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Picture Yourself In New Mexico As Producer/Editor

Reelz Channel is looking for a producer/editor to promote its unique programming of docu-celebrity news. And it promises to “give you creative freedom to do exceptional work.”

Want to add network promos to your reel while living in historic Albuquerque, N.M.?

The sun shines 300 days a year, making Albuquerque the sunniest place in the country.

Albuquerque hosts the International Balloon Festival every year in October, the world’s largest such gathering of hot-air balloons from around the planet.

You’re only an hour from historic Santa Fe and another hour yet to Taos.

The average rent for apartments in Albuquerque is $750 to $900 and the average house cost $190,000.

Reelz Channel, owned by Hubbard Broadcasting, offers some of the most experienced television marketers willing to mentor you.

Do you have a proven record of producing/editing compelling spots that connect emotionally with viewers?

Reelz Channel wants to talk to you.

Click here to go to the full job description on TVNewsCheck’s Job Center.



Cozi Has An ‘Attitude’ In Marketing Classic TV Shows

One of my favorite TV private eyes was Jim Rockford, in The Rockford Files played superbly by James Garner.

Rockford lives in a trailer off the beach in Malibu, drives a gold Pontiac Firebird and keeps a little printing machine in his glove box to make fake but professionally looking business cards so he can pretend to be whoever he wants to be — insurance adjuster, funeral director, even TV reporter.

Angel, played by Stuart Margolin

He also has a shifty friend named Angel who seems to always drag Rockford into his schemes, which makes for entertaining comedy.

What kind of schemes? Angel, the actor Stuart Margolin, goes to a fancy restaurant with a little glass vial of bugs which he pours over his salad, then loudly calls the waiter to complain, thereby getting his dinner free.

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Heeere’s Johnny! How Antenna TV Markets Classic TV

Watching old episodes of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson from the 1970s and ’80s is like a trip down celebrity lane, while also a bit of culture shock.

Did we really dress like that?

The hair and sideburns, did we really look like that?

And did Johnny just discreetly take a puff of a cigarette and put it in an ash tray off camera while he blew the smoke all over a guest?

All this week, Market Share is looking at how the diginets, subchannels, multicasts or dot-twos, those secondary networks, market their classic TV shows with often wildly inventive, creative and hilarious promos to create awareness and drive viewership.

Private eye capers, cop shows, sitcoms, game shows, talk shows, old films, all being enjoyed by an audience who perhaps watched them way back in the day and some creating a new audience of fans not yet born when they aired originally.

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President Obama Gives WGN A Shout Out During Cubs Visit

The World Champion Chicago Cubs were at the White House yesterday, by special invitation of Chicago White Sox’ fan, President Barack Obama.

Obama cheered for the Cubs during the World Series. First Lady Michelle Obama is a life-long Cubs fan and met with the team, too.

During the presentation, President Obama mentioned how watching the Cubs at Wrigley Field or sitting on your dad’s lap while watching the game on WGN was a Chicago tradition.

When the President of the United States endorses your station, you probably want to include that in a promo.

WGN is Tribune’s independent station in Chicago.

Steve Kamer, Announcing Is His Calling

Steve Kamer in home studio

Steve Kamer in home studio

Not many kids in elementary school know what they want to do for the rest of their lives.

But Steve Kamer did.

“From the time I was in elementary school, I wanted to be on the radio. I loved radio, all I wanted to do was be a disc jockey.”

Unfortunately, dreams of working in front of a microphone don’t come true unless you are born with the right equipment.

You can’t be a voice on the radio if you don’t have the voice, the pipes, the sound, the physical tools to make the right vibrations, and the gift of gab.

“At my bar mitzvah, when I gave my speech, I got compliments from the congregants,” said Kamer.
“I was 13, and I had the voice. I thought there was something there. Now, I had the desire and I had the instrument.”

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WABC’s Chopper 7 Promo Drones About Its Technology


11155025_10152897167004091_6623428365827663923_oWith the growing availability of drones to capture aerial perspectives of a news event, you’d think the days of the local TV news chopper would be numbered.

But for many markets, especially major ones like New York City, having your own news helicopter on call is obligatory to covering the news.

NewsCopter – StreetSpotter7 from WABC-TV Creative on Vimeo.

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KRON’s Outside Media Produces November Gains

kron400KRON, Media General’s MyNetworkTV affiliate in San Francisco, points to a good budget for outside media this November as the reason the station posted some ratings lifts in certain dayparts.

“This November was different,” said Steve Poitras, KRON’s creative services director.

“A good budget was available to co-op with syndicators and to target new digital platforms. The results were very positive with lifts in all dayparts.”

According to the station, KRON’s 5-10 a.m. time period was up 50% from November of 2015.

krom-morning“To see these positive results is a testament to the efforts and changes we’ve made,” said Ashley Gold Messina, KRON’s general manager, “and to all the KRON associates who passionately work to bring value to our viewers and clients.”

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Comcast’s Xfinity Ad Makes Grandparents Heroes

xfinity-grandmas-house-hed-2016Being a grandparent myself, I tried not to be offended by the new promo from Comcast Xfinity’s cable and digital service.

Offended because the ad implies that we grandparents are so out of touch, digitally speaking, that the family dreads visiting. But I got over it quickly.

Apparently, the ad was inspired by real events.

“Our inspiration came from real consumer insights that showed there’s a misconception that seniors aren’t up on the latest technology,” said Todd Arata, Comcast’s brand marketing VP, “so we wanted to create a fun spot that made grandma and grandpa the hero for the holidays.”

Click here to read more about the creation of this spot.

Could this same concept be used to show that grandparents are hip to all that local TV has to offer? Facebook, web, apps, live radar, etc?

Flex Creative Picks Up SuchAGoodDog

flex_logo_scriptsFlex Creative, the new creative services agency founded by Peter Martin, has acquired SuchAGoodDog, the Emmy-nominated marketing, promotions, and production company founded by Steve Silverman.

“We are actively in expansion mode, and we are thrilled to have Steve’s creative chops here now at Flex,” said Martin.

Steve Silverman, left, and Peter Martin

Steve Silverman, left, and Peter Martin

“One of our goals for Flex Creative in the coming year is to begin to regularly create and produce online and linear content. Steve’s the right guy for the job.”

“As the world of original content continues to grow, there are so many new areas to explore,” said Silverman.
“I can’t wait to see where we go next, and I’m excited to help Flex lead the way.”

The acquisition brings new clients Fox, ABC, Freeform and Reelz Network to Flex, according to a company statement.

Silverman, an award winning, critically acclaimed writer, producer and director of high profile marketing campaigns for television series, specials and movies, is now Flex VP of marketing and creative.

He has worked on creative marketing campaigns for such high profile television projects as Empire, Fox’s Rocky Horror Picture Show, Gotham, American Idol, Baby Daddy, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, The World Series, and many others.

Silverman’s most memorable work was his House promo that took Super Bowl 2011 by storm:

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Veterans Day Sneak Peek Of WWII Doc On HBO

underfireToday on Veterans Day, HBO is offering a special preview of the WWII documentary, Underfire: The Untold Story of PFC. Tony Vaccaro.

Underfire follows the life of Tony Vaccaro, a WWII combat infantryman on the front lines, who shot more than 8,000 photographs to record the war.

Through interviews with Pulitzer Prize-winning photographers and Vaccaro himself, this intimate film examines issues raised by witnessing and recording conflict, following him as he retraces his journey across Europe as a soldier, sharing the stories behind some of his most powerful pictures along the way.

In 1943, a newly drafted Tony Vaccaro hoped to join the U.S. Army Signal Corps in Europe as a photographer, but was told he was too young.

Undeterred, he found that his $47 personal camera, which was much more compact than the bulky, standard-grade military one, allowed him “the ability to run with the camera, to move it [and] to react quickly.”

As an infantryman, Vaccaro was also uniquely positioned to gain the trust of his fellow soldiers, and was able to capture up-close-and-personal photographs that brought the war into focus in a way no one else could.

Vaccaro spent the next 272 days in the 83rd Infantry Division as an unofficial combat photographer.

Check HBO to find viewing times in your area. The official debut of this documentary is scheduled for Monday, Nov. 14.