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Stephen Arnold Adds New Song To ‘Everywhere I Go’

Sonic branding specialist Stephen Arnold Music has added a new song to its Everywhere I Go audio/video image campaign.

The new tune is a catchy, pop-oriented version featuring a female lead vocal, and an alternative version that pairs her rich voice with a rock-edged guitar, real bass and drums.

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Stephen Arnold Music Launches New AM Campaign

Stephen Arnold Music hopes to help TV stations across the country grow viewership for their morning news programs with a new music/image campaign.

Morning Ready, a market-exclusive campaign, features two upbeat morning anthems to get viewers going in the early hours.

There are male and female vocal versions, with custom lyrics available upon request.

Morning Ready has the style and feel of popular hit music. The lyrics have broad appeal, and together with the rhythmic guitars and inspirational groove, create a positive vibe ideal for matching up with local images and personalities.

Morning Ready is the latest in this series of cost-effective marketing toolkits for stations to maximize their morning news marketing.

Previous morning image campaigns from Stephen Arnold Music used in more than 100 markets include All About Early, Waking Up My Day and Everywhere I Go.

“Audiences look to their local TV stations for critical information in the morning,” says Chad Cook, Stephen Arnold Music’s creative director.

“Morning Ready is a quick turnaround, turnkey bundle that creates an even deeper connection with a station’s morning news team.”

New Ready-Made TV Campaign From Stephen Arnold Music

Following previous integrated campaigns such as Everywhere I Go and Waking Up My Day, Stephen Arnold Music (SAM) is launching Ready, the latest turn-key audio/video marketing toolkit for TV stations.

Ready features multiple themes for broadcast, mobile, online and social media that combine original songs with relevant video for stations to customize designed to promote the stations and their viewers as being ready for whatever comes their way.

The lyrics and imagery focus on feeling fully prepared for the fast-changing developments of each day, Ready is oriented from the viewer perspective and features themes for Morning Ready, Weather Ready and Always Ready.

All versions of the song packages include various lengths from :60s to IDs, along with full sing, donut, tag and instrumental mixes, plus an instrumental Severe Weather theme.

Stations can also collaborate with Stephen Arnold Music on custom lyrics for their market.

“The diverse messaging of Ready creates a comprehensive connection between stations and their audiences, anytime and anywhere,” said Chad Cook, SAM’s VP of creative.

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Stephen Arnold Gives Away Another Guitar, His 51st

Another guitar was given away by Stephen Arnold Music as part of SAM’s launch of its latest music/video image campaign, I’m Weather Ready.

In keeping with the weather theme, this one is waterproof.

Guitar giveaways have been a constant feature of Stephen Arnold’s marketing through the years.

“Guitars have always been part of the SAM brand,” said Stephen Arnold. “It’s just a fun way to share the love and to promote the company at the same time.”

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KOMO Tailors ‘Everywhere I Go’ Campaign For Seattle

To launch its So Northwest campaign, KOMO, Sinclair’s ABC affiliate in Seattle, had Stephen Arnold Music (SAM) customize the lyrics to Everywhere I Go, its syndicated music image campaign.

“The cadence of it absolutely fit into our So Northwest brand,” said Scott Altus, KOMO’s creative services director.

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‘Everywhere I Go’ Sings Local TV News’ Portability

da527__smartphone_tips_wilderness_planning1These days, there’s no such thing as being alone in the middle of nowhere — isolated, cut off, uniformed.

Everywhere you go, thanks to the device in your hand, you’re connected to everything that is going on, starting in your neighborhood and around the world.

untitledThat’s the premise behind a new music and image campaign from Stephen Arnold Music (SAM) called appropriately, Everywhere I Go, launched for TV stations to use to highlight their presence online, on mobile and on social media.

“A station’s digital offerings have rapidly become a key component of its brand,” said Chad Cook, SAM’s VP of creative.

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WJLA Wakes Up D.C. With Catchy Jingle

TV stations have been using music to promote their station and their news for years. One of the early music image campaigns was the “Hello” campaign written by Frank Gari. Here’s a version from 1977 in Milwaukee.

wumd_600x180_eblast_v1The music image campaign is still relevant today, with music production companies offering a variety of songs in different genres and styles to suit any market. In some cases, these songs come complete with generic footage that can be used in conjunction with whatever custom shots the station includes of their market, their talent, and their people.

The key to making these campaigns work is keeping them fresh over a period of time.

Abc7_legalCMYK1Sinclair’s ABC affiliate WJLA Washington launched a music image campaign from Stephen Arnold Music (SAM) called, Waking Up My Day, in March.

The campaign, according to Chad Cook, SAM’s VP of creative services, has been syndicated in more than 100 TV markets.

Its versions of Waking Up My Day launched this March.

In July, Stan Melton, WJLA’s creative services director, commissioned the folks at SAM to customize a version to promote the station’s morning traffic and weather reports.

Melton says the station’s 6-7 a.m. news is up 100% in shares among adults 25-54 year-to-year.

Stephen Arnold Music Offers Political Music Package

Candidate-Collage-e1453867653380Donald & Hillary & Ted & Bernie.

In the 1969 movie, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, four people try to get in touch with their real feelings, ultimately deciding that the best method is for all four to get in bed together.

I don’t know if we’ll see Donald & Hilary & Ted & Bernie in bed together any time soon, but they’re all over TV letting us know what they’re feeling.

1And for those TV stations that want a soundtrack for their political coverage, Stephen Arnold Music (SAM) is announcing the release of Decision 2016, a market-exclusive music package, audio and video toolkit.

This year, political news coverage is not politics as usual. Which means viewers’ attention to the presidential race is more acute.

sam“News programming viewership is expected to be at an all-time high through Election Day,” said Chad Cook, SAM’s vice president of creative.

“This year’s election is a unique opportunity for local stations to gain and retain new viewers. We’ve designed Decision 2016 to give them an instant advantage — one that will attract eyeballs and keep a station’s brand top of mind all year.”

The Decision 2016 package includes four sonically-branded themes of various lengths for in-show or promotional use.

“Decision 2016 is a complete resource that goes to work for them immediately,” said Dave Baumann, SAM’s marketing and creative director.

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Stephen Arnold Music & MeTV Create New Theme Song

Screen-Shot-2015-12-07-at-7_51_23-AMHow do you tie together more than 50 of the best classic TV programs together into a new branding campaign?

You turn to music, a theme song and add clips of the shows edited together into a montage.

That’s how MeTV and Stephen Arnold Music (SAM) came up with That’s Memorable, That’s Me, the network’s new branding campaign to celebrate MeTV’s fifth anniversary.

sam“Our mission was to ensure that the music has as much personality as the characters you see in the promos,” said Chad Cook, SAM’s creative director.

“This new campaign created a canvas where MeTV could take sound bites from classic TV moments that people love and remember, and have a lot of fun with it.”

MeTV was conceived, created and programmed by Neal Sabin, Weigal Broadcasting’s vice chairman.

“Music is the most important element in a promo campaign,” said Will Givens, Weigal Broadcasting’s network marketing VP. “Whatever mood and attitude you want to impart, music is the fastest path to create an emotional response.”

Stephen Arnold Music Now Heard In A Billion Homes

SAMStephen Arnold Music (SAM), the international music production company based in Dallas, just created a music package for the China Central Television International (CCTV), a global broadcaster reaching more than a billion homes.

“Creating these themes may have been our most challenging project yet, but we loved every minute of it,” says SAM President Stephen Arnold.

“The CCTV International sonic brand has a sense of sophistication, beauty and artistry to it, and at the end of the day it was fun to create. Assignments like this add to our love and passion for what we do.”

SAM created new themes to rebrand the sound for five international CCTV channels including CCTV English, French (African), Spanish, Russian and Arabic.

beijing2Working between SAM’s headquarters in Dallas and CCTV’s in Beijing, a distance of some 7,000 miles, SAM’s creative team made frequent visits to better understand the many differences between Eastern and Western Culture.

Because few CCTV managers spoke English, there were multiple meetings requiring the use of translators.

“We were involved in a top-to-bottom rebrand of one of the largest global news organizations anywhere,” says Chad Cook, SAM’s VP of creative.

“The music we made is being heard on channels that reach billions — not millions — of homes worldwide.”