, Market Share talked to Rick Swanson, the man charged with programming and marketing the 2018 Station Summit, about how one theme will be the convergence of content and marketing.

Rick Swanson

“Because of the shift in audience behavior,” said Swanson, “we no longer live in a world where the news room does the news stories and the promo department does the promos.”

And while there are sessions designed to prepare local TV stations for the future, Swanson said there is also a track of sessions that will tackle the basics.

“One of the themes that came up this year that was reinforced over and over again was the idea of a track of content we call Essentials,” Swanson said.

He estimates that anywhere from 20% up to 40% of the summit attendees are there for the first time.

“Essentials is designed for a person who might be new to the job of marketing director or creative services director. Maybe they moved over from news or sales within the television station or maybe they came from outside of the industry or maybe they are a recent college graduate. There is any number of different scenarios that might bring somebody to a marketing job at a local television station. So we have a track of content really designed for those people that really goes back to basics and it gives them sort of a Marketing 101 view.”

Spending smarter is always an essential to make sure you’re getting a return on your marketing investment.

Ashley Colette Gonzalez

Emerson Spartz

Spending Smarter: Get More ROI from Your Marketing Dollar, presented by Ashley Colette Gonzalez and Emerson Spartz from Dose Media, is focused on new media.

Swanson says this is the session that will show you “how to use social media and the money you spend in social media, how to spend it wisely, how to make it work harder for you. When do you need to spend money, when do you not spend money, the difference between earned media and paid media. All of these questions around a media plan if you will, this is going to be the session that balances all of that out.”

Greg Derkowski

Another session in the Essentials track is called Topical Promos That Kick Butt, presented by Greg Derkowski, 602 Communications’ audience retention specialist.

And while you might be thinking that the emergence of social media and digital advertising has made promoting the news topically on TV passé, we still live in a world where a lot of viewers are watching television in real-time.

“The pendulum has swung so far in the other direction now where people just think topicals are irrelevant. How many rating points are you willing to leave on the cutting room floor because the PR of a topical promo can’t compare to the PR of a Facebook post. You know what, they are both important,” said Swanson.

Merry Aronson

Co-op advertising is another essential tool in the  TV station marketing plan, but it doesn’t get a lot of attention these days. For many stations, this is their only opportunity to buy outside media.

“There are still a large number of stations that do co-op,” said Swanson. “They buy radio, they buy outdoor, and they buy cable. The money still gets spent. So how do you spend that money wisely?”

Check out an essential session, Making Old Media New Again, moderated by Merry Aronson of Merry Media, to discover how to make the most out of your coop dollars.

Mayhem could be just around the corner, according to those Allstate commercials.

And that’s true at a TV station. Towers fall. Lightning strikes. Studios flood. Mass murders occur. “It’s like, hey, here is a disaster and it’s at your doorstep,” said Swanson.

Larry Shenosky

So PromaxBDA is addressing that possibility to help stations have a plan with an essential session titled, When Disaster Strikes: A Survival Guide, presented by Larry Shenosky, of Cutting Edge.  

“If marketing directors are going to be leaders in these television stations, here is an area where they can lead. They can lead a concerted effort to create a plan in the event of a disaster. It goes in everybody’s desk drawer and when it happens, it allows you to execute a plan.”

Pumped? Me too. See you at the Summit.

Men ‘Catfishing’ Hook Former WAPT Anchor

If you’re like me, when you think of catfishing, you picture a rod and reel, a hook and a tasty worm.

But there’s another kind, catfishing on internet dating sites, that uses a similar technique.

They lure in lonely women using phony pictures and fake identities, and then once they get them to bite, they scam them for money.

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Picture Yourself In Memphis As Promo Manager

Can you picture yourself Walking in Memphis?

Might as well listen to Marc Cohn’s great song while you imagine yourself there (or John Hiatt’s Memphis in the Meantime).

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KXTV Reporter Finds Offbeat Stories On Backroads

John Bartell

John Bartell

“I find these weird, quirky stories on California’s backroads,” says John Bartell, a reporter at Tegna’s ABC affil KXTV Sacramento,and the guy behind Bartell’s Backroads.

You might find Bartell’s stories on the side of the road, but more likely off the beaten path.

“I’m on one story and something catches my eye,” is how Bartell describes how he finds his stories.

Haven’t you ever been driving down the road and you see something unusual, and wonder to yourself, what’s the story with that? That’s what Bartell does, tells the backstory.

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WJXT Delivers The Goods For Local Advertisers

TV stations in almost every market write and produce TV commercials for the station’s clients, and many of them are creative, memorable and effective.

It’s one of the valuable services stations provide for their advertising customers.

The clients’ businesses grow, keeping them coming back to local TV to advertise.

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Picture Yourself In Richmond As Brand Manager

In researching what it’s like to live in Richmond, Va., I came across this review:

Richmond is a city with lots of trees and history. It has the amenities of a big city, great restaurants, lots of microbreweries and music! If you enjoy hiking and biking go to Belle Isle, Browns Island or the Capital Trail. Carytown has a plethora of local shops and restaurants. If you want to live not far from the mountains or beaches in an affordable East Coast City, Richmond IS THE PLACE!!

WWBT, Raycom’s NBC affiliate in the market, needs an audience development and brand manager responsible for growing audiences on every screen, including broadcast, mobile, OTT, desktop and social media.

This is a hands-on position for someone who is a strong writer, shooter and editor, but can also implement market research recommendations and achieve goals in audience development and revenue growth.

Richmond is the only city in the country with a Class IV white water rapids running through its downtown.

History is all around you here. Thomas Jefferson designed the state capitol, and George Washington designed the nation’s first canal system here.

Richmond is for lovers. Almost 30% of the population is unmarried, making it the No. 1 city in the nation to find love.

Apartment rents average about $950 for a 2-bedroom and houses average about $210,000.

Click here to go TVNewsCheck’s Media Job center for more information and directions on how to apply.


Share Your Locally Produced TV Commercials

TV stations in almost every market write and produce commercials for clients. Many of them are creative, memorable and effective.

It’s one of the valuable services stations provide for their advertising customers, whether they’re furniture stores, restaurants, car dealers or doctors.

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