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Lara Logan Talks ’60 Minutes’ On Kreiner’s Korner

Lara Logan

Well, she doesn’t actually talk for 60 minutes. It’s more like 34 minutes, but she does talk about her time on the show, 60 Minutes, on one of Jeff Kreiner’s podcasts, Kreiner’s Korner.

Among the topics discussed include her favorite and most memorable stories she’s done on 60 Minutes, stories about the Holocaust, the gorilla doctors of Africa, the story about Iraqi orphans, and the story about vets who do extraordinary things.

Kreiner also asked her about what motivates her to do the stories she does at CBS News, covering war zones around the world, and where she got the passion to cover news.

Among those who have sat down in front of Kreiner’s mic are Les Moonves, president of CBS, Harry Jessell, editor of TVNewsCheck, Jeff Fager, executive producer for 60 Minutes, Van Gordon Sauter, former president of CBS News; Sean McManus, CBS Sports chairman; Neal Shapiro, former president of NBC News; Kenny Lawrence, former local TV marketing executive and current general manager of WJHL; Scott Jones, editor of FTVLive; and yours truly.

Jeff Kreiner is a former VP and creative director at both CBS and NBC, and the author of two books, is now sitting down with television leaders and recording conversations as podcasts that can be heard on iTunes and Soundcloud.

WROC Digital Dude Snaps Shots That Go Viral

John Kucko

If you don’t live in or near Rochester, N.Y., you may not have heard of John Kucko, but more than likely you’ve seen his pictures and drone photography.

Like his picture of a lake house encased in ice, a viral sensation last March.

John Kucko has covered more than 16 Super Bowls, providing live reports to many Nexstar stations around the country.

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’60 Minutes’ Boss Talks News On Kreiner’s Korner

Jeff Fager, executive producer of CBS’s 60 Minutes for the past 14 years, talks about the show in the latest podcast on Kreiner’s Korner.

Jeff Kreiner, former VP and creative director at both CBS and NBC, and the author of two books, is now sitting down with television leaders and recording conversations as podcasts that can be heard on iTunes and Soundcloud for free.

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A Cameraman’s 13 Days Covering Louisiana Floods

Don Lagarde

Don Lagarde

In response to criticism that the recent flooding in Louisiana was ignored by the national press, a friend of mine, Don Lagarde, posted some pictures and videos of his time working in the Baton Rouge area for CBS News.

Lagarde spent 13 days there as a cameraman for CBS News, sending up live shots and daily packages that aired on CBS This Morning and the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley.

Don Lagarde; Omar Villafranca, CBS News Reporter; Alyssa Estrada, CBS News Producer; Perry Jones, CBS News satellite truck operator; Robert Rupple, audio tech; Rodney Hawkins, CBS News Producer.

Don Lagarde; Omar Villafranca, CBS News reporter; Alyssa Estrada, CBS News producer; Perry Jones, CBS News satellite truck operator; Robert Rupple, audio tech; Rodney Hawkins, CBS News producer.

“Almost the entire week, we were the lead story,” said Lagarde.

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WJTV Enlists CBS News Scott Pelley For Local Promo

Scott Pelley

Scott Pelley

When you want to remind your viewers about the 90 minutes of news your station airs every evening, you’d like to have a spokesperson who is well-known, credible, distinguished, classy, with a national, even global, reputation for journalistic news excellence.

Someone like CBS News’ Scott Pelley.

Jackson-Mississippi-1_photoWJTV, is the Media General CBS affiliate in Jackson, the state capital of Mississippi.

The station airs 90 minutes of evening news from 5-6:30. WJTV’s local newscasts bookend the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley.

So Brett Kenyon, WJTV’s brand manager, asked the CBS marketing team for help.

“We sent the script up the chain and CBS was very helpful in getting the lines recorded,” says Kenyon.

“We got goosebumps the first time we heard it, and if all goes according to plan, the viewers are having the same reaction.”

Former ABC, CBS Marketers Combine Creative Juices

Two former network news marketing executives from ABC and CBS News, once fierce competitors, are joining forces in a new company, Our Creative Juices.

Jeff Kreiner

Jeff Kreiner

Jeff Kreiner and Bruce Soloway have more than 32 years’ worth of combined experience marketing the top anchors and reporters in the country.

“You can’t put two people together in this business that have more experience than us,” says Jeff Kreiner, former SVP of Advertising and Promotion at CBS News.

Kreiner spent 14 years at CBS News and another 4 years at NBC News.

“We oversaw 10,000 promos a year,” says Kreiner.

Bruce Soloway

Bruce Soloway

Bruce Soloway spent 14 years in charge of Advertising and Promotion at ABC News back in the 80s and 90s.

Soloway founded SoloVision Productions in 1999 which has created hundreds of commercials for Scripps Networks, Food Network, HGTV, DIY and The Cooking & Travel Channels, to name a few.

Kreiner sees Our Creative Juices as a consultant and creative shop for station broadcast groups.

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Hurricane Katrina’s Overlooked Story: Mississippi

When people think of Hurricane Katrina, the images that come to mind are mostly from New Orleans.

Houses flooded to the roof, Coast Guard helicopter baskets filled with people, and evacuees clutching their few possessions outside the Superdome.

But there is another story about Hurricane Katrina that’s mostly overlooked: What Hurricane Katrina did to Mississippi.

Long Beach, MS

Long Beach, MS

I was in Baton Rouge on the grounds of the Louisiana State Police headquarters, ground zero for the press covering Katrina in New Orleans.

There must have been more than 200 satellite trucks parked there like queen bees waiting for the worker bees — local and national reporters, photogs and producers — to return every evening from New Orleans.

One evening, I sat around talking to the people manning the CBS satellite truck, who told me they had been to the Mississippi coast immediately after Katrina.

They said that from the Gulf Coast to the interstate I-10, everything was flattened, nothing stood over a few feet high. One described it as saying “it looked like everything on the ground had been scrapped up and put in a blender, and then poured back out again.”



Even Hattiesburg, 70 miles north of the Mississippi coast, was devastated by Katrina’s winds of more than 120 mph, destroying homes and businesses.

“Katrina ravished Hattiesburg (barely an hour north of the Gulf) just as badly as other areas that got a lot more press,” says Erik Snell, WDAM’s creative services director.

WDAM is the ABC/NBC affiliate owned by Raycom covering Hattiesburg, Biloxi, Gulfport and Pascagoula.

“Our viewers here have since felt like they were left out and ignored when they needed just as much help.”

With the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina approaching the end of August, some national news networks and many local TV stations in the Gulf Coast region will be airing special programming related to Katrina.

I’d like to share any and all special television coverage here on Market Share. So if your network or local TV station has special coverage or programming planned, please let me know by calling me at 817-578-6324 or e-mailing me at [email protected]

Please be sure and include links to any promotion for the coverage and clips or trailers from the news stories.

WDAM has several specials planned including one for the night of August 28.

“Instead of a simple recap of what happened 10 years ago,” says Snell, “we wanted to work towards getting lots of new content.”

“Our promotion for the special will focus on promoting some of the individual stories we will feature. We’ll be using the ‘here’s what a great story we will have … and we’ll have more just like it’ approach.”

Dying Army Captain Fulfills Final Mission

Captain Justin Fitch

Captain Justin Fitch

Army Captain Justin Fitch is only 32 but dying from cancer. A combat veteran who served in Iraq, Fitch saw his final mission as drawing attention to the sad statistic that 22 veterans kill themselves every day in this country.

We first told you about Fitch in September. He wanted to tell this story to the national press and help build an Active Heroes’ retreat for veterans and their families.

Since then, Fitch has told his story to national audiences thanks to CBS, MSNBC and Fox and Friends and we’d like to share those stories with you. Thanks to everyone who may have helped in this endeavor.