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After 1,500 Market Share Posts, What’s Next?

I contend that that there is something interesting going on at every  TV station every day — in either news, marketing, sales or social media, and I want to share those stories on Market Share.

Since this blog for TVNewsCheck went daily in March of 2014, I’ve written more than 1,500 posts.

The topics for Market Share generally are about local TV news and its marketing.

I’ve interviewed TV station managers in news, marketing, digital content and sales.

All of the columns are rich in embedded videos, pictures and graphs.

In looking back through the 1,500 articles, you’ll see just about every subject covered that relates to local TV, from an early article about a duo that were promo pioneers who started local TV news promotion in the 1970s to the most recent one that showed some brand new local TV news promos from the past month.

Many of the articles profile individual markets and how they answered marketing challenges.

My favorite type of article is about success — success in increasing news ratings, a successful sales story, local TV commercials produced by stations that get clients’ customers, and many about great examples of outstanding news coverage.

I also follow many local TV stations on Facebook, and many times their postings have led to stories on Market Share.

Speaking of Facebook, in addition to the daily Market Share posts, I also write a weekly piece, Social Scorecard, that profiles the leading media out on Facebook from the past six months in any given market.

People often ask me how do I decide what to write about, and my answer is usually, I write about what I know. So story ideas come from you in an e-mail, or sometimes a press release that interests me and then I follow up, investigate, and interview.

But I need to hear from you, creative services directors and marketing directors, news directors and sales managers, general managers and digital directors, commercial producers and promotion writer/producers and news producers.

Going forward, what would you like to see covered in Market Share?

You tell me what’s next.

NOTE: To see every Market Share column from the most recent back through all the columns to the beginning, click on the Market Share icon at the top of the TVNewsCheck home page or click here.

A word of caution that over time, some of the video examples I used at the time may not always be still available within that column.

If you’d like a Word doc list of all the columns, (some 130 pages) by title and link, drop me an email ([email protected]) and I’ll send it to you.

WLS Names Teresa Rix New Sales Manager

Teresa Rix

WLS, the ABC O&O in Chicago, has chosen Teresa Rix to be vice president and general sales manager effective Monday, Nov. 6.

Since 2014, Rix has been VP of group sales and marketing for Tribune Media.

In that role, she was responsible for the management and leadership of all new business sales across Tribune Media’s 42 owned and operated television stations and digital properties.

“Teresa Rix is a respected and uniquely talented executive,” said John Idler, WLS’s general manager.

“Her leadership and vision, combined with extensive national and local sales experience will bring tremendous value to the station and our advertising partners”.

Brand New Local TV News Promos

When I was a beginning writer/producer at WDSU in New Orleans in 1988, I would try to look at as many promos from around the country as I could.

That was the only way I could improve, to see what other stations were doing.

A line of copy, a concept, an editing technique, distort the video, whatever it was, I would file it away for use later, to incorporate and customize into some project I might be working on.

It’s a lot easier to see the work from other stations today than it was then. All of the following promos were uploaded within the last month.

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WXYZ Continues Town Hall Meetings Tonight

WXYZ, the Scripps ABC affiliate in Detroit, is hosting a town hall meeting tonight, its fifth in a series as part of its Detroit 2020 community initiative to project a vision for communities in the future.

Mike Murri

“Throughout this series of town hall meetings, we are going out to communities across Metro Detroit to simply listen,” said Mike Murri, WXYZ’s general manager.

“Understanding the issues and challenges people are facing helps us do a better job of serving our viewers. It also gives us the opportunity to address those concerns in stories on 7 Action News. Our goal is to have a positive impact in communities throughout our area.”

Stories on the Michigan auto insurance crisis and Detroit water bills came from concerns shared at WXYZ’s town hall meetings.


WTVD Links With 3,400 Neighborhoods Via Nextdoor

Talk about hyper-local!

WTVD, the ABC O&O in Raleigh, N.C., is partnering with Nextdoor, a free and private social network for neighborhoods, to expand its local news presence in the area.

Nextdoor is used by more 3,400 neighborhoods in the greater Raleigh-Durham area to keep its users informed about what’s happening in their community and cultivate meaningful conversations around local issues.

“Discussing local news with neighbors is an essential way to build a strong community and an informed civic dialogue,” said Adam Frary, WTVD’s audience strategist.

The announcement on WTVD’s Facebook page prompted this comment from Margo:

Good to know. Much of what happens in Fayetteville neighborhoods, gets little coverage. This could give us “a stronger voice”, so to speak!

WJLA’s Singing Contest Is Marketing Win-Win

I love win-win marketing stories from TV stations. Ones that turn challenges into triumphs.

Like this one from WJLA’s Stan Melton and Bonnie Wood, the station’s creative services director and promotion manager respectively. WJLA is Sinclair’s ABC affiliate in Washington.

The station got some “front of the line” passes to an upcoming audition tour for American Idol in Annapolis, less than an hour from Washington.

American Idol is making a return to ABC, and the station wanted to hold a singing contest to give them away, but didn’t have the rights to any music to use.

“We were trying to figure out a way to get around the music rights,” said Wood, “but we thought, well, we have a license to this music of our own, why don’t we ask viewers to sing our theme song and submit a video.”

The music Wood is referring to is Waking Up My Day, the out-of-the-box music image campaign from Stephen Arnold Music.

WJLA has been using the Waking Up My Day campaign since 2015, customizing the lyrics to promote Good Morning Washington, its morning news program that airs from 4:30 to 7, and then from 7 to 10 on NewsChannel 8, the station’s regional cable news channel.

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WFAA’s Dale Hansen On Taking A Knee

Dale Hansen

TV sportscasters tell you who wins, who loses and the scores.

They don’t usually deliver commentaries about equality and the Constitution because what does that have to do with sports, right?

“I like to write commentaries,” says Dale Hansen. “I enjoy rocking the boat.”

That’s what WFAA’s Hansen said in a Market Share article from 2015, when I interviewed him about a commentary he wrote about high school kids holding white power signs during a basketball game.

Here, Hansen comments about the national hoopla over NFL players taking a knee during the National Anthem.

He says what I feel far better than I could say it.

KVUE Leads Austin’s Social Media By A Million

Research, focused execution, knowing what your audience wants and content that’s personalized to the users’ environment, even if it’s a small town, is what KVUE says helps it succeed on Facebook.

KVUE, the ABC affiliate in Austin, Texas owned by Tegna, leads all media outlets by almost a million actions in the market over the last six months according to data from audience insight firm Shareablee.

KVUE has nearly 3 million actions on social, 24% of the total engagement generated by the DMA (No. 39), with more than 12 million social actions.

KVUE also leads on Instagram with almost 111,000 actions.

The Austin American-Statesman, a daily newspaper owned by Cox, leads on Twitter with over 131,000 actions.

KTBC, the Fox-owned affiliate, leads a tight race in actions per post with 155.

Matt McAllister

Some broadcast groups put as much content on Facebook as they can, says Matt McAllister, KVUE’s marketing director.

That’s not KVUE’s strategy.

At KVUE, “it starts with research and knowing where our audience is,” says McAllister.

McAllister says KVUE did some focus group testing over the past few months with fans and non-fans of KVUE, talking to people about what kind of news they’re interested in watching.

“If we are not posting on social in a way that makes you want to share, react, like or comment, then we are not really doing what our job is. What is the audience most engaged with so we can put them first and find out the needs of our consumers by delivering them content that they care about.”

The focus groups had people between the ages of 17 to 65, and McAllister says every single person they talked to is getting some form of news from social media.

“What was surprising to me,” says McAllister, “was the lack of generational differences. The 17-year-olds get a ton of their news from social media and so are the 65-year-olds.”

McAllister says people want personalized content.

“They want to be able to get a story without having to click and go read a page, get everything in one platform without having to click through. Obviously, the more local the better. People love to share stories about their environments. So we are fine trying to find stories of small towns where those people really care about what’s happening.”

KVUE is also working on some projects that would measure attribution from social to broadcast, something the industry kind of lacks as a whole, McAllister says.

In the meantime, “Facebook is the best opportunity that any marketer has ever had before.”

For example, McAllister points to a story about a tornado in the town of Jarrell, Texas some 20 years ago.

20 years ago, an F5 tornado nearly destroyed Jarrell, TX. Watch KVUE's Special Presentation this Saturday at 6:30pm to see how far the city has come.

Posted by KVUE on Wednesday, May 24, 2017

“We were targeting people who were living in Jarrell, so we were able to target demographics of people who experienced the story. That video is actually viewed more on Facebook than it was on the broadcast when it aired. We had more people watching it than were tuning into our broadcast. So that kind of goes to tell you that when you can create content with the end consumer in mind and be able to target them specifically… then the marketers win and the consumers win.”

Topical news promotion on Facebook is getting examined as well. McAllister says local TV news operations use the same formats and styles, so it’s often hard to stand out, so KVUE is trying something different that seeks to be authentic.

Interestingly, KVUE sees value in using its broadcast news to drive audience to Facebook Live.

“In a world that is now multiscreen, people are watching their TVs with their laptops on their lap and their cell phones in their hands. How can we use all of those screens to keep people more engaged?” McAllister says. “If somebody’s really engaged in the story, why not give them the opportunity to interact even further on social after the story is told?”

It’s not a broadcast world or a social media world that’s important, McAllister says.

“The biggest thing for us is just caring desperately about our consumers. It’s just knowing that Facebook plays a huge part in our lives because it plays a huge part in our consumers lives and that is what needs to be most important to us.”

KAIT Wins Emmy Award For News Excellence

KAIT, the ABC/NBC affiliate in Jonesboro, Arkansas owned by Raycom, won a regional Emmy award for newscast excellence in the small market category for its coverage of severe flooding on May 24, 2016.

“We’re truly happy this event had a happy ending with the teenager being found safe thanks to the heroics of the Jonesboro Police Department, and Fire Department,” said Josh White, KAIT’s news director.

“Our job is to report what’s happening, and we’re very pleased our peers in the TV industry thought our coverage was worthy of an EMMY.”

The award was given at the 41st Mid-America EMMY Awards Gala in St. Louis, MO on September 9th.

The Mid-America Emmy organization represents Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, parts of Louisiana, Indiana, and Kansas.

WCVB Airing Primetime Special, ‘Living With Loss’

Maria Stephanos

WCVB anchor Maria Stephanos tackles how people cope with loss in its many forms in an upcoming one-hour special, NewsCenter 5 Primetime: Living with Loss, tonight from 10 to 11.

“After my mother died less than a year ago, the Channel 5 community was so generous with their condolences and advice. It inspired me to put together a one hour special on how to live after someone you loved passed away,” said Stephanos.

During the special, Stephanos explores the difficult concept of dealing with grief and living life after a loved one dies, whether a close relative or friend, or even a favorite pet.

Interviews with many people, from all walks of life, who share the common experience of trying to overcome loss are included.

WCVB is Boston’s ABC affiliate owned by Hearst.