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Lara Logan Talks ’60 Minutes’ On Kreiner’s Korner

Lara Logan

Well, she doesn’t actually talk for 60 minutes. It’s more like 34 minutes, but she does talk about her time on the show, 60 Minutes, on one of Jeff Kreiner’s podcasts, Kreiner’s Korner.

Among the topics discussed include her favorite and most memorable stories she’s done on 60 Minutes, stories about the Holocaust, the gorilla doctors of Africa, the story about Iraqi orphans, and the story about vets who do extraordinary things.

Kreiner also asked her about what motivates her to do the stories she does at CBS News, covering war zones around the world, and where she got the passion to cover news.

Among those who have sat down in front of Kreiner’s mic are Les Moonves, president of CBS, Harry Jessell, editor of TVNewsCheck, Jeff Fager, executive producer for 60 Minutes, Van Gordon Sauter, former president of CBS News; Sean McManus, CBS Sports chairman; Neal Shapiro, former president of NBC News; Kenny Lawrence, former local TV marketing executive and current general manager of WJHL; Scott Jones, editor of FTVLive; and yours truly.

Jeff Kreiner is a former VP and creative director at both CBS and NBC, and the author of two books, is now sitting down with television leaders and recording conversations as podcasts that can be heard on iTunes and Soundcloud.

’60 Minutes’ Boss Talks News On Kreiner’s Korner

Jeff Fager, executive producer of CBS’s 60 Minutes for the past 14 years, talks about the show in the latest podcast on Kreiner’s Korner.

Jeff Kreiner, former VP and creative director at both CBS and NBC, and the author of two books, is now sitting down with television leaders and recording conversations as podcasts that can be heard on iTunes and Soundcloud for free.

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WBZ’s New Promo Campaign Covers ‘Everything’

CBS O&O WBZ Boston’s new station image campaign, Everything, promotes everything the station has to offer viewers — network news and entertainment, syndicated programming, game shows, NFL football, comedy, dramas, local news, weather, traffic and investigations.

The campaign oozes with attitude, helped by a sassy voice-over announcer and colorful animated graphics, all tied together by unpredictable, creative editing.

“It started with the premise that our station, WBZ, has more viewers who welcome WBZ into their homes than any other,” said Peter Masucci, the station’s creative services director.

Peter Masucci

Masucci goes on to list some of the programming on WBZ that makes it Boston’s most-watched station: CBS programming, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy, 60 Minutes and New England Patriots football.

“We have something for everyone and that’s really kind of where we started looking at it,” said Masucci.

“How can we package and showcase all these different shows and products and content that really resonates with viewers for a variety of different reasons?”

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KMSP Weatherman Loses His Head During Forecast


The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Season 4It didn’t matter which TV station or market, and it didn’t matter what age — kids and senior citizens alike loved standing in front of the chromo-key wall everywhere I worked.

At one station, we had a green screen blanket we wrapped around little kids’ bodies so their heads appeared to be floating, like Jay Leno’s character, Beyondo.

So in a reverse of that look, KMSP Meteorologist Ian Leonard did his Halloween forecast, headless.

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‘Full Measure’: Sinclair’s Half-Hour ‘60 Minutes’

topical-newsSundays, in homes all over the country, people are watching investigative journalism on a news magazine type program.

News from here and around the globe.

Investigative stories about terrorists, refugees, immigration, national security, government waste, corporate corruption, and interviews with presidential candidates, politicians, experts and other newsmakers.

Serious topics, tough questions.

But instead of being 60 minutes long, this news program, Full Measure, is a half-hour.

Produced by Sinclair Broadcasting, one of the largest television station operators in the U.S., Full Measure focuses on investigative, original and accountability reporting.

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’60 Minutes’ Story Brings A Tear

60 minutesI cried when I watched a story last night on 60 Minutes. Not a sobbing, out of breath deluge, just a tear. Maybe two. But according to the story, many of the men featured in the story also needed a box of Kleenex.

It was a two-parter about a musical in New York that auditioned singers over the age of 55. One man was 75. Their stories were personal, and in many cases, heart-wrenching. Prison, drugs, death, isolation. But the tears were about how they triumphed over it all.

While watching it, I wondered why stories like this aren’t being reported on local news. I know, local news operations don’t have the resources that 60 Minutes has. But there wasn’t anything about this story that a local news operation in any city couldn’t do.

I was reminded of an incident at one station where I worked. It was coming up on sweeps and the news director asked for story ideas from employees. I suggested a story about how a local church had purchased an apartment building to house homeless mothers and their children, along with providing the resources to help them get on their feet. I thought it was a good story for our target audience, middle-aged women with kids. It went nowhere.

If your station has done a story that you think showcased personal triumph over adversity, help me share it.