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Tributes Pour In Honoring Lee Minard

Lee Minard

Lee Minard, former creative services director at KLAS in Las Vegas, died last week at his home in Fountain Hills, Arizonia.

The local TV marketing community is a tight-knit group, especially among long-time veterans.

Many of us are thankful to the mentorship of others in the business who helped us along the way, and so it is for many who crossed paths with Lee Minard.

Lee had an especially long and varied career in television, starting as an art director in 1962 at KEPR Pasco, Wash. Over the years he worked at WREX Rockford, Ill.; KIMA Yakima, Wash.; WFAA Dallas; KCNC and KUSA in Denver; WDIV Detroit; WCBS New York; and WMAR Baltimore. In addition to his work in local TV, Lee also had top marketing roles at PAX-TV and the Food Network.

Last week, I wrote a short piece announcing Lee’s death and asked for anyone to write a comment. Family and friends sent me emails while others posted their comments at the end of that column.

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A 3-Day Solution For Your In-House News Drone

The use of drones and the aerial photography they can provide are becoming more and more mainstream in local TV news coverage. And with good reason, as they provide viewers with a point-of-view previously available only via an expensive helicopter.

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KUSA Best In Large Market For News Photography

KUSA, Tegna’s NBC affiliate in Denver, was named Station of the Year by the National Press Photographers Association.

It’s the 13th time the station has earned the honor in the large market category.

The award recognized excellence in television photography and editing.

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WNYW Story Honors Holocaust Survivors

WNYW, the Fox O&O in New York, spoke to Holocaust survivors whose pictures appeared in a book, Still Here, by a photographer who is the grandson of a Holocaust survivor.

Still Here is part of a WNYW series profiling powerful stories of people from different communities.



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WUSA Weather Promos Are Moody And Cinematic

Some new weather promos from WUSA show Chief Meteorologist Topper Shutt driving the station’s storm tracker down the street late at night ruminating about the weather.

WUSA is the CBS affiliate in Washington owned by Tegna.

The spots are moody, cinematic, the dashlights dance as the streetlights pass outside the window.

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WREX Gives Rockford Viewers A Drone’s Eye-View

It’s not the cost of a drone camera that’s the challenge.

It’s the training, licensing and FAA requirements that are the obstacles keeping drones from being standard equipment in every videographer’s kit.

But the day those disappear is not far off. And I think that’s great for local TV news and commercial production operations.

I’m sure there are news stories where a view from a done wouldn’t add that much to the storytelling, but not many.

Just a drone shot of me walking down the street would be more majestic than a ground level angle. – Rockford’s News Leader

In Rockford, Ill., WREX, Quincy Media’s NBC affiliate, is the first station in the market to debut a drone, which it’s calling REX-1.

“This new drone technology will allow us to provide our viewers with unique news content they simply cannot get anywhere else in Rockford,” said Josh Morgan, WREX’s news director.

REX-1 will have a dedicated page on, where viewers can take a look at video shot using the new device.

The drone is piloted by an on-staff FAA-certified drone pilot and the station has plans to build a fleet of pilots and drones in the future.

Lovesick Goose Stars In KTVB’s 360-Degree Story


This is a story about Lincoln, a goose who seems to have fallen in love with a car owned by area resident Holly Schallberg, and wherever the car goes, Lincoln flies right alongside it.

Or as the reporter so eloquently puts it, “this honker has the hots for Holly’s hot rod Lincoln.”

Trust me, take a few minutes and watch this story, it will make your day.

But it’s also a story about technology, KTVB’s first 360-degree digital local news story.

According to the Tegna-owned NBC affil in Boise, Idaho, this story was picked up by tech blog, Gizmodo.

“I assumed a local news station was just using a gimmicky new technique to jazz up a ho-hum story,” says the writer. “I was wrong. I was so wrong.”

KTVB used a GoPro Omni camera to capture Lincoln as “he escorts his four-wheeled paramour down the road, his wingtips inches from the vehicle.”

Viewers on mobile devices can follow Lincoln as he flies around the car by moving in a 360-degree radius. Viewers on desktop devices can use their mouse to move around the video.

Kate Morris, KTVB’s news director, says this project is part of a partnership aimed at bringing more innovative storytelling to Idaho.

“We were inspired by a meeting with the Idaho Virtual Reality Council last November. From that meeting we decided to invest resources to learn the tools for 360 storytelling. It’s an exciting time for local news and we get to help lead the way for the future of storytelling, bringing unique stories to life in way we never thought possible.”

Click here to read the Gizmodo article.

KXTV’s ‘Oscar-Worthy’ Promo Airs In Oscars

Drew Fowler, marketing director at Tegna’s Sacramento affil KXTV, sent me this morning promo and I had to share it.

Even though I haven’t seen La La Land, I know this is a take-off from the film’s opening.

It’s one continuous shot, I believe. I watched it several times and if there is an edit, I think I know where it is.

Drew Fowler

Fowler said this will air in the Academy Awards on Sunday night, “and will run in local movie theaters and on social.”

“It’s part of a relaunch of our morning show, trying to find a position that’s unique in the market (and in the industry). A hybrid of really good solid news, with some fun.”

The music is from Killer Tracks, but, and this is amazing, ”the voices are the anchors’!”

“We did about a month of prepro, including having a friend of the station choreograph the number for the dance, and getting kids from a local parkour gym involved. Production was all done in-house, with in-house equipment.”

I smell awards all over this spot, very well done. Memorable. Gutsy, Effective. Not the same old blah-blah.

NOTE: At deadline, I talked to Drew who said the featured dancers are the station’s talent. I promise to have more information about all this on Monday.)

KSL Takes You To Yellowstone In Winter

There’s a Facebook group I follow called Storytellers, and here’s a story it posted that caught my eye.

This is from KSL, the NBC affiliate in Salt Lake City owned by Bonneville International.

NOTE: In the early ’70s, a couple of friends and I were on a winter ski trip out west. One day, at the suggestion of a friend, we went to Yellowstone.

The park was deserted. We each rented a snow mobile and off we went, racing three abreast down the snow-covered road.

That’s me on the left.

Since the snowmobiles were capable of doing 50 mph, we were able to cover the entire 150 miles of the park, all without seeing another human being.

We did see plenty of wildlife.

At a place called the Painted Pots, where the steam melts off the snow so the bison can graze on the grass, we got off the snow mobiles and traversed the raised path that wandered through the hot springs.

There was a herd of bison crossing the path right next to us, and my friend had a motor-driven camera that made a weird noise as he snapped pictures.

The bull bison eyed up suspiciously.

The clouds of steam swirled around us, sometimes hiding the bison, sometimes hiding us.

Later, we found out that several tourists a year are run down and killed by the male bison in situations just like this.

Facebook Video Captures Spectacular Hawaiian Phenomena

For millions of years, islands have been formed by lava spewing from volcanos.

But it’s not something that you generally see happening.

Here’s a video posted by Hawaii News Now that shows people on a lava tour watching hot lava pour into the ocean.

Hawaii News Now, is a news department shared by three  stations in Honolulu, KGMB, the CBS affiliate, KHLN, the NBC affiliate, and KFVE, the MyNetworkTV affiliate. The newscasts are produced by Raycom.

I follow quite a few stations’ Facebook postings, and it’s a fascinating way to see what’s going on in markets across the country.

If you’d like me to be a fan/follower of your station’s Facebook page, send me an invite to [email protected]

Lava Video

AMAZING! Check out this new video of lava from Kilauea volcano pouring into the ocean. Would you get this close?PHOTOS: Lava enters ocean: #HawaiiNews

Posted by Hawaii News Now on Tuesday, January 10, 2017