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After 1,500 Market Share Posts, What’s Next?

I contend that that there is something interesting going on at every  TV station every day — in either news, marketing, sales or social media, and I want to share those stories on Market Share.

Since this blog for TVNewsCheck went daily in March of 2014, I’ve written more than 1,500 posts.

The topics for Market Share generally are about local TV news and its marketing.

I’ve interviewed TV station managers in news, marketing, digital content and sales.

All of the columns are rich in embedded videos, pictures and graphs.

In looking back through the 1,500 articles, you’ll see just about every subject covered that relates to local TV, from an early article about a duo that were promo pioneers who started local TV news promotion in the 1970s to the most recent one that showed some brand new local TV news promos from the past month.

Many of the articles profile individual markets and how they answered marketing challenges.

My favorite type of article is about success — success in increasing news ratings, a successful sales story, local TV commercials produced by stations that get clients’ customers, and many about great examples of outstanding news coverage.

I also follow many local TV stations on Facebook, and many times their postings have led to stories on Market Share.

Speaking of Facebook, in addition to the daily Market Share posts, I also write a weekly piece, Social Scorecard, that profiles the leading media out on Facebook from the past six months in any given market.

People often ask me how do I decide what to write about, and my answer is usually, I write about what I know. So story ideas come from you in an e-mail, or sometimes a press release that interests me and then I follow up, investigate, and interview.

But I need to hear from you, creative services directors and marketing directors, news directors and sales managers, general managers and digital directors, commercial producers and promotion writer/producers and news producers.

Going forward, what would you like to see covered in Market Share?

You tell me what’s next.

NOTE: To see every Market Share column from the most recent back through all the columns to the beginning, click on the Market Share icon at the top of the TVNewsCheck home page or click here.

A word of caution that over time, some of the video examples I used at the time may not always be still available within that column.

If you’d like a Word doc list of all the columns, (some 130 pages) by title and link, drop me an email ([email protected]) and I’ll send it to you.

Brand New Local TV News Promos

When I was a beginning writer/producer at WDSU in New Orleans in 1988, I would try to look at as many promos from around the country as I could.

That was the only way I could improve, to see what other stations were doing.

A line of copy, a concept, an editing technique, distort the video, whatever it was, I would file it away for use later, to incorporate and customize into some project I might be working on.

It’s a lot easier to see the work from other stations today than it was then. All of the following promos were uploaded within the last month.

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WTTG Launches Podcasts About Murdered Family

In 2015, the Savopoulos family and their housekeeper were murdered in their home in a wealthy suburb of Washington, D.C.

One man has been arrested for the murders and has plead not guilty to all charges. His trial is set for September 2018.

WTTG, the Fox O&O in Washington, has launched a six-part podcast series called The Mansion Murders: FOX 5 True Crime Podcast, about the murders of the Savopoulos family and their housekeeper Vera Figueroa.

The first episode came out Wednesday, Oct. 4.

This podcast series uncovers new information and never before heard interviews with those involved in the case.

Click here to go to WTTG’s website to listen to episode 1.

WJAX-WFOX Hurries New Set Ahead Of Hurricanes

If there’s a major weather event headed to your market, you want to be able to have everything in place in your studio to provide your viewers with the best visuals to tell the story.

Even if that means moving up the launch date for installing a new set, no easy feat even when you’ve been preparing for it for weeks.

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KTVI Holds The Lead In St. Louis Social Scene

Taking advantage of planned events, helicopter views and Facebook Live segments are just some of the reasons KTVI says it’s been able to stop on top of Facebook actions in a tight race among TV stations in St. Louis.

KTVI, the market’s Fox affiliate owned by Tribune, is ahead in the market in a competitive three-way race between TV stations in social media actions over the last six months according to data from audience insight firm Shareablee.

KTVI has almost 5.5 million actions on social, 30% of the market’s almost 18 million actions.

KTVI is way ahead on Instagram with more than 162,000 actions, holds a slight lead on Twitter with almost 93,000 actions and leads on actions per post with 410.

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WJZY Hosts Discussion A Year After Charlotte Riots

On September 20th, 2016, Keith Lamont Scott was fatally shot by a police officer. The shooting led to riots in Charlotte, N.C., over two nights.

Last week, on the one-year anniversary of the shooting, WJZY, the Fox O&O in Charlotte, brought together community leaders and activists for a half-hour discussion on the healing process, lessons learned and what more can be done.

KLRT Examines Crime In Most Dangerous City

Little Rock, Arkansas’ capital city, is the “Most Dangerous Small City” in the United States with a population under 200,000, according to a survey released by a media website.

Law Street Media says it bases the rankings of cities on its Top 10 list on FBI crime data.

So KLRT, Little Rock’s Fox affiliate owned by Mission as part of a duopoly with Nexstar, has been covering the crime issue with some long-form episodes posted as Facebook Lives.

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Chainsaw Nun And Other TV News On Facebook

I follow quite a few TV stations through their Facebook pages. My Facebook feed, when switched to ‘Most Recent’, has hundreds of posts from stations all across the country.

Here are a few related to Hurricane Irma and Harvey. I realize that many stations share posts that may have originated at other TV stations within their broadcast group, so it’s hard to tell which local TV station may have been the original source for the story.

From the heart-warming to the humorous, here are some interesting posts I found yesterday on my Facebook feed.

Coupon Lady: We read about the millions of dollars being donated to help victims of both Harvey and Irma, and perhaps wonder how exactly and who exactly that will help. Here’s a woman who is using coupons to turn just a few dollars into so many household items that it fills her garage. She hopes to give them away to about 30 families.

FEMA Line: We knew it was inevitable. Your home is flooded and your family was displaced. Now it’s time to deal with the insurance company and perhaps FEMA, just like thousands of other people in the same situation. What do you do?

Stand in line.

Dancing Deputy: I can’t imagine having to spend days, perhaps weeks, in a community shelter because your house has been flooded or damaged due to a hurricane. Especially if you’re senior citizen like me. But for just a few moments, it can seem tolerable when a policeman takes you in his arms and sings you a song.

Ask FEMA: Facebook Live has become an important tool for local TV stations. It allows them to show an event on their Facebook page without interrupting their broadcasts. But more importantly, during Facebook Live, users can ask questions live, and get them answered in real time.

It would be hard to find a more relevant topic for a Facebook Live in an area affected by Hurricane Harvey or Irma than one where users can ask FEMA officials a question and get some real time information.

Pet Reunion: You have to admire the folks who are involved in taking of the pets and animals that get separated from their owners during hurricanes. Thousands get moved to shelters in far away cities while the people and organizations try to find the owners so they can reunite them with their pets. Here’s one such reunion.

Sister Margaret Ann: I went to Catholic school so this video of a nun wielding a chain saw was both fascinating and nightmarish. I worried that the blades of that chain saw might snag on her clothes for one, and that she might use it to scare me into behaving myself in class.

9/11 Taps: The hurricanes and their aftermath kind of overshadowed the fact that Monday was the anniversary of 9/11. I don’t know who this young man is or where he is, but I’d like him to know that his haunting playing of Taps brought a tear to my eye.

Miami’s WSVN Leading News Source During Irma

WSVN, Sunbeam’s Miami Fox affiliate, led the market in news coverage during Hurricane Irma.

Viewership doubled leading into the storm as South Florida tuned into WSVN on the air, online and via social media channel, according to the station.

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WJBK Meteorologist Stands On Top Of Hurricane Irma

In order to show just how big and powerful Hurricane Irma was, meteorologist Derek Kevra, at WJBK, the Fox O&O in Detroit, made it appear he was standing on top of the massive storm.

To capture this look, the station put the green screen on the floor, covering the whole ground in the shot.

A photographer went up on a lift, and held a Steadicam shot angled down on Kevra.

He began looking at a second camera at eye level, then turned to the camera in the sky and voila: an augmented 3D look without the Reality software.